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3- Avoid sharing Terry WADs.
4- Avoid any kind of serious discussion in the comments. This group is for sharing WADs and having fun. If the user persists then the comments/image could get deleted.
5- Always contact the author and ask for permission before uploading a wad up here, unless your uploading wads that give you permission to distribute the file in their readme or if they are very old (more than 10 years). Having their mod uploaded in multiple places by other people can make it difficult to ensure everyone is using the latest version. If you are unable to contact the author, or the author says no, then simply don't upload it.


Top Wads:
Many have debated, many have fought, but there is one source that keeps on recognition to those whom stand out from the rest. It started with Cacoawards, but since then a top 100 wads of all time list was started, to cover every year since Doom's release.


Doom 1 and 2 are long in the tooth but that doesn't stop modders from keeping it running on modern systems. Numerous ports that enhance the game to have many options, features, graphical improvements and bug fixes to keep it in tip top shape. The most notable of which:

ZDoom and its offshoot GZDoom (maintained by Graf Zahl), and Legacy (customization focused ports).
Zandronum (older version was called Skulltag)
Samsara (cooperative and competitive multiplayer support focused similar to Zandronum)
& Doomsday (advanced md2 model, lighting and hi-res texture ports)
Chocolate Doom (or a similar one; DoomRetro, limit-removing with some enhanced features, both are faithful nostalgic ports)

DoomVideoVault - For all the doom communities concept art and videos, this site will keep you upto to date, just follow the tumblr group and follow the youtube link. If you wanna get your art featured, pm the facebook page.

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Coming next: Introducing Sun Shihong!
Doom II

Coming next: Introducing Sun Shihong!

3 weeks ago DemonSteele 3 comments

Hello, everybody! Boy, it's been a while, huh? Apparently it's been...seven months? Wow, time flies. But, rest assured, DemonSteele is not dead! Progress...

ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom (TC) [BETA 9.0] Preview

ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom (TC) [BETA 9.0] Preview

1 month ago Aliens: The Ultimate Doom (TC) 7 comments

Here are some screen shots of the new xenomorph sprites, in addition to some new custom textures. These will be in the next upcoming update.

Version 2.7 and Baerhon's Dungeon

Version 2.7 and Baerhon's Dungeon

1 month ago Hunter's Moon 5 comments

The work on Version 2.7 is nearing completion and Veltanir is delaying a bit to get done due to him being a boss with RPG-style mechanics.

Custom Resolution (Wide Screen)
Doom III

Custom Resolution (Wide Screen)

3 months ago Doom Reborn Other 0 comments

This is a step by step how to guide to change the game's resolution (This guide will work for other idtech4 games\mods as long as you can still open the...

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.3
Doom III

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.3

3 months ago Doom Reborn 3 comments

Doom Reborn Pre-Beta Version 1.3 Features 4 new levels many fixes\changes to episode 1 and every other level Many new easter eggs Rebalanced Health\Damages...

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Lophier Aug 12 2015 says:

doom4´╝čno it's doom

+1 vote     reply to comment
DoomVideoVault Sep 9 2015 replied:

That's what ****** me off about the new game, they name it the same thing as the original 1993 game instead of keeping it as Doom 4, that and UPPERCASING the name to be hip and edgy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
gamehacker Aug 12 2015 replied:

It'll always be Doom 4 to me, Doom 3 was a reboot but at least it was still called Doom 3.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Victor_Frankenstein Nov 28 2015 replied:

Doom^3 (cubic [in 3D/ volume] Doom), isn't it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
[Nanomen] Jun 7 2015 says:

Hey, does anyone know any really good Brutal DOOM/DOOM II map packs out there? To be honest, as much as I love vanilla DOOM's brilliant level design, they look a bit too colorful and empty.

For DOOM I, I'm looking for a pack were the early levels start off looking like an abandoned, scientific research station with chairs, desks, and other miscellaneous objects scattered throughout the level in office complexes with flickering lights, blood spattered on the wall, and various dead bodies of the scientists who used to work there to put an emphasis on how big the disaster you're facing actually is. I'm also looking for a sort of blend between narrow, claustrophobic corridors and increasingly open areas sprinkled throughout, becoming more and more common in the later stages as you journey deeper into Hell. Speaking of Hell, I sort of want a DOOM 64 look to it were it uses allot of grey, Gothic architecture with flames, pikes, upside down crosses, and other satanic runes to make it really feel like you're really venturing into the bowls of Hell itself.

As for DOOM II's, I basically want to see the same things I described in DOOM I's level design, except instead of the abandoned research station on Mars, you're traveling through demon-ridden, American suburban neighborhoods, factories, storage houses, and so on; it's pretty much the look the original DOOM II tried to do, but you could hardly even tell what environment you were in without looking really, really closely at it due to the graphical limitations of the time and weren't really all that detailed.

All in in, what I'm looking for is just really, really, well designed levels with allot of love and care put in the environments to make them look as detailed as possible. I don't expect/want anything to be exactly what I described, just link me to something that sounds relatively close to you. That's all. - Nanomen

(P.S - Thanks for inviting me, Unbeholden, I looked around and this looks like a pretty nice group you have here so far.)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DoomVideoVault Sep 9 2015 replied:

Maps of Chaos. They are familiar to all Doom players who have played the first two games, you'll see why.

+1 vote     reply to comment
GaySteamBath Jun 9 2015 replied: +1 vote     reply to comment
Kontra_Kommando May 31 2015 says:

666 members!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Valherran Creator
Valherran Jun 2 2015 replied:

lol, awesome!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Zanieon May 26 2015 says:

Guys, my mod now owns a proper page here: Moddb.com

It delayed alot, more because all this time i was unsure about posting it here yet, but i finally did it.

+4 votes     reply to comment
gamehacker May 18 2015 says:

I've shared a video from EurogamerPortugal from youtube.

DOOM 4 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal June 14th XD

ModDB are processing it now,

but heres the link in the mean time


+1 vote     reply to comment
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