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Is it really happening? Is Fox Entertainment really working on Alien 5?

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Alien 5 is still being rumored and since AVP:R came out in 2007, we won't see Alien 5 for a few years if at all. The three people we know who will no doubt be involved in Alien 5, Signourney
Weaver, Ridley Scott and James Cameron have all said they want to be in and want to do
Alien 5. The problem is that Fox does not want to do it and are too busy
with the Aliens Vs Predator series.

It has come to speculation that Fox has maybe thought of working on Alien 5 and possibly a prologue/prequal but it isn't certain as the whole entire idea has been stretched with the four movies. Now, I loved the whole entire series (except for Alien 3), and the idea of an Alien 5 wouldn't be original unless it has flips and turns from the other one like Ripleys DNA is destroyed and the clone is gone after 100 years. Because of that the new protagonist is some old fat %#!^ in a ripped up jumpsuit. But anyways, because of the AvP franchise, there probably isn't going to be an Alien 5 for quite some time, if at all.

This may not be news or may be old news but there have been several rumors of Alien 5 coming around and I wanted everyone to know.


if my sources remain true then number five is to be released december 2010 or early 2011, and is titled alien:prequal, however fox has a nasty way of never completing alien products so cross ya fingers.

ps: Predator 3 is coming out july 2010, and aliens 3 kicked *** i dont know what ya talkin bout.

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alien, aliens, alien 3 all were epic, until i saw alien resurrection. it sucked soooooooo bad. if alien 5 turns out worse than alien 4 (is it possible!?) then i will never watch aliens again o_O. now days companys only want money they don't care about their fans. LONG LIVE ALIENS!

as for predators 3 i had a chance ot see it but i turned it down becuase the advert looked so commercialised :( i rather stick to predator thank you very much. Arnold: "RUUUUUNNN! GO!!!! GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!!". lol. peace...

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i have saw predator 3 and it sucked! i left halfway through that crap film. (its my opinion.)

some other people left too. i feel it was a real letdown..

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I agree Predators 3 sucked, but for me AvP2 movie was the best :D

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No not true

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