players Have skill but! bots an css are noobs even cs 1.6 aneweare even valvue bots are noobzzzzz fuking hell if we are all noobs css and cs 1.6 well ownted gas we no lot have siklz but we noobs use Hack but pro players are yousing Headsoot script we now pro players you sing Headsoot script but thers half pro half noob thers pro palyers no Headsoot script gas normal pro palyer but we noobs gas Hack like Aimbot hack on cs 1.6 but Dont forget css usesing speedhack ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that are but we now noobs are nooobs we gas now we first we paly css and cs 1.6 we now cs 1.5 podbot are hard one noobs gas siad fuck fucku wtf shit that noobs siad where thir lose ok! but pro palyers were gana kill yoar ass noobs

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"Real-Time Character Animation" is up on design3

"Real-Time Character Animation" is up on design3

Level Design/Theory Tutorial

The "Real-Time Character Animation" video tutorial is up on design3.

Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor

Setting Up Valve Hammer Editor

Other Tutorial 1 comment

It took me a lot of time searching through the internet how to set up Hammer 3.5 and make it work flawlessly, and I never found a tutorial that had everything...

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