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Poll: Who should own C&C? (41 votes)
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RandomusIdiotus I'm a gamer, but I'm limited by my surroundings.
Dec 7 2008 Anchor

Who do you think should own C&C? EA, Petroglyph, or The Fans?

Added: I know I should have changed it to "Who should own C&C" or something like that but I realized that after I clicked "submit thread", ferkhat when you see this thread please change the title to "Who should own C&C?".

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Dec 8 2008 Anchor

hmm thats hard i mean the remenants of westwood are petroglyph so technically they own it, but EA bought them and they made the most latest and greatest ones, and lastly the without the fans it doesn't matter who made it the game is gonna fail! so im gonna say fans

RandomusIdiotus I'm a gamer, but I'm limited by my surroundings.
Dec 8 2008 Anchor

Basically the questions are: Should EA keep making the games? Should EA give the rights for C&C to Petroglyph and let them make future C&C games? Or should EA give the fans the opprotunity to make the games, like the mods but on a larger scale? I (of course) think the fans should make the future C&C games, because who else would know what to put into the game better than the people who play (and pay $30-50 for) the games?


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Dec 28 2008 Anchor



Jan 29 2009 Anchor

Hmm lots of old Westwood people are by Petroglyph but the same counts for EA......
I voted EA also because they made the latest games and some in corporation with Westwood when Westwood still excisted!

Mar 4 2009 Anchor

All in all the new c&c which EA brought out were pretty good. So i have to say EA. ( Hell c&c 1 came out when i was one which was the first one i played, simply amazing but c&c 3 and RA3 are darn good!)

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