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We have been approached by Aluna Games about them being a Publisher, they are offering to publish our game for free no snags.

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Here is the Contract for you all to see,

1. Introduction and General TermsA varied selection of both online and downloadable games ("Games") are made available by Aluna Games Ltd. ("Aluna Games") on the Aluna Games website (and all subsequent sub-divisions of Aluna Games, collectively "Aluna Games Portals"). A selection of games remain free to play but may contain pay elements (such as an item store), and other games may operate via starting or periodic paid subscriptions. Aluna Games makes available the opportunity for game developers ("Developers") to submit their game(s) for publication across Aluna Games Portals, consequently granting Aluna Games a license to publish the game(s) across Aluna Games Portals internationally. Where possible, Aluna Games agrees to provide appropriate support to customers of the Developer's game(s) where presented on Aluna Games Portals, e.g. support tickets, forums. Under this agreement, the Developer is entitled to one hundred percent (100%) of any revenue the game generates via internal pay elements or paid subscriptions via our website exclusively.The above association between Aluna Games and the Developer shall be referred to as the "Partnership Agreement" from herein. The Partnership Agreement is officially and legally formed upon Aluna Games' acceptance of the Developer's application submission. Such confirmation will be shared with the Developer via an email from Aluna Games, or, if preferred by the Developer, in writing.
2. Legal Agreement1) The Developer permits the publication of the game(s) on Aluna Games Portals, as well as use of material related to the game, specifically, the right to make reference to the title (or name) of the game(s), graphical images, artwork and descriptive writing or other such related promotional compositions.More over, Aluna Games may create promotional banners and artwork, advertising content or commercials from the above-specified content, which shall be supplied by the Developer, or modify content supplied by the Developer to better suit the advertising environment. Aluna Games shall respect your right as the Developer, and agrees not to change the nature or actuality of the game by doing so. Aluna Games may use this promotional material on both Aluna Games Portals and on external websites or in print.
Aluna Games agrees to use the rights as specified above, solely for the purposes of promoting the game(s) and to help increase public awareness.2) The game(s) may be presented on Aluna Games Portals in a way seen fit by Aluna Games, although the Developer's wishes and/or preferences will be taken into account where possible.3) All revenue made within the game(s) (such as via an in-game item mall) may be retained by the Developer. Aluna Games will never request a revenue percentage under this agreement.4) The game(s) submitted by the Developer must be in British English, or United States English by default, although translation options are permissible.
3. Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Infringement and Warranties and Liability1) The Developer agrees that they own the Copyright to, or are licensed to use all materials and elements contained in promotional graphics used within the game(s).2) The Developer ensures actual functionality of the game and guarantees it's actuality.3) This Partnership Agreement entitles Aluna Games to use any materials or content related to the game, which is supplied by the Developer, for promotional purposes.4) The Developer confirms their relation to the game(s) and/or organisation(s) producing the game(s) and that they are accredited to enter into this Partnership Agreement.5) The Developer agrees to possessing the appropriate Copyrights, Trademarks, or Patents for the game(s) and certifies that they are not infringing upon Copyrights of any kind within the game or its related materials. Aluna Games shall not be held responsible for such infringements. The Developer removes Aluna Games from culpability of claimed infringements by third parties.
4. Confidentiality and Duration of the Game1) It is expected of both parties to maintain the confidentiality of personal correspondence, and limit exposure only to a trusted team, unless otherwise specified.2) The game(s) may be discontinued on Aluna Games Portals if they are found not to meet legal requirements which the Developer agrees to by confirming this Partnership Agreement.3) The Developer maintains the right to request removal of the game(s) from Aluna Games Portals at any time. Aluna Games is however, not obliged to remove the game until two weeks after request, with efforts to ease customer reaction.Thank you for your business,
We look forward to working with you,
Aluna Games Ltd.

As you can see, this is good news. Here is there website

Smallchange Creator

wow that is some of the best news i have seen in a long time 0_0

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Good luck with the game!

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thats a lot of legalease... translation?

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FeudalStudios Author

Basically means that They won't demand what the dev team should do or take any income from us, it is win-win.

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Great :)

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