This group is exactly what the name implies. A group for people who are Christians. If you're a Christian then please join us. We're a place on ModDB for Christians to gather and talk. It's as simple as that.

(NOTE: This is not a group for the bashing, belittling, or debunking of other people's beliefs).

Peace be with you.

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Archangel Michael The Constitution Top 20 Countries, where Christianity is growing.
Rules for Christians of Moddb.

Rules for Christians of Moddb.

Feb 4, 2015 News 8 comments

After a discussion between MattmanDude, CrazyOldTeenager, and myself, a short (but to the point) series of rules will now be coming into effect for this...

Musings: My faith is Byzantine

Musings: My faith is Byzantine

Jan 9, 2015 News 1 comment

Basileus Basileon Basileuon Basileuonton. Translated as "king of kings, ruling over rulers"

What is the Bible?

What is the Bible?

Dec 29, 2014 News 25 comments

Just a message from an old wanderer passing through.

Armor, Rank, and Dogma.

Armor, Rank, and Dogma.

Nov 27, 2014 News 3 comments

Lot of information for new recruits packed into a mere article. Also has three medal of honor soundtracks to listen too while reading if you want. Enjoy.

God's Grand Army.

God's Grand Army.

Sep 1, 2014 News 9 comments

Your new order of business now that you are a member of the Grand Army of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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MattmanDude Creator
MattmanDude Jun 18 2015, 6:29pm says:

Soooooo... I see there's been an "interesting" conversation here. Delightful.

So yeah uh, how 'bout them (insert sports team here). They're doing very good/bad/okay this sporting season. What do you think about (insert sports team here)?

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Major Brisco
Major Brisco Jun 19 2015, 12:51am replied:

Have you seen E3's Fallout 4 vids?
Just amazing, have to get it when it comes out this November.

I liked how Christianity did make a appearance in Fallout 3. Revelation 21:6, Father Clifford, and that Marcella lady in Point Lookout. Help two people get married at Rivet City, in the Church. There's a outcome on the G.O.A.T. exam where you could even be slated to be the next Chaplin for Vault 101. Heck, even the Enclave would have a header in their terminals on Fallout 3. Header that proudly read, "God Bless America".

If they do show Christianity at all in 4, I just hope they do it right.

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Kim the Elite Kid
Kim the Elite Kid Jun 12 2015, 2:00pm says:

Well, him and I did it. Gilligan has now completely conquered his thoughts on suicide. He has won the battle. Tis was a struggle, yet he pulled through nonetheless. All thanks to you, Gilligan himself had requested me to send out his words as quoted:

"Thank you everyone. I never realized that I am of concern towards those I do not even know. You all care so much about me and I've never seen any of your faces, let alone know all of your names. I thank you all for your help. I have never felt so happy. Whoever you all are, I am utmost grateful. I really appreciate all of you."

- Gilligan Bailey

P.S. : Thanks again everyone. Your efforts were not in vain towards saving Gilligan's life. I have never seen him so jovial and positive. All thanks to outside help, even unknown sources can make a big difference. If there is one thing that I had held fond of and value from the United States of America, it would be the phrase, "United we stand, divided we fall." In this case, it applied quite well. I appreciate all of you guy's prayers. Mr and Mrs. Bailey are indeed utterly thankful. Thanks to all of us, were all heroes.

God Bless.

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Commander_Nonna Jun 13 2015, 12:15am replied: I dedicate this compelling movie to all survivors like Gilligan, myself and others.

Unfortunately, countless people weren't strong enough to withstand more pain. Their cross was too heavy and, subsequently, they fell to the ground. So, whenever you see "Jesus" bearing his/her cross, help them in some way -

Take care.

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Major Brisco
Major Brisco Jun 13 2015, 9:42am replied:

Countless people didn't know the Lord, or were in error, which lead them astray and ultimately destroyed them. I suffered from depression for years, even thought of suicide for a time.

It wasn't until I started getting straight with the Lord that I started cleaning up my conduct. And persevering despite what issues I was dealing with. Looking to the Lord for guidance in the decisions I was making.

Prayer helps, yes. As does Bible study. But the ultimate decision to keep going lies with the person in question. That's why in my eyes, those who look to the Lord for strength are the strongest. Because they made a decision to keep going, and have found a heavenly Father to assist them in that endeavor.

Christianity is no crutch, it's merely a path one chooses to take, a path of encouragement that leads to greater things. That is, if the person is willing. Faith is crucial here, because that will be the driving force behind that person's decision.

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Commander_Nonna Jun 13 2015, 10:25am replied:

I cast aside this fanciful deity several years ago and I don't intend to embrace this false ideal again. 'It' never helped me. Science helped me understand many things. What do you think of me now?

You erased my previous/earlier post, why?

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Major Brisco
Major Brisco Jun 13 2015, 10:55am replied:

Yeah, science.
Which God himself made the rules and laws for and used to create everything under those guiding principals. Science can't teach everything though. So that's why I deem your loyalty to it "misplaced".

I sent you a PM as to why well over half an hour ago.

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Commander_Nonna Jun 13 2015, 11:15am replied:

I see.
We're done here.

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Guest Jun 15 2015, 9:38am replied:

You're that lara Croft user. You always "convert" to Christianity every few months then become atheist again. I think you have a personality problem.

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ChristopherHitchens Jun 15 2015, 9:52am replied:

Lol you're actually right guest. I've seen her elsewhere on moddb taking the mick out of religious belief and God so clearly her behaviour here is evidence of a personality disorder that she has (where she pretends to have different beliefs for each group she mixes with) or she is simply some type of terrible troll.

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Commander_Nonna Jun 16 2015, 10:32pm replied:

I used to be a Roman Catholic, then I was hurt, physically, by some religious people and I lost my faith in a deity that, presumably, is benevolent and omnipotent. Now I merely analyze empirical evidence and it clearly tells me that your God is imperfect, immoral, capricious and so on.
Just watch this clip -

Oh I'm considerate and merciful. I rarely demolish people's religious beliefs(I just don't do it, out of courtesy).

I've been here for a while(in this club). And I've been quite merciful.
And I even up-vote Christian comments. -_-

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Quagrunner Jun 17 2015, 5:53am replied:

Can you describe perfection?

In an atheistic world, morals don't exist, so... Is God immoral because He doesn't do what you would do if you were God?

Malachi 3:6 - "For I am the Lord, I do not change;..."
That's the God I'm talking about.

P.S. I'm eternally grateful for the upvotes, but could you play down the 'mercy' for a bit? I'd be interested to see if there's any substance behind your 'demolition' cliff-hanger.

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Commander_Nonna Jun 17 2015, 9:34am replied:

Perfect means 100% Certain people ascribe moral values to God. Morality, supposedly, derives from God. So, why did a benevolent deity create sin? Everything decays and dies. I don't even need to delve into details to show anyone that God's creation is imperfect. Maybe you don't even comprehend my words, so I'll use a random image to illustrate's God's work -

Ah yes. Atheists are immoral and evil. Curse them all, cos' they dare to question the holy book and a fanciful deity. May they all die, and subsequently, burn in hell, forever. Yes. It's a perfect solution. Morality at its best. God is perfect. Can you read between the lines or do I need to rephrase this whole statement?

Oh a stagnant deity. Apathy, unfinished work and occasional rampage. God is marvelous.

Oh I don't ruin people's flimsy beliefs. I merely show them their beliefs for what they are -
(at least slightly reasonable people admit that Bible is messed-up. And, apparently, God's word is Bible. God's word is perfect... Do I even need to elaborate on it at this point?

Watch this video again and ask yourself if you want God to be real?

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Major Brisco
Major Brisco Jun 17 2015, 12:04pm replied:

Sin is anything that goes against God's word or defies God's will.

God made certain parts of his creation the ability of choice, which means they could choose to do that which either is, or is not His will. God's creation was never imperfect, but our sense of what is right and wrong was always subject to error. Because we sought to go our own way instead of following God.

Christ is the remedy to this issue. The day will come, where all of humanity will want God's will for their lives instead of their own. If our society is ever to go beyond these petty disagreements and horrible wars, than this is the only current solution. And those who oppose that will be removed, forever. God Himself will see to that. Already billions have had their lives changed through Christ, and by the time this conflict is over all will have answered to Him. Whether that's now or on Judgement Day is entirely up to them.

Theory on where the universe came from, atheists can't even explain where matter itself originates. While the Bible clearly says, God has no beginning nor end. I consider God the root of all this, if you're incapable of respecting that belief and insist on insulting it, than leave.

You have the nerve to come here, and take out what happened to you on all Christians when we had nothing to do with it, use it as excuse to mock Christianity and our beliefs. I'm sorry about what happened to you, but taking it out on us is entirely unacceptable. What those men did DOES NOT speak for the Christian faith, but rather their own selfish desire. Affiliating that with God and blaming Him, is simply bogus.

There are terrible things that happened to me, and instead of remaining bitter about it and showing resentment, I moved on with life and learned to forgive. Do you understand? Or are you just going to resort to a bigot mentality of cynicism and sarcasm?

Unless your next response is a apology to all the Christians here for your behavior than please, don't even bother responding. Ive had enough of hateful users and venomous attitudes. My brethren deserve so much better than that.

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Commander_Nonna Jun 17 2015, 12:47pm replied:

Sin is an immoral act and it surely goes against God's will. And yet this bountiful deity gave us free will. We are, by definition, free to choose, only to find out that we have no choice after all. Everything has to be done by the book(the holy book), and if our acts are inconsistent with God's word, we will suffer the consequences of our vile actions. You see. I need consistency. And your beliefs aren't coherent. You say something and it doesn't add up in the end.

Oh and you have the nerve to incorporate modern science into religion. No, good sir. No! Don't use science to embellish and enhance your astrological crap called Bible. You are a Christian. And your religion is not called Christian Scientology. Your flimsy beliefs predate modern science. And archaic religions predate your relatively young religion. How does it make you feel? Your religion is a crib, it derives from older religions. You use science that was pretty much rejected by the Church for a rather long time and punished those who happened to scientifically contradict Bible. God's eternal dictatorship...

You see. You deserve to be mocked.

And how dare you compare yourself to me? As though you went through the same hell!!!

I don't intend to apologize to you. On the contrary. I've been told to burn in hell numerous times, cos' I dared to question God's will and existence. Now I'm the one who'll actually say once, honestly, burn in hell yourself, I mean it. How does it make you feel?

Well then. God created me! Apparently, I'm here to test your unshakable faith!!!

I'm leaving this club. May you all burn in hell for supporting Bible and this utterly evil heavenly dictator.

I'm not evil here, you are, and you don't even know it. People like me always perish, while you, you may inherit everything... sad indeed. And to think that countless people have died over thousand of years because of religion.

Okay. Call me a *****, idiot and so on. I'll be elsewhere showing people reality, cutting apart their beliefs with logic and reason - just to make them realize that life is valuable and that you have to make the most of your life, cos' you live(in this current form) only once.

And here is your soul(theory) -

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Quaker540 Jun 24 2015, 2:05am replied:

To be honest, I found it extremely pathetic to leave a group just because you are mad at a person on the Internet. Furthermore, hating a total stranger is even more worse.

Anyway, that is your choice and I'm just a person saying his opinion. Don't take it personally.

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Major Brisco
Major Brisco Jun 17 2015, 1:17pm replied:

Than you've made your choice, good bye Veronica.

All I can do is pray your soul find peace in Christ one day.

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