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Freedom of Choice and Multi Path Gameplay Trailer from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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Freedom of Choice trailer

Your choices make an impact in Deus Ex Human Revolution, Multi-path, Multi-choice gameplay.

Multi Path Gameplay trailer

This brand new gameplay video narrated by Eidos Montreal's Mary DeMarle (Narrative Game Designer) describes how lead character Adam Jensen is able to infiltrate an enemy compound at the start of the game in multiple different ways.


Carrying the turret to kill enemies ?

That is quite bad ***.

Nice to see they aren't forgetting the adaptable base Deus Ex was build originally in, I hope by doing this they make an immersive gameplay, story and environment and keep as far as possible from bland First Person Shooters.

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Sweet Jesus, this is just plain sexy all around ! BTW, how could this game possibly be anything but Multi-path. If it wasn' would just be another graphically upgraded regurgitation of a true classic.

Also, @ SlayerX3 - excellent point you make above.

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only the fact that the game is beeing developed also (or primarily) for game consoles destroys the concept of deus ex 1.

why are some perspectives in 3rd person? is the console handling that bad that you can't turn to the right direction quickly as you could with a mouse?
and what are fight animations for? i thought this game is rated 18. only younger ppl need that kind of attraction to buy this game.
oh and where is the inventory?? ...oh i understand! it would be too difficult to handle or just to manage... yeah i completely agree with you.

very sad seeing this game evolving into another victim of primitive console handling. it seems that the devs just want to keep deus ex 1 as the best part of all... well very respectful xD

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Therein lies the risks of porting a beauty like this. You would think it would be so much simpler ( and it is, but sadly, time is a commodity that so few devs are willing to spend ).

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im sad, i realy hoped this wouldnt turn into another console zombie... SERIOUSLY, i HATE consoles! Multiplatform Games, thats the whorst thing that could have happend to gaming... imagine what DE3 could have been if it would be pc only.

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