This group is exactly what the name implies. A group for people who are Christians. If you're a Christian then please join us. We're a place on ModDB for Christians to gather and talk. It's as simple as that.

(NOTE: This is not a group for the bashing, belittling, or debunking of other people's beliefs).

Peace be with you.

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Rules for Christians of Moddb.

Rules for Christians of Moddb.

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After a discussion between MattmanDude, CrazyOldTeenager, and myself, a short (but to the point) series of rules will now be coming into effect for this...

Musings: My faith is Byzantine

Musings: My faith is Byzantine

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Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileuonton. Translated as "king of kings, ruling over rulers"

What is the Bible?

What is the Bible?

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Just a message from an old wanderer passing through.

Armor, Rank, and Dogma.

Armor, Rank, and Dogma.

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Lot of information for new recruits packed into a mere article. Also has three medal of honor soundtracks to listen too while reading if you want. Enjoy.

God's Grand Army.

God's Grand Army.

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Your new order of business now that you are a member of the Grand Army of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

The Cycle of Democracy
Professor Alexander Tyler

From bondage to spiritual faith,

From spiritual faith to great courage,

From courage to liberty,

From liberty to abundance,

From abundance to complacency,

From complacency to apathy,

From apathy to dependence,

From dependence back into bondage.


I can't help but feel my country is going this way.
It's basically the fall of Rome described perfectly.

Read the book of Daniel and read of how nations shall become in the last days, nations made of clay and iron. Nations dependent on "alliances" more so than ever. I mean, the United States could crush ISIS right now with our might but won't. Instead we're relying on some "60 nation" coalition, who are really doing nothing, to accomplish this.

I don't recall nations in history being so reliant on alliances than they are now just to accomplish something as basic as crushing a common evil the world. With how aware everyone is in mass media these days, you'd think in the 21st century groups like ISIS wouldn't exist but they do. And worse yet the world largely stands by and does nothing.

You think bombing those guys will stop them? You attacking a symptom, not the heart of the problem which is the ideology. But of course, the world despite all it's acclaimed wisdom is ALSO ignorant to that. They refuse to reform or deal directly with the ideology being "radical" Islam out of fear of offending people. It's just pathetic and sad. Me and Sabre even talked about it. They need reform, teachings that focus on peace, not war.

Useless alliances, complacence in the face of evil, and fear of "offending" people.
Gee, and some people wonder why Ive grown cynical of our world system, I hate it.

I needed to get these points out. Probably be viewed as a rant but whatever.

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"Read the book of Daniel and read of how nations shall become in the last days, nations made of clay and iron. Nations dependent on "alliances" more so than ever. I mean, the United States could crush ISIS right now with our might but won't. Instead we're relying on some "60 nation" coalition, who are really doing nothing, to accomplish this."

Yes, the book Daniel said that the nations shall become in the last days, just like the nations made of clay and iron. I do believe that actually United States could destroy the pathetic ISIS for a long time but too bad, that's impossible, even possible, it will just happen that their commander or their important supplies destroyed.

"I don't recall nations in history being so reliant on alliances than they are now just to accomplish something as basic as crushing a common evil the world. With how aware everyone is in mass media these days, you'd think in the 21st century groups like ISIS wouldn't exist but they do. And worse yet the world largely stands by and does nothing."

There's always terrorists, no matter which century, seriously. Also, I think they're far worst than the antichrist that mentioned in the book of Daniel, damn!

Yes, bombing those dogs is NOT going to work it, instead, I do believe that it will make them rage and wanna take revenge for everything that was destroyed.

The alliances need to be more ALLIANCE. Honestly.

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

Our military is quite capable, but the country is so divided, along with politicians who've betrayed the public trust, that it's just not possible to happen for now.

What the antichrist is gonna do is far worse thatn the terrorists. The terrorists want global domination and a new world order. The Anti Christ will actually succeed to a degree in that, and if not for the return of Christ would win entirely. People will be killed for not pledging allegiance to the beast. Regular people dragged out of their homes and executed publicly. ISIS already does this, but with the antichrist it will be pretty much global even in western nations. Will be far worse than now.

Islam needs reform, then we can focus our remaining efforts on taking out the terrorists. This way we can be sure they won't just regenerate in the form of a new group later. The ideology is what needs reform. Then all else will begin to fall in line. Yet the world ignores this and both Russia and the USA prefer to just bomb.

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The world is going crazy along with those problems.

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Sorry to barge in , boys but i actually did a little research and read a bit about the enemy we call ISIS.By their more correct name they call themselves ISIL as in Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant where in that article it WAS SAYING that they plan to take over the world and bring a global currency then the article ended with a question unanswered tone something like " it's unclear how they will do that "

Okay ! Then i used my neurons ( great thanks to God that i'm not a blonde hahah - just joking ) to process this information and find a reasonable both logical and wise answer.
I took the Holy Bible first and then our world news second.By comparison , like it says in the book we the people must always look for the signs of the ages.The exact dates of things happening is not known to us , only God knows but God did give us the freedom to read in the signs of the ages.

The Apocalypse does state that there will be a global economic system using a global currency ( i even named a fictional one myself where i pre-named this global currency in jest as Globo the money LOL what a funny name hahah although nothing of this is funny sadly ) then i understood that there will be a global leader , the Antichrist that's going to be also a religious leader ( he will proclaim clearly to everyone that he is the Christ , Lord Jesus Christ while he will be nothing at all like Christ ) but at first he will fool the people thinking that he truly is Lord Jesus that arrived from the heavens and i bet HAARP or something like that will ensure the proper lightshow for us , for this to happen.

Okay , in other terms i think ( just a hunch ) that this Antichrist will be none other than from ISIL that presumably in the unknown near future will actually have made it into putting their plans and Globo the world currency into place

What does this mean ? This means that they will f***** win unfortunatelly.This is really bad news for us.How can we stop an enemy that is written in the future history that he won? Can we humans prevent this ? Can we change the course of events to happen and prevent this ISIL Antichrist ( like i'm already convinced ahead of time that is gonna be one of them ) or will we just drop arms and go along with this and await the true Lord Jesus that will truly arrive from Terra's stratosphere with a real army of angels which will smack the Antichrist first

The part i love the most about the genuine return of Lord Jesus is that He will end the Antichrist as first shot.Nothing can be more glorious and beautiful than that and yeah the Apocalypse of John does state clearly that at the sight of this the people welcoming Lord Jesus will shout in joy that will make the Earth tremble of joy , finally reliefed , a joy akin to something we met maybe only in the Garden of Eden

These things are not secret , they are just too obvious to be noticed but if you co-related them a bit as much you can , you will get a result coresponding with the descriptions of the Bibile

We can only but fight and resist till the end and " Those that resist until the end they will be saved " May the Lord be with us until the end

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

Yep, that's true about ISIS (ISIL).

My understanding is a bit different, but from what I know the anti-Christ will be one who brings a "peace" to the middle east and Israel for about three and a half years. Before he does this however he will have gained much fame and power through military conquest. This makes me question if he could really be ISIS because they wouldn't negotiate with Israel at all. After those three and a half years he will invade and occupy Israel with his army for another three and half years. When there total seven years are up then will be the battle of Armageddon.

I must question, whoever this man is must be of great charisma and power to gain the attention of the world like he will. Satan will have invested more in this man than any other he has before. I also wonder if the West and East will be any different during this time. Perhaps they'll have gotten in a war and won't be of as much influence as they used to be.

On a last note though. From what I know of when Christ returns He will be the only one to take on the armies of the anti-christ along with the remnants of the Israeli Defense Force during Armageddon. The Saints and Angels just get to enjoy the show.

That's what I was taught anyway.
I agree, that we can't give up.

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Your way of viewing things adds up to the entire picture of things.We the people must align views one with another and to make them work together as a team.My wisdom , your wisdom and anyone else's wisdom brought together , we might come up with something that will surely help us in times to come.

What i forgot to mention , that i really avoid to point out is that before all this , a lot of Earth's people will not be alive anymore in the days of the Antichrist.He cannot come now because he would not be welcomed that well and he would not be able to stand against more than 7 billion people's fury if he's sniffed out.He will actually come for the survivors of World War III war that is bound to come sooner or later, because the less people there are gonna be left the easier to control

People will want a Messiah and he is going to give it to them.Those are gonna be the real dystopian days of Earth.At first he will spread all sorts of fake good deeds and such to conquer the heart of the people until people will be forced to bear his mark which at first will be optional and later mandatory.He will show his true nature to be worshipped as God , declaring himself god and when the people will ask him to give them food and such he will answer like " from where am i supposed to give you food if the Earth refuses to give food " I say this because it says that even the soil will refuse to give anything anymore due of his vileness presence . scientifically speaking the radiation from the fallout that is.

Ah no , on the last note , you are seeings things more our days style.Think futuristically here with a touch of suprareality.
The armies of Earth will be battered and are gonna lie in ruins both morally and physically.
The Antichrist will force all nations in the world to supply him with armies after WW3 and so , everyone no matter the country will wave the Globo flag. Only 3 or 4 nations of Earth will refuse the Antichrist so called Global Union but they will have a hard time by doing so.I got no idea who they are gonna be but i'm really curious about it.

It won't matter anymore what nation you are.It won't be anymore about your nation , nothing national.All will submit to this new master.He will rule for 888 days which is 3 years and something and people are gonna have the hardest time possible.
It will not be possible for people refusing his mark to live in cities benefitting from things civilization has to offer.You'd probably have to be on the go all the time or just hide in the mountains.Even there the Antichrist troops will seek to find the chosen of God to convince them.

So , there is no worry about the Antichrist before WW3.After and only after these moves are gonna be made.

As for the real Lord Jesus from the Heavens i heard different.You , i don't know , you maybe imagine something along the lines of these military games but i read different.
Lord Jesus presence and His army of angels to our eyes will appear as they are : supernatural god-like beings of immense power.Some books i read even speak of a giant massive city of heavens that will come down from the skies and land in the plavce where the New Jerusalem will be declared where Lord Jesus will rule 1000 years of peace and re-storing Earth.I bet and hope it will land on the former HQ district of the Antichrist crushing down his skyscrapers hahah.It's going to be beyond impressive the return of our Lord.

Then compared to even a single angel's power an army of Earth pales in comparison.In the Holy Bible this time it says in some place that there will be two armies of Earth fighting and God will release an angel that will make a sole appearance between these armies telling them to stop fighting eachother and it will happen so.

With the power there is out there in heavens , not the angels and the saints will stand back and enjoy the show but they will actually be doing the whole show , showing the power of heaven at work finally.

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Continuation ( sorry for being so long )

And on the side all humans , all of us including the dead risen from the graves ( let's not forget about this part ) by Lord Jesus for the Judgement Day will only but bow down to the sight of glory of Lord Jesus's presence and it says that even the wicked , the fallen that followed the Antichrist will not be able to help but to say glory to the true Lord Jesus even though they will still be the wicked

The real happening of all of these things not even Hollywood can capture in the movies , the way is going to look , feel and be heard worldwide by everyone that lived , lives and will live in those days.It's not gonna be boring at all anyhow but as i know , there won't be much of our days nations left standing but hardly hit countries all over the world with their armies dispersed.Nonetheless it will be more good for people to have died before the days of the Antichrist than catching those days alive.On the other hand no matter how bad a person has been in their life if they resist the Antichrist and his mark in those days , Lord Jesus will forgive them and take them to heaven.I for one , still cannot decide which is the best way for Salvation but it is nonetheless a way

The Antichrist origins are also told.It says he will be born out of a jewish very wicked woman generation by generation , of Satan and when he will be a child walking with his mother in a garden , Satan will enter his body and command him from there on telling him all the way that he will lead him to glory.I bet many of the devil's people will wish their newborn to become the Antichrist.In their views , it must be an honor but to us is of course an abdomination

Anyway , i know a very supra-realistic version of all things when various civilizations from heavens will arrive behind Lord Jesus and we will finally meet many of our brethren from out there and we'll be welcomed among the stars as the prodigal sons and daughters of Terra and then many of these newly met brethren will help us with their technologies or magics to rebuid Earth into a new world perfect for Lord Jesus reign on Earth and although He will stay only 1000 years , His new heavenly Earth will remain behind left in our hands to take care of it.There will be no fall anymore for anyone
I mean if you find yourself there and then , you are there to stay and if not...too bad.
Now at the present times like yesterday , today and tomorrow is the right time to make the right choices and deeds for ourselves and for eachother.

You can only change the future in the past that was before it and the past of the future we speak of is our present, now

No time like the present !

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And another thing ( i promise is the last haha ) because i got excited now about these things and i'm at the mood of " cannot help but say it " i wanna say is that there are gonna be many sides of ruling on Earth.The following will make the delight for those of us that aren't happy with bland explanations and like to think beyond

At one side there are going to be the Old Ones re-awakened from those left behind on Earth by their brethren that will arrive from the stars behind Lord Jesus.They will want the planet back because they are the rightful owners of Terra.

The second side is gonna be obviously Lord Jesus Christ among which 144000 of His most chosen will replace the vacant places of former Lucifer and his fallen angels in heavens.Personally i am extremely curious who will take the former seat of Lucifer but that person must be the most blessed man or woman for certain.

And the third side is going to be the fallen wicked cast out from the fortress of God that will live without their master for 1000 years.I am not certain how the world will look like but it's really going to look different geographically and geologically.Add to this a lot of massive holes in the ground that go down all the way towards the core from where Satan and his armies came out to the surface in the days of the Antichrist.

Then aside from all this , God will reveal all Earth's secrets that came to pass since the dawn of humankind on it.All artefacts , legends , mysteries and such will be explained directly to everyone of the chosen.Not sure if it will go as far as our Lord taking us back in time to witness the pyramids being built in our own person but i would not put it past Lord Jesus at all.Of course all vile , secret , hidden and buried evil deeds of everyone that was evil in the service of evil will be discovered and put into the light of judgement.Nothing then and there , not even your neighbour's cat you killed and buried in the backyard or your cheating partner's affairs will remain hidden.It will certainly be amazing because all shall be revealed and that will be true justice.

Then Lord Jesus will appoint from the chosen of His people rulers to lead the masses of the saved humans with an iron fist unto the glory of God and the utopia that will be in those days

Then i also know about a form of real Galactic Council where various elders from star systems , realities and other times alike will decide the fate of Terra herself.What humans will do after Lord Jesus is gonna depart escapes me.But anyhow after Lord Jesus heaven on Earth we will only have to worry about the Gog & Magog battle in year 3000 and something but nobody will get hurt at all anyhow.The old enemy will be chained forever and cast into an abyss deeper than Hell ever could imagine , in a hell for hell best speaking because , you know , even demons & devils have their own hell.If you don't understand this yet , we all will have to one day.

Pheww ! I am happy and i feel a lot more relaxed from sharing this.Make what you will of it but i really hope more people are gonna get on God's true side so we can all meet in the heaven on Earth to come.I'd really wanna meet everyone here in person in those days of heaven on Earth so we can party forever to our joy and God's glory.Nobody deserves hell if they really don't wanna fall there

Amen !

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

I upvoted ya but anyway.

You're right that most people will be dead by that time. In fact, according to the Bible, over two thirds of the world. Probably will be a World War III, who knows.

I'm taught that the Anti-Christ rise to power will be for a while but when he's ready to make his move it will be for 7 years. Half of which bringing peace to the mideast, the other half attacking Israel, ruling there, and leading to Armageddon. The catch is that during this time God will pour out his judgement on the Earth. But likewise, those who refuse the mark of the beast will be saved during this time, those who give their lives in the name of Christ. God's spirit will not be gone from this world during that time nor people being converted to Christianity.

Once Christ returns he will rule for 1000 years. Will be the most peaceful and prosperous times the Earth has ever seen. At the end of those years though it is said Satan shall be loosed for a season. God didn't destroy everyone who didn't follow him during the tribulation, if they didn't take the mark of the beast they were allowed to live, but under God's rule. While Satan is let loose, these people will be given a choice, to choose God or rebel and go man's way. They will attempt to destroy God's capitol here on Earth but will all be wiped out in the blink of an eye, and Satan cast back into the lack of fire forever and ever. So that will be the end of that.

As for what or who else is out there, I do not know nor think I want too for now. From my understanding of the Bible Humanity is God's highest creation, probably best I remain in that line of thought for my own peace of mind.

Good talking with you nonetheless. :-)

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This is where our views depart from one another and follow their own ways

For me humans are the last , youngest , least meaningful creation that could have had great potential but we messed it up since Adam & Eve in Eden.

Unlike you i am not feeling safer nor better at the thought that we humans are powerful and the greatest which is an arrogant belief to say the least.
I feel safer and better the more i think of things and beings beyond our power and comprehension because our power must be limited or limited even more so we won't use it for destructive purposes even if we still do it

Humankind will be truly powerful once the enemy is dealt with and Judgment has happened because otherwise we would only be pawns in the hands of evil and all our potential would be used to serve the goals of the vile enemy below

It would be much more good if no one would be able to harm another with anything , no matter the weapon but we are still left a freedom to do it.But this freedom is limited to Earth and its domain only.We won't find little green men on Mars we will conquer , fight and establish colonies there.Most likely the planet is barren and i'll leave it at this

People will read these , they will judge for themselves , they will pick the version ( either mine or yours ) best suited for their understanding and their degree of faith and they will remember

I imagine that in those days someone will find a still working computer with its database still connected to the left behind internet and they will read these , just like in Fallout and they will say " Hey ! here's a discussion by a man and a woman on this pre-war site that speaks of things actually real in our days " So, maybe this will help them

And last but not least i got a very strange feeling that these days we speak of , Antichrist and all , won't happen 200 years from now on but a lot closer.

PS: Half of those 7 years are his rise to dominance and the other half are his actual rule , so yeah , we are both right anyhow

Good talking with you too and thanks and more than amazing to talk about these things

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

You're welcome. :-)

Well, originally we were God's highest creation.
That was before we fell with Adam and Eve and all.

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Nothing was high about us if we failed that way so miserably
Perish this thought in your head , sir changes-his-nick-all-the-time haha

Highest or lowest what does it matter anymore , we are in deep crap on this world and before any greatness to be had we need to prove we can arrive in Gods's new Earth first of all

PS: Seriously what do you wanna prove with changing nick all the time ? I never understand people that do this.Just curious and sorry for the question anyhow

Let's let other people give their own opinions now , i'm really curious how others think
No more talk from me here for now because i think i spoke more than enough

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco


Honestly, I may have a identity crisis or something, I just get obsessed with at times. I dunno, you could check my profile if you want though. Every time I change names like that my profile goes through a change to try and fit a theme, and I really like changing themes. Not that anyone ever says much about it to me of what they think.

I guess they just think I'm crazy, probably am.

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Christmas is coming, and I had a question that wanted to ask for a long time already, you guys do noticed the word Christmas got a word "Christ", right? Then this started to think about this question.

The Christmas Day is the day of Lord Jesus' birth day, right? So I expected only Christians will celebrate this day, but why the other such like Muslims, Hindu, Buddha also both celebrate this day together? I'm not sure did the other races celebrate this, because I'm in Malaysia and most Malaysians celebrate this day.

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Hi ST6

Even Easter was celebrated before Christ , better said during His life on Earth.The Lord's Supper that inspired the painting too He and His apostles celebrated it at Easter
These were celebrations that existed before His time , i'm assuming they were based on Moses's teachings.Before Lord Jesus , the laws of prophet Moses were in place

I may not be too accurate but it's what i know

Christmas and Easter are christian celebrations but not Haloween , Thanksgiving or Black Friday and out of these only Thanksgiving is a mild one but they are not christian , actually the other two are infact pagan and i'm never celebrating them even though i could

Just as a side note i felt pointing out , i hope no one minds it

For instance in Orthodoxy we don't only celebrate the worldwide known christian holidays but also nearly everyday there is a saint to be honored and celebrated.It's a lot more thourough for us

I only remain asking what's your religion ?

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I converted myself from Buddha to Christian, so that's why I'm not sure about it

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Although i would never condone change of religion because i'm of the belief that one should stick with the religion they got born into , no matter what religion that is , as a christian i appreciate your choice

Welcome to Christianity ST6

And i have to say that there are people that convert from christianity to buddhism too

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That's sad to hear, the reason why I converted myself to Christian is because: An accident. After that, I took some time and think: What did the Buddhist gods done to us? I felt like we're just worshiping them for nothing, so that's why

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

Just gonna interject myself here, but happy to hear you did ST6.

I'm happy when one does find Christ. Of course people are entitled to their own beliefs but it's good when one finally sees the truth. Your salvation depend on it.

It's best when you allow your beliefs to be brought into question. Because you've shown an open mind instead of being overly dogmatic. When confronted with pain, sorrow, and challenges of course being dogmatic is your course to take. But when life presents you with situations that bring to question everything you stand for, then there is time to take an account, take measure so to speak of where it is you should really stand. It's upon this basis character is built and people change.

Catch is those changes can happen even daily. I'm not the same guy I was months ago, nor even years. Life is funny like that, continually brings new endeavors daily.

Also, AnYnA.

This is why I celebrate Thanksgiving.

It's not just an American holiday though. Why? Because, I don't see the harm in having a holiday where Christians can give thanks for what it is they got. To be frank most holidays these days seem to be more pagan thanks to consumerism and mass media, especially Christmas. As for Easter Ive even heard that Easter had to do with the pagan season of fertility. Even though for Christians we just consider it a time to remember when Christ rose.

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Buddhism is not a religion of worship and the gods , it is a religion of spirituality , of the soul , of peace and of the martial arts
If these things don't ring appealing to someone then surely Buddhism is not for that person

It's good that you felt the call to Christianity ( btw what accident if you wanna share ? ) and you are happy with your choice
Christianity is not an easy religion or cross to bear but it's fulfilling and has many good sides in it

And why sad ? I heard or read about people that change religion all the time just for the kicks or just to boast around ( mostly famous people i heard doing this ) and in the end they are people of no god and no religion.They just play with them and religion is not a thing one to play with.In this sense i meant it
On the other hand i also do not condone forceful conversion to another religion ( cough cough ! like it happens with some people of Islam ) because one must choose themselves only at their own will whether to change their belief system or not but not on the extreme of changing it all the time

Once again ,if you are happy with your choice is all that matters ST6

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Thanksgiving is just american only for americans and you cook turkey and there's a family reunion
This is sweet and nice and i always liked this celebration at you but unless you're living in USA or better being an american yourself , is pointless to celebrate this because it's a patriotic celebration specific to USA

Christmas is the birth of Lord Jesus and Easter is His ressurection.In Orthodoxy there is one after this called the ( might be a bad translation ) The departure of Jesus to the heavens celebrating when He left the apostles behind while He ascended to the Heavens after 40 days of spending time with them since His rebirth.And this celebration is of course celebrated 40 days after Easter

So , i got nothing against Thanksgiving but i never liked Haloween or Black Friday.Those are definitely not christian and even have a touch of devilry ( i'm sorry to be the cleric purist type here ) and for a while by now they are celebrated in Europe too but were first celebrated in the USA.

But of course , whatever floats one's boat.For my part anyone is free to celebrate or not celebrate anything they wish
I mean if i would find an ancient celebration for the egyptian godess Hathor of fertility and crops i would be free to celebrate it , right ? even if it would be just me doing it

Celebrations are fun

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

Meh, Canada also celebrates it so I wouldn't call it just American.
I prefer to just look at as a day, as a reminder to be thankful.

What doesn't have a touch of devilry these days?
I see it everywhere in governments and societies.


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Thank you for appreciating my freedom of choice to celebrate something
I thought i was gonna met with furious critics regarding my example of celebrating godess Hathor of fertility and crops

You , sir , Trademark is respectful to me and i appreciate this
It feels nice to talk here again nonetheless

Just that as a christian myself i feel endorsed to say in conclusion that the true way towards Life and Freedom is Lord Jesus Christ.If there are other ways aside from Him given to you by God , then you can only name yourself a very blessed person

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

It's your choice. I personally would just ignore it though.

To be honest since my mother died me and my dad have a hard time even celebrating days like Christmas. It's just, instead of joyous or reliving it is painful and bittersweet. Like having a rose, you see its beauty but when you go to pick it up all you feel is the thorns digging in and drawing blood from you. I dunno, perhaps I just gotta move on at some point. To what to move on too though is the question.

You're welcome.

If it means anything, I'm sorry by the way.

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I don't celebrate them either , you know because they lost all atmosphere and cosyness that used to be when i was a child

My parents are far from me in space not in time because they still live and...they sort of don't care much about me but it's cool being this way because i'm a big girl now and i can take care of myself but in the same time this renders me ( like always ) a lone she wolf that parties alone , drinks alone ( kinda happens quite much like Butch's mom from Fallout 3 hahah ) and dines alone.I sometimes even wear something more fancy that normally would involve a date but it ends up with just me raising a glass for me only like Diane Mc Clintock of Bioshock 1

Maybe i am insane or a witch already and i haven't even realised it.I'm not sure where all of this is going to turn to

I really love all animals but i'm not at all into having pets so i'll most likely never get cats , i even dislike the fact that everyone gets them and talks about it but if they help them feel better it must be good.I only dread the thought when people start losing their minds and hurt the pets.I could not stand such a thing.Ugghh ! Better not think about it

Lately i'm playing Borderlands and Fallout 4 in paralel and they take up a lot of my time and it's so fun

You know if i stay off gaming i would end up talking with myself alone in the house with lights off and then crying maybe or laughing hysterically

I haven't yet started to smoke pot , i just drink a lot but maybe i'll start that too

So you see , it's not easy living in this world that cares less for you , like i'd need the world to care about me anyway but screw it !

Screw those guys ! like Claptrap from Borderlands says hahahah

Let us celebrate death , the wars , the world's situation and the end of days to come , better , people !
These are gonna be the biggest things around anyhow

I'm sorry if i related stuff about me but i felt i should , encouraged by the fact that you done so too.I suppose it must release some inner tension when you let go of stuff inside and talk about your life...still trying to understand this if you go to a psychiatrist and talk about you sort of thing.
Anyway it happens extremely rare because i was always a person on the belief that your personal life , feelings and such should remain unsaid

Not sure what else other than games helps with depression.Music i would name for one , then going out and spending time in a place without people like the woods , long walks in your city at the night , watching the clear night sky and the practice of sports.Also writing helps and anything that keeps you busy
It won't help your psyche neither your stability of emotional levels if all you do all the time is not take care of yourself ( i'm speaking this generally meaning everyone ) and just listen news , read newspapers and worry , worry , worry about world's situation.

Screw those guys , better ! and take some time for yourself too.So , even if you don't have a perfect family or a christmas tree or a date for New Year's Eve just take these days and fill them only with an activity you know you like and enjoy.It's not gonna work wonders but it will help you survive emotionally.

As for others that have all means of celebrating the way holidays are meant to be celebrated with parties , dinners in two and such , by all means do it and raise a glass in honor for those people that don't too.

My perfect holidays would be something along the lines of spending them in two only with a lover , going out to a cosy place then home making the xmas tree and such and then a lot of love.Ah yeah and i would surely wanna go skating in two as well.I skated when i was little and loved it but now i would love it if i would go skate with my lover like in those romantic movies.Also fights with snow are fun too.I think these things would fill my heart for the holidays.

I remain wondering what you and what other people would wish for their dream holidays

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

Don't know how to necessarily explain it without having everyone here prod into the deepest recesses of my mind but I feel much the same. Between if anything else to do, laughing hysterically and talking to myself. It's how I feel when I go to bed too.

I dunno if it's a defense mechanism or something, but now I just imagine things that aren't there all to give me some comfort. After all the blows me and my dad took I don't even feel I can be accepted anymore among those I should be able to call brothers and sisters. At least in the church. I mean sure, some people here on moddb are nice but if they all knew my past and heard what was heard about me I do question if they'd even consider me worth hanging around anymore, or me being "trustworthy". It's amazing how fast people can turn on you.

I guess that drove me to a very dark place, because I feel more at home in the dens of monsters and demons then I do among those I should be able to call "friends", at least in spirit. Life does that I guess, but the thing is that treatment that drove me to that place is what drove my mother insane in her last days and ultimately killed her with the cancer. As well as forced me and my dad to leave our home in shame.

I guess I just gotta thank God me and him are still here.

I may dwell with monsters and demons from a certain point of view, but I remember who was there when I needed Him. Perhaps that's the one person who has kept me from going totally mad. After what Ive been through I don't have a hard time understanding how one could slit their own throat or just allow themselves to slip into the madness, become a monster.

Yeah, music and keeping busy helps. It's why I keep trying stuff to occupy my mind along with games, and like listening to hymns, battle marches, etc. It's like Space Marines would say, heresy grows from idleness, so best keep busy.


If I could find that one special person, who would get me and I her. I'd probably give everything short of my own soul for her. I really stopped caring about being accepted after what me and my parents went through with those we were supposed to be able to call friends. But if there's anything Ive learned, it's that having that one special person in your life can keep you from going over the isthmus of insanity. She could be hated by everyone but if I loved her that would be all that mattered to me.

Not much different from you, honestly. My idea of a real holiday is spending it with that one person. Otherwise I just don't deem it worth celebrating. Kinda reminds of this song, someone to care for, to be there for. And yes, it's cheezy.

I can see why Christ stressed love to such a point.
Without it one just feels like withering away.

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Quite a drama you speak about , sir Trademark but you see , speaking out about yourself and crying about your life's pains can be problematic

For once every person out there that unite on this site has their own problems and almost every person always thinks their own problems are the biggest and most important , which is of course understandable

Secondly speaking , many people are using the " i don't care " concept and nothing more can be done here

I would say that trying to talk again about these things will not fix these issues we are met with more or less.You see , sometimes in life we end up doing worse when we insist with the same method and no matter if we push it and push it , we can be met with an equal rejecting force every time.The key is another approach altogether

I can say that i listen and care because i used to know you in the recent past , sir Trademark but let me see how many people from here care about you and offer you a good word of support , other than your best friend Kim

You see , Joshua , i opened myself up too but i'm not expecting a thing to be comforted at all , at no times.I feel better comforting others than i ever felt good at being comforted myself.I'm really bad at being in the role of being comforted i suppose

I hope God will help you turn out all things right for you is all i can say - you are obviously pained by something that digs deep inside your soul and your life but i would steer clear of demons and monsters except if you mean those found in games

We all desire that special someone but we don't realise that there's no perfect partner to be had.This is more like that saying : if you want a good friend be a good friend first

There has to be a sweet gal in all Nevada that will fill your life with love and presence and everything , Joshua
Just a matter of time until you find her or she finds you i bet

Yeah " Love one another ! " Lord Jesus said but i think we are not doing it right for certain or like Mother Theresa the prophetess said " There are more people hungry for affection than hungry of food in the world "

In conclusion this is the story of these times , of the " glorious " 21'st century , for you

Cannot wait to get back in 3015 AD , i miss my kitchen where i used to fix lots of amazing lunches while staring at the mega city outside and a massive arch in the distance could be seen from my window under which trails of hover cars pass by everyday hahah

Sorry ! I forgot that i'm still here ! In our days terms it means that i have lost my minds to utopia and dreams of beautiful realities ! It's my secret non-secret of resistance against the Fall of Humankind like the game Resistance Fall of Man

PS : If someone finds me standing under mistletoe they can have a kiss for Xmas from me

Kisses for free for everyone !

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco

I know, which is why I often keep it to myself. But like I encouraged you to speak up, you did the same for me. I'll leave it at that though.

Agreed, there are those out there who have suffered far worse than either of us, still it has effects on one's soul regardless. As people will always be susceptible to that.

There are good people here, that I know. The issue is just, that I know they'd view me very differently if they knew all of my past. As we both know, people can be very judgmental, critical. Ive been that way myself, and now I feel regretful over it.

I feel better to receive comfort and give it in return.
Nonetheless I do try and be supportive to people regardless.

It's more of a expression, but yeah I should steer clear of them.

Someday hopefully.

I'd take that quote as gospel.

Alright, see you later. :-)

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The idea is to let go of the demons the past like one of Spellforce 2's expansions is called and dare , dare.Truth or dare is the game we have to play once and again.

You must dare re-start the engines of the ship afloat that is called your Life and sail out in the open sea again and see what you can find and sometimes we might even reach a dream come true

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Yes, I'm satisfied enough for my decision :D

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