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With the current economical situation another web host closes down.

Posted by Henley on Mar 25th, 2009

It's always a sad thing when big gaming related websites and products go down, first EGM and now FileFront. Given that ModDB currently uses FileFront as an external mirror its safe to say this hits everyone quite hard, especially modders. FileFront will be closed down in a few days if any of you have any files you have hosted there maybe its best if you re-download them just so you will still have a copy.

FileFront_Management wrote:We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions we are forced to indefinitely suspend the FileFront site operations on March 30, 2009. If you have uploaded files, images or posted blogs, or if you would like to download some of your favourite files, please take this opportunity to download them before March 30th when the site will be suspended. We would like to give a warm thank you to all of you who have been part of the FileFront communities we have built together. Your support has had a meaningful impact for all of us here at FileFront. Again, we want to give you a sincere “thank you” for your support over the years and wish you all the very best.

The ModDB staff also would like to thank the FileFront team for the support they have offered over the years and wish the best of luck to everyone effected.

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andrenilsen Mar 26 2009 says:

Dammit, my number 1 downloading site :(

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Anderwin Mar 26 2009 says:

This is the saddest news I ever read in my life. I have use this site for a long time now, I can't even remember when I start to use it.

But one big problem with Moddb now is this: All the mods some are dead will have no more files if they just hosted them on Filefront.

What will Moddb do whit this problem? A lot of mods will dead, and don't have the support site anymore.

All .files site will even go to hell.
Like: and so on!

OMG, this will kill a lot of mods, even games!

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Aro Mar 26 2009 replied:

Drama queen.
Sure it's sad, but it's not the worst thing ever.

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CossRooper Mar 26 2009 says:

This SUCKS. I literally have memories of this place. I spent years asking my parents to download stuff, and going and d/l-ing all the BF1942 mods I could ever want. I don't think they realize that for many mods, this is the final place where all of them are still d/l-able. I seriously thought about this recently: I thought about backing up all my favotite BF42 skinpacks, maps, and mods to an external HDD. Then I thought, no need! Filefront and all its game specific sites will always be there, after all: thats where I had gotten all my stuff before! this is obviously not the case, and I am ******.

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DoctorShark666 Mar 26 2009 says:

that really hurts

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Snake_RR Mar 26 2009 says:

Inconceivable, just like that - one of the most important gaming/modding and file hosting sites comes down, absolutely shocking ಠ_ಠ

Rest in peace FileFront, we shall never forget you *saves farewell page for future reference*

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Rook98 Mar 26 2009 says:

Filefront was the best...

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ricecrispi Mar 26 2009 says:

Trust me, not an April's Fool joke.

The parent company, Ziff Davis, sold nearly every other property except for a year ago and industry has taken a turn for the worse.

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Firesprayer Mar 26 2009 says:

How sad, I loved filefront. It was safe, easy, no registrations, and fast! It was my favorite file hosting website. Im sure many people will miss it.

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Pvt.Midnight Mar 26 2009 says:

well i be damned i was GONING TO GET ******* THEY HUNGER

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Minuit Mar 27 2009 replied:

I hardly think it's ModDB's fault, genius.

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piper647 Mar 26 2009 says:


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Torico Mar 26 2009 says:

lol nice try, people are so gullible

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DarthNader26 Mar 26 2009 says:

I always used FileFront links if I was downloading something. None of that ******** INSERT THE LETTERS IN THIS IMAGE / YOU HAVE HIT YOUR DOWNLOAD LIMIT / WE CLAMP YOUR SPEEDS LOL crap.


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Pyrefly Mar 26 2009 says:

the best is banished

where will i go for reliable uploads now :(

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supertron421 Mar 26 2009 says:

damn it now i have to got to crappy *** filehippo. well there is still gamershell, but its not that great and fileplanet sucks ****. i hope it comes back one day...

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8205Mills Mar 26 2009 says:

6 Hours later and I am still devastated.

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Mighty_BOB! Mar 26 2009 says:

So how is this going to affect ModDB? (Like your bandwidth costs now that a major mirror for files is gone.)

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PlaidBaron Mar 27 2009 says:

Noooo! I loved filefront... :( Too bad they can't get enough donations or anything...

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CC-2224_Cody Mar 27 2009 says:

You know its so true that u appreciate things more when you lose them.... JKfiles will be missed! Worst news since end of BSG, and that was a week ago! They should really just take FilePlanet, I would gladly sacrifice them for FileFront.... Goodbye FileFront, you will be missed.

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roarkethe Mar 27 2009 says:


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neurosol Mar 27 2009 says:


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freredarme Mar 27 2009 says:

Oh no !! No =(
I loved that site, very best website.

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NuTj0b Mar 27 2009 says:

Sad news...

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4CH! Mar 27 2009 says:

These are terrible news...

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L0K Mar 27 2009 says:

Pretty sure this is some cruel joke. If filefront can fall, whose next :`(

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m82sniper Mar 27 2009 replied:


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█Black/Brunez█ Mar 27 2009 says:

This is really sad guys...

I downloaded many things from this site...


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Orion Mar 27 2009 says:

This news has come late for me seeing as I've been busy with RL matters etc. lately.

However, it's very sad news all the same! FileFront and the guys behind it have been awesome service providers to date! I wish the staff all the best for their future careers and sincerely hope something really good can be saved and achieved from the ashes so-to-speak!

Thanks for everything you've done for us to date FileFront team! You'll be missed no doubt! :(

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Nokiaman Mar 27 2009 says:

YIPEEE!!FF was so horrible

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ÐiamonÐ Mar 27 2009 replied:

Lets see you make a awesome file provider for everyone to use for free.

Oh wait...

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Nokiaman Mar 29 2009 replied:

mediafire is 100x times better :P

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m82sniper Mar 27 2009 says:

Over the many long years, I have come to love FileFront. It did not require you to log in. It gave you excellent speeds, and you did not have to pay for these excellent speeds. It seems that FilePlanet will be the new FileFront for many people. Well **** FilePlanet, with your log in or no downloads system, your "You have to log in in order to skip this line and download faster", your insane amount of meaningless advertisments.. **** all of that. All I can do is hope that when April 2 comes around, FileFront will still be with us.

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ThatTrunkMonkey Mar 27 2009 says:

What if it's an April fools joke? They said the March 30th, so maybe they'll close it, or fake close it, then on April 1st they say 'April Fools!" and everything'll be good.

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cupoftea Mar 27 2009 says:

I can't believe this. This can't be happening. Where else can you host all those mods? NO!
Thank You FileFront, for existing. Thank You Very Much.
It's really sad to hear this. Well.. That's it then I guess.
Grtz, CupOfTea

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cupoftea Mar 27 2009 says:

I hope so ThatTrunkMonkey.

This means they're gonna close down this one too:
No. NO!

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DOLBYdigital Mar 27 2009 says:

Filefront was easily my favorite place to download anything that was hosted there. I would actually find links on other sites and then go to filefront and download from them because they were that awesome :(

This news came out of nowhere, I guess the advertisers slowed down? I really wish there was something I could do :(

Hopefully this won't hurt the great modders here at

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ty5142 Mar 27 2009 says:

dammit what will the economy screw up next

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GLaDOS95 Mar 28 2009 says:


don't do this to me
i just got my new computer NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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TuskenRaider Mar 29 2009 says:

too bad it wasnt a april joke, atleast moddb is still here.

RiP: FileFront

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BrotherLaz Mar 29 2009 says:

Thousands of people are losing their jobs every day and all you are concerned about is a free file host.

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Xyrom Mar 31 2009 says:

sad news

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KindredPhantom Apr 2 2009 says:

And there back!

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symbolzzzz May 3 2009 says:


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Noktis Nov 3 2009 says:


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