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Deus Ex: Human Revolution 'Classified Information' Trailer

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution 'Classified Information' Trailer

A tips-driven, in-depth look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Learn how to best approach situations using stealth, combat, social and hacking gameplay, benefits to using augmentations, story overview and key characters you, as Adam Jensen, will encounter. The truth will change you.


OK good trailer. I'm now 50% more excited about this game (but still too cynical to pre-order).

Did I hear mention of "city-hubs" I don't think a hub-based mission structure was mentioned before. The trailer made it sound like the city-hubs react to your actions, which should stop them getting too repetitive.

Do we have recommended specs for the PC version yet?

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City hubs have been mentioned a long time ago and the over-long corridors to get to the levels mentioned as one of the downsides. Thief3 is a good example how levels and city should be blended together. A pity they didn't learn from themselves ;)

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Played it yet? ;)
In the preorder newsletter they once wrote that the city hubs will react to your actions in various ways, i guess this weekend i will see how this claim is true, getting my copy today.

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