This group is exactly what the name implies. A group for people who are Christians. If you're a Christian then please join us. We're a place on ModDB for Christians to gather and talk. It's as simple as that.

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Poll: Should There Be a Christian Video Game Group? (9 votes)
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Dec 1 2011 Anchor

Because many people have mentioned this, I am considering creating a group to suit their needs. So I ask you the community. Should it be done?

Dec 1 2011 Anchor

Can it include star wars?

Dec 2 2011 Anchor

As things stand, I think splitting off to make overtly Christian games is a bad idea. Christians can have a more positive influence by exerting their values in their current projects.

It's like Politics.

That said, if there are large numbers of indie game devs and modders who want to do this: by all means, bravo.

Dec 7 2011 Anchor

I agree even me a Christian might find an overly Christian game to be corny and/or plain dumb. That is if the game is poorly made.

Now, I know I have played several games that have underlying Christian messages that make the whole game appear to to be good morally and in entertainment! :)

Dec 9 2011 Anchor

Since 60% of the vote is for "No" or "Pie." I have decided that the nays have it.

No Christian Video Game Group.

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