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Jul 11 2009, 1:04am Anchor

Alright this thread is where we can share tips for beginners and people who are just starting

My top tips are:

- Don't run around like crazy, this means sprinting too, this gets you killed very easily - sprint only when needed
- Find a good place too take cover and shoot from, don't spend too much time there, move from place to place. Make sure your flanks are covered.
- Don't Spray your gun aimlessly, make sure your aiming your gun and fire around the head and chest area

that's all from me for now.

aidas2 Call of Duty Fans and Players Leader
Jul 16 2009, 8:32am Anchor

My tips would be, take the mp5 in first lvl stick to it till lvl 10 then if u want use M4, and other tips if u liek bolt actions then get the m21 do 100 kills and get the acog and/ or do the same with M40A4 or A3 dunno! Dont be a camper ( some servers ban for this or atleast kick ) thats it

Jul 16 2009, 8:45am Anchor

If you have a machine un. Don't hold the trigger if they are at long range. Press it for a sec let the gun go steady and conitune doing this fro much more accuracy.

Jul 17 2009, 1:12am Anchor

aidas2 wrote:Dont be a camper ( some servers ban for this or atleast kick ) thats it

Are you serious? I have never came across this problem while playing on the PC or PS3 servers

Also another tip would be use ironsight only when needed, if the enemy is right in front of you just use hip fire - ironsight moves much slower so its harder to trace your enemy and shoot


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Oct 14 2009, 4:54am Anchor

I recommend to use a Sniper with a silencer....That should knock them out!

Oct 14 2009, 6:43am Anchor

MMBNmaster wrote:I recommend to use a Sniper with a silencer....That should knock them out!

A silenced sniper is unavailable in Multiplayer, for obvious balance reasons. But you can use a sniper with the UAV Jammer Perk but then hat doesn't allow you to get Stopping Power, which is a very recommended perk for all snipers. Even then when you fire a gun you will appear on enemy radar youo're only shielded from the enemies UAV.

Most weapons that are unlocked early are extremely good, for example:

-The Ak-47 and M4, is very effective if used with the stopping power perk
-Mp5 is a reliable weapon and should also be used with Stopping Power

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Oct 14 2009, 7:12pm Anchor

A Barrett is better

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