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Renegade X, a free UDK game, has been making progress on its upcoming multiplayer release.

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Let's get down to business!

So we've been off the radar for quite a while now. We haven't made a public announcement since the release of Black Dawn, and we've crawled back into the hole we came out of. Sometimes, silence is golden. Not this time. We've come bearing good news - Renegade X is BACK! And with some exciting news regarding our upcoming multiplayer release.

Black Dawn, our singleplayer tech-demo was released about six and a half months ago. It received widespread attention from a range of audiences, from casual to hardcore, oldtimers to new, trolls to genuine fans, forum members to magazine-readers, and more. The release received more than two hundred thousand downloads in the past six months (that we know of), which is a good headstart to reintroducing gamers to the world of C&C FPS. There were also many things we learned about in the Black Dawn experience, as players critiqued certain elements they found troubling. We saw what we were doing right, and what we could have done differently. Black Dawn was our first standalone release, and it gave us a good idea of how a standalone FPS would be received in both the C&C and the greater gaming community. You can download a free copy of Renegade X: Black Dawn HERE.

And we're glad to be back! After the Black Dawn release, our team took a much needed break to recharge our batteries and study how Black Dawn was received by our audience (and just to get away from it all). Sometimes a developer needs to take some time away (like a shower, or maybe a vacation) just to take a step back and fully process everything. We're constantly looking for new inspirations in the world, both RL and gaming, to improve upon the Renegade X experience. After our break, we got back to business - as usual, we like to start things off silently and secretly just to keep everyone on their toes.

We have been working on the upcoming multiplayer release of Renegade X. So far, we've had three internal alpha tests, and things are looking up. Progress is efficient and we're all glad to be back to where we belong - in a multiplayer project. We've been utilizing what we've done in both Black Dawn and the Unreal Tournament 3 betas, and refining that for a better overall experience. The development team has gone through a few shifts and we've written some documentation to better organize the upcoming release. We've brought over all of the original Renegade weapons, vehicles, and characters into the current multiplayer build, and the famous Command & Conquer mode is in progress. We're not yet ready to discuss the new features we have under wraps, but let's just say there have been some experiments behind the scenes that we will talk about in due time.

What's a Renegade X update without images? Here are the first ingame shots of the standalone Renegade X multiplayer:


There was one character that was completed during the Black Dawn development phase that did not make it into the singleplayer. Nonetheless, this is the 500-credit GDI sniper aka Dariel "Deadeye" MacInnis.


The Apache has also been completed. Of course, you did see this in Black Dawn, but it was not yet completed. Now you can appreciate it up close:

We want you!

Renegade X is a tactical First and Third Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements - Singleplayer and Multiplayer! With unique gamemodes, exotic level environments, and a plethora of different weapons, vehicles, characters, and superweapons, Renegade X is an upcoming game you wouldn't want to miss.

We are looking for the required positions noted below:

1. Programmers, with preference given to those with experience in Unreal Script. Those experienced in C++, C#, Java, or other programming languages may also apply.

2. Character Artists capable of creating high-poly and low-poly characters, normal maps, and 2048x2048 textures.

3. Environment Artists, with preference given to those with Unreal Editor experience. If one has no Editor experience, he or she may apply for a Prop Artist position.

4. 3d Animator capable of creating realistic 1st person and 3rd person animations

5. Flash Designer /Scaleform Expert capable of creating scaleform ready UIs and interfaces. Bonus if you can implement the swfs yourself.

There are multiple positions to fill for each of the above categories. An applicant is welcome to either reply to this thread, send an e-mail to or post a thread at

If you have applied in the past 6 months, please re-apply again after today so your application may be processed.

Thanks for reading, stick around for more exciting updates soon!

MrTimm Creator

i think i got my self some nice wallpapers!!

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That image of Slavik killing Hassan has really grown popular in this Post-EA world of C&C, hasnt it? I like it anywho!

As for your work, Im really looking forward to what you can cook up in the UDK. Personally, I really hope you make the highest quality settings in the game better resoluted. I am a picky person, Im not going to hide it, and I for one cant stand those random low-resolution textures I found here and there :P Best luck for you, looking forward to the next release!

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Will you guys optimize the game? Cause I had lag on it even tought I have 60 fps on other UE3 games like Tribes: Ascend on the hightest settings or A.V.A on medium-high settings. I really think that also advanced settings should be added on the options menu, especially in my case that the pc runs slow when Anti-Anliasing is on.

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Seconded, although the game is releasing on an HD platform for a reason. :) Technically I just need to turn off AA and turn Shadows on low and I'll be fine, my computer rocks at rendering particle effects and textures, just not shadows.. and it is only a year old as well. Personally I'll get off of my lazy butt and edit the UTK3 ini's and stuff, but Advanced settings should be a must for less tech savvy users (I.E My friend Dylan who is having trouble running this).

Thanks again for making such an awesome Game in the CNC Universe!

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Yes performance will be improved. For example we already created lots of new LOD Levels for all the vehicles and particle effects and optimized texture sizes.

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Fantastic screens!
Nice work!

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Yes! Great!

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ApornasPlanet Creator


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This game is Unreal.

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Awesome! Good to see the RenX team is back!

I must make a graphical suggestion for Nod units; For the single-player campaign, I think it would be much better for Nod to use the grey versions of their vehicles, especially the Stealth Tank, Light Tank, and Buggy, as it would be far more realistic and more like Tiberian Dawn. Just a thought. :)

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Nokiaman Creator

Only thing I really hated about Black Dawn was that you coudn't have all of the weapons at once like old Renegade. DNF limited the weapons as well and it was BAD idea.

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