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This is a super easy tutorial on how to win space battles in empire at war and forces of corruption, i used Z3R0X's 3.5 mod when doing this.

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This will teach you how to win space battle SUPER easy.

Step 1- Put one of your units into the "hyperspace in first" box.
Pictures for tutorial.

Step 2- when the unit hyperspaces in DONT BRING ANYONE ELSE IN!!! you can but those units can get destroyed or take too long to get there...
Pictures for tutorial.

Step 3- Move your unit until you encounter enemies. (preferably their Space Station.)
Pictures for tutorial.
Step 4- Then hyperspace your fleet in a ring around the enemies so they have a smaller surviving chance.
Pictures for tutorial.
Pictures for tutorial.
hen just fight your way until the enemy is eliminated from living (:

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