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"A new epic story based on my fictional character Desiraye Hill"

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Ladies and Gentlemans,
I am proud to announce a new story based on my fictional character Desiraye Hill. After stopping writing the RTOF, because of some complications and a too unlogocial setup of the story. A small part of the unfinished Book, will be available in Hungarian as a download and maybe i will translate it in English.
I will announce now the Beta names of the chapters:
-Fight against the Republic
-Building an Army
-Leaving the Banking Clan
2.Struggle of Desiraye
-In the hands of the Commerce guild
-Sev'rance the Rival
-An upcoming Dark Cloud
-Geonosis under siege again
3.Desiraye the war-lord
-Shu Mai,a good old friend
-Secret emotions between Anakin and Desiraye
-Just us, love affair on Alderaan
-Reveal yourself!
-The invasion of Mon-Calamari
-Clamping pressure
4.The disappearance of CIS
-The council is together again
-Emergen on Raxus Prime
-One against Hundred

If you have any questions,please ask.

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