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CnC_Fin What's this text here for?
Jun 21 2010 Anchor

As the topic says, what's your top 5 of favorite characters / infantry units of all C&C games?
My list is:

1. Zone Trooper, fits very well for GDI, heavy soldier who packs a punch and can take a lot of hits
2. RA2 Conscript, very basic soldier, deadly in groups, cheap, simply fits very well for Soviets
3. Tiberian Dawn Commando, the very first commando, "I've gotta present for ya!"
4. Confessor CABAL, AK47 gatling guns, great against any infantry units.
5. Technician, "Yeah?", "OK", after shooting his useless pistol (unless in huge groups) empty he runs around like crazy and then returns to shoot :D

So what are your favorites?

Jun 21 2010 Anchor

1. Yuri, the character in RA2, I didn't like his faction in yuris revange though.
2. Boris, Soviet Commando in RA2.
3. Crazy Ivan, planting bombs on cows? He can do it!
4. I bet you thought I would say Natasha, since she is just a mix of Boris and Jarmen, but I HATE HER! I hate how she speak, I hate how she wears that beret, I hate how she is clothed, I hate how she swims, I just hate her! Tanya RA2, why? She is bad-ass, she sounds bad-ass, she sprays with her guns like a bad-ass, unlike the RA3 tanya who sounds lame, and her firing animation looks like the shadowteams.
5. Goverments Isue, G.I. Joe must be the epiciest basic infantry in any RTS game ever.

seriously, I could name almost every infantry from RA2 ^.^ Conscript, desolater, tesla trooper, sniper...

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RandomusIdiotus I'm a gamer, but I'm limited by my surroundings.
Jun 21 2010 Anchor


  1. RA2 Tanya
  2. Soviet Soldier Volkov! (Who doesn't love Soviet Soldier Volkov and Chitzkoi, the cyborg dog? :p )
  3. C&C1 Commando
  4. Tesla Trooper
  5. Rocketeer


Good, bad, I'm the guy with a miniguner, commando, and a big a** mammoth.

█Brunez█ ImmA just a Gamer!111
Jun 22 2010 Anchor

1. Boris and Volkov (they are both awesome and if well used can to eliminate a hole army alone)
2. G.I (The most epic light infantry in any RTS)
3. Zone Troopers (The perfect assault infantry)
4. Desolator (RA2 one) (The perfect infantry eliminator)
5. Cryo Legionnaire ( I was thinking a lot on it. Actually, they are great support infantry)

The dudes that almost got on the list are: Rocketeer, Medic, Sniper, Natasha, Chrono Legionarie, Cyborg, Confessor CABAL and Tesla Trooper.

Jun 22 2010 Anchor

1. Ghost Stalker, mean against vehicles and infantry, back him up with one or two medics and he's a epic one man army!
2. GDI Disc Thrower, man these Basic infantry is strong, use the bounce to get Laser turrets at long range, a Disc Thrower Sqaurd is a strong unit!
3. GDI Medic, always keeping my soldiers with health, even in the tightest situation.
4. Commando (CnC3) I love how this guy can jump around an enemys base and destroy every buildings in a matter of seconds and also exeling at killing enemy infantry.
5. GDI Sniper Team (CnC3), the sniper team is awesome taking out Black Hand sqaurds and commandos, these units wast any heavy infantry in no time, gaurding Garrison positions and loading them up in APC making them the ultimate Anti Infantry weapon!

█Brunez█ ImmA just a Gamer!111
Jun 23 2010 Anchor

Lukshaa wrote: 1. Ghost Stalker, mean against vehicles and infantry, back him up with one or two medics and he's a epic one man army!

Ghost Stalker in C&C? Anyway, I love them, too

Ops... I forgot the TS Ghost and thinked that it was the Starcraft Ghost, sorry....

Jun 23 2010 Anchor

1tesla tropper (ra2)
2 engeenier (ra1)
3 constript (ra2
4 commando (td)
5 desolator (ra2)

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Soof49 *facescreen*
Jul 18 2010 Anchor

1. Minigunner : Gotta love it when you put them in huge groups and you can annilate bases.
2. Tanya (RA2) WAAAY more badass then the RA3 tanya.
3. C&C1 commando : 6 words : I've got a present for ya!
4. GI : You can deploy them and they can mow down a base within seconds in a huge group
5. Disk Thrower : Can deal lots of damages with their explosive disks.

Jul 20 2010 Anchor

nod cyborg commando

engineer together with ubmt



attack dog

playmsbk Talkative member
Sep 4 2010 Anchor

1) Cyborg Commando, the power of a nuke in the size of a Wolverine.
2) Desolator in RA3, it can destroy anything in numbers, even Apocalypse Tanks can't get in their way.
3) Is there any advanced infantry better than the Black Hands in C&C3? Its just pure BURNING!
4) Cyborgs, oh man, oh man, they tear down bases!
5) Cultists, why build an army when I can have yours?


Let the Technology of Peace do its work!

Oct 9 2010 Anchor

C&C Renegade
1. Sakura/Havoc
2. Moubius\Mendoza
3.Ravesaw\Sydney Prototype
4. Snipers
5. SBH + Nuke

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