This group is exactly what the name implies. A group for people who are Christians. If you're a Christian then please join us. We're a place on ModDB for Christians to gather and talk. It's as simple as that.

(NOTE: This is not a group for the bashing, belittling, or debunking of other people's beliefs).

Peace be with you.

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HolyBook Golden Saint
Rules for Christians of Moddb.

Rules for Christians of Moddb.

Feb 4, 2015 News 10 comments

After a discussion between MattmanDude, CrazyOldTeenager, and myself, a short (but to the point) series of rules will now be coming into effect for this...

Musings: My faith is Byzantine

Musings: My faith is Byzantine

Jan 9, 2015 News 1 comment

Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileuonton. Translated as "king of kings, ruling over rulers"

What is the Bible?

What is the Bible?

Dec 29, 2014 News 25 comments

Just a message from an old wanderer passing through.

Armor, Rank, and Dogma.

Armor, Rank, and Dogma.

Nov 27, 2014 News 3 comments

Lot of information for new recruits packed into a mere article. Also has three medal of honor soundtracks to listen too while reading if you want. Enjoy.

God's Grand Army.

God's Grand Army.

Sep 1, 2014 News 9 comments

Your new order of business now that you are a member of the Grand Army of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Yukino-69 Jul 26 2015, 9:12am says:

Honestly, I have some health issues. Some medics, psychologists have tried to help me. All in all, I've wasted time and a substantial amount of money. I find it hard to admit, but this presumably real God and your prayers is all I have now. I don't cry anymore. I rarely lash out at anyone. It's a state of mind where I detach from society although I'm still there(and here). I may appear to be normal and healthy, but it's all 'broken' inside.

And I wonder when I'll become numb. Well, pray for me, please. I'll try to establish a relationship with this Christian God. It's all out of my control and I feel powerless. I'd like someone to cure me and carry me to a better place. Even though it's all sad, I don't feel anything at this point. I can still smile and laugh, but I do it for others.

We all struggle in some way...

Anyway. God bless you or something like that. I'll have to get used to this religious terminology. I used to be an ardent believer, but I lost my faith for various reasons. And now, embracing all these ideals that appear to be flawed and irrational is kind of hard... It's faith that makes it more real, that's what I'll need to restore. What else do I have now? Science helped me understand certain matters to some extent. You have to understand how hard it is for me to 'believe' in a supernatural things.


God bless you. I think I already said that... Anyway. May the Force be with you. :D

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Quaker540 Jul 27 2015, 1:18pm replied:


I'm glad you are posting this frustrating problem here. It's absolutely normal and okay to have health issues if you ask me. You just don't have to worry about it. If you are constantly worrying about your health problems, it will only aggravate the situation both on the inside and the outside. I will also have to tell you, every problem has a solution. Every single one.

It's absolutely normal for every human being to lost his/her faith to God for various reasons: The most common is because they think that God doesn't care about them, but let me tell you that, God cares for everyone, you just have to be patient. Mostly we don't know the side effects of the things we ask to God, even on the most simple and easy (For us) questions. I can tell you a few stories around that, but they are personal, so if you wish to know them, send me a PM.

So about the problem itself, chill out, be patient, ask God every night to help you BUT. Tell Him to solve the problem only if it is really necessary. As I said, sometimes they may be some very bad side effects of the things we ask, on even the simpliest and easy things. Do stuff you like. Listen to your favorite music. Go out with friends. Go to a party or two. Do something you really enjoy. Enjoy your life! :D

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 5:45pm replied:

Scientifically speaking i think you should go see doctor in case of health problems, Yukino.

God helps but doesn't put things on a platter nor does He babysit each of us and last but not least : one must allow healing to commence if they wish to be healed by embracing faith first of all

Just.....believe !! without questioning anything , it's like welcoming the sun when you go at the beach on your skin if you finally found the courage to take your clothes off

God forces no soul so , you must open your soul to Him.Set aside logics and everything else - pause them - then relax and Embrace Eternity just like the Asari mind meld does or the Vulcans if you know what i mean

That is Faith

Seriously i wanna help but you cannot get healed by God if He's just a myth for you , Yukino , and as much as i'd love the gods of mythos to let me work with them or they to work with me i won't until i'll probably fully believe in them or something too ...but this is another subject anyway

Trying my best to help and Mr. Quaker said perfectly well too , so choose whatever you wish or feels best for you and btw : what health problems ? Being more communicative helps a lot too

Hope to see you better next time !

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Quaker540 Jul 27 2015, 6:51pm replied:

God can do everything. You just have to believe to His power.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 27 2015, 7:26pm replied:

Positive 100 %

Just that He doesn't act when you want Him to.

Patience is key

Nice to see you around Quaker

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Quaker540 Jul 28 2015, 12:55am replied:

I totally appreciate your kind comments, AnYnA. Thank you so much!

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Quaker540 Jul 27 2015, 8:56pm replied:

Thank you!

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 28 2015, 5:58am replied:

You're welcome friend

And i think being from Greece you are also orthodox yes ?

Sorry for prying

But it would feel good for me to have another of us around here

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Quaker540 Jul 28 2015, 11:27am replied:

Yes, I'm orthodox christian.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 28 2015, 1:14pm replied:

Me too Mr.Quaker

If you want we can become friends.I like discussing religion a lot too

See you around

+3 votes     reply to comment
Quaker540 23hours 26mins ago replied:

Sure, why not? :D I'm always open for new friends.

+3 votes     reply to comment
AnYnA Online
AnYnA 21hours 7mins ago replied:

Add me whenever you want if you want

I don't ask anyone's friendship because i don't wanna be pushy but anyone's welcome to add me

+3 votes     reply to comment
Quaker540 17hours 2mins ago replied:

"Add me whenever you want if you want"


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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 26 2015, 10:19am replied:

Just take it easy and don't be so hard on yourself Yukino

We all have our hardships and cross to bear , if you wish and we all have a certain level of endurance given to go through life

One can endure more , another can endure less but that doesn't mean one is stronger or weaker than the other

Just believe in your dreams and what makes your heart feel at peace and you should be fine

I wish to comfort you further but i don't know how yet

May God be with you too !

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Yukino-69 Jul 26 2015, 11:28am replied:

I'm unable to incorporate spiritual beliefs into science. And, as a cosmopolitan and naturalist, I feel obliged to treat all religions equally as myths. There's a grain of truth in every tale. I cannot accurately express my feelings at this point. Science is temporarily unable to explain certain matters. There may be a constant of some sort or numerous enigmas, that remains to be seen.

Off the record. I want to be a/the Avatar - ah-ha-ha! :D

I sincerely hope my response didn't offend anyone here, I mean it.

p.s. I'm a bit depressed. Sorry. :/

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 26 2015, 11:53am replied:

Just like i said here i would say further

I lost all faith and hope in humanity and humans alone

All history proves countless times that we were wrong in our judgement and it proves that we have much to learn and go beyond our little petty established things of the world we so like to love most

Then i surrendered my faith and will to the higher power God first and other dieties second , i embraced the supernatural because to me it's better than the natural , simply because it defies it and so on

You aren't able to incorporate anything Yukino until you , yourself will accept new knowledge outside of the box to enter you , your mind and your soul

Depression is a natural response at someone that hasn't come at peace with their beleifs , remaining confused , not knowing what to do , not feeling in charge of themselves and vulnerable too

I know how it is in my own way

Science is good , science will serve humankind but science must be controlled and put under scrutiny too without question and not considered infaillable and absolute because it's not

Music helps with depression Yukino so listen to it whenever , no matter the genre although positive types of music help best

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Yukino-69 Jul 26 2015, 12:42pm replied:

I appreciate your concern.

Music is a quite important aspect of my life. Certain sound frequencies can ease my mind.

I like people, to some extent. If we were able to set aside our differences, selfish desires to, subsequently cooperate, this world would be a more hospitable place.

Science has only begun to broaden our perspective, we'll certainly see new discoveries in the near future.

I'm an individual, so are you- you can put much faith in humanity, but first off, believe in yourself.

I'll try to stay positive. Thanks again, I mean.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 26 2015, 1:01pm replied:

You are welcome Yukino

I agree with that. It's up to us the people to make the world more hospitable and bearable for ourselves indeed

Thank you but i don't believe in myself , i only believe in God and divine power

I'm nothing without my Lord, nobody would be anyway no matter how they think

Until humanity will prove otherwise i won't believe in it at all

Science might be surpassed or set aside by something better than it , who knows , you can never know.No form of knowledge separated remained forever unbeaten

Balance between the positive and the negative within us is even better

Yw again.Anytime

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 25 2015, 4:33pm says:

I wish to present you all good christians and everyone else with a liturgy from orthodoxy

and more might follow , as well with images from my religious denomination too as soon as i'm able because i beleive that all us christians must unite unto God , sooner or later as one , as His people no matter the color ,race , religious denomination we practice , baptised or not

Enjoy !

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 25 2015, 5:19pm replied:

And four more and this is it for now

May it give you all courage unto the path to God and power to withstand any opposition

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 24 2015, 12:21pm says:

I wanna start a new topic

I got no idea if it's a good thing or not but i'm not afraid of anything except failure in front of my Lord

I wanna ask these, good people and good christians

1.Is there a possibility that Satan can be killed for good and not just by Lord Jesus Christ ?

2. What is Satan's real life level of power ? I mean in the reality we all live in

3. Are the ancient gods ( like Zeus , Amun-Ra , Quetzacoatl and the like ) actually stronger than Satan ? like i think. Can they kill him or at least defeat him in battle ?

4. Are the Old Ones, the gods of the mythos ( Cthulhu , Hastur , Yog-Sothoth and the like ) actually stronger than Satan and the Hells ? IMO they must be for sure. Can they kill him and destroy all Hells ?

5. Can a person work with angels the real way , not just visions and advices, without having to be a saint and a perfectly without sin person ?

6. What are y'all opinion about how much we humans got until the real End of Days and the Judgement Day ?

7. Have you more questions like these and wish to add ? Please do so. I love discussing the big stuff

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Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco Jul 24 2015, 7:17pm replied:


1) God won't kill a soul or spirit, but he can certainly damn it for all eternity. I believe God/Christ is the only one who can ultimately judge Lucifer, of kill him.

2) Satan was originally one of the Arch Angels, in the order of the Cherubim, the Cherubim being second only to the Seraphim. He was incredibly powerful as well as wise. It's believed he was the strongest Arch Angel in existence. He lost much of his glory after his fall however.

3-4) There is only 1 God, Jehovah.

5) They already work with us everyday, it's part of how God protects his people. It doesn't require anything much on your part, just prayer for God's guidance and protection.

6) No one knows the day nor the hour Christ will return, but the signs of the times suggest it's very soon. Middle East situation is a big hint for those more into prophecy.

7) I'm fine on questions for now, but I'm sure others have theirs.

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AnYnA Online
AnYnA Jul 24 2015, 9:47pm replied:

Really good answers , Joshua

I thank you a lot but i really wanted you or anyone else to elaborate on the idea on the premise of : what if though ?

1. God can kill i believe , anything He created indefinitely but He is probably too kind to do that in His infinite mercy so yeah i agree with you here

2.That i knew too but now he doesn't have that power anymore , much less that glory not to mention that he was stripped of almost anything when he was thrown out from Heavens. Too bad God let him live forever too

3 and 4. My religious denomination doesn't call God Jehova , Joshua but of course you are correct. The gods i mentioned were gods before not worshipped anymore but i personally believe they still have the status of gods/dieties even if we don't believe in them anymore
And here i meant their power, their level of power compared to the enemy must be higher.But i suppose the ancient gods are gone from Earth for good and the mythos gods don't care or are dormant since ever and they don't mind Satan and something tells me Satan is enemy only to humankind not to others

5. They do but i meant personally. As i know only saints and very strong persons of faith did get to dream them or even more receive apperances of angels in the awakened state

6. I understand that a lot but i wanted an estimate. Personally i would say 10-20 years at best.

Cannot wait for what others would say for sure

Thanks again

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atm101010 Jul 23 2015, 11:51pm says:

Finally a christian modb group!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Joshua Brisco
Joshua Brisco Jul 24 2015, 12:18am replied:

You're always welcome.

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