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Oct 13 2012 Anchor

Since we were talking about Guild Wars 2, but using the green man gaming post to do it, i figured i would just start its own thread. Figured we could share info here if anyone wants to put me or anyone else on their friends list in game.

My gw2 name is DoctorRoXo so feel free to add me. i don't think you need the numbers at the end to add someone but if you do i'll add them.

also, Eternal Grump, i found this video while searching for some crafting tutorials that i thought you might want to check out. it's only about 2 mins long.

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Oct 14 2012 Anchor

Yeah, that was helpful, thanks roxo.
Looks like you get 30 standard bank slots + an entire separate "collectables" tab for all your crafting, etc. items.
From the looks of it, every collectable item has its own slot in the tab that can store well over 100 copies of each item.
The "collectables" storage could even be unlimited, I haven't found enough info to confirm that though.
I saw at least one item slot in that video with 142 of -whatever it was- stored in it, which is quite a bit.
I'd expect a 99 cap or something if there was going to be a specific limit, that's what makes me wonder if it might be unlimited.

I've been doing my own looking around since we talked last and the more I find out about GW2 the more I want to play it.
I suspect I may be picking it up sooner than later, probably by the end of the month or within the first 2 weeks of november.
I'm mainly waiting for 2 things, money & for my tribes ascend booster to run out.
I think I'll get fairly drawn into GW2 and I don't want to be trying to get the most out of what's left of the booster while at the same time knowing I could be playing GW2 instead.

I look forward to any other info that shows up in this thread.

Oct 14 2012 Anchor

yea the collectibles has it's own tab and each item has a specific slot. i finally found all that stuff in the game yesterday. i thought the craftables would be just one big jumbled mess but it is very neat, tidy, and organized. i love it. right now my professions are weaponmaster(i think thats what its called), i can make weapons and i'm a chef. cooking is basically the closest thing they have to alchemy i guess. but food gives you some sweet buffs. extra xp, stuff like that. and cooking gives you lots of XP too.

We really need to get a guild started or something. or if one of us is already in one, we could join up with you maybe. i really want to experience an mmo with all the social aspects and have not had that chance before.


Oct 14 2012 Anchor

Out of curiosity, is there a limit of how many crating professions you can take on at once?
Is it the standard 2, 2 + basics (basics being common crafts like first aid & cooking in WoW), or can you have more than 2?
From what little I've seen of the cooking in GW2, I tend to think you're right that it is there instead of alchemy, though at the same time I've seen something like it done before.
FFXI had cooking as a primary profession and it was styled very similarly to how it is in GW2.
It had very detailed and realistic recipes and provided the games main source of buffs, though from what you're saying, it sounds like GW2 cooking will have better buffs overall compared to FFXI.
Still, I liked cooking in FFXI and I suspect I may take it up on one of may characters in GW2.

As for a guild, I think it would be neat to have our own guild rather than joining someone else's.
The RL friend I've mentioned a couple times will likely follow me into GW2 at some point as we tend to play mmos together, so we will have another member in him.
The only real benefit of joining someone else's guild that I can see would be easier access to endgame content like raiding which to my understanding there isn't much if anything like that in GW2.
In which case, I'd rather have a tight knit group of friends in a smaller guild than a mass of people I don't know in a larger one.
That's just me though.

Oct 14 2012 Anchor

well. i'm not sure how many professions you can have. i think i remember someone telling me you can only have 2 but i'm not certain. you can change them at any time though. my friend said that the first time you change, it's free. and after that, there's a fee.

and as far as a guild. from what i've heard. you can be in more than 1 guild. so we could have our own smaller guild. and then if people want to join the larger ones for any reason, that's up to them.

and with our 2 groups. we have access to over a thousand people, so i'm sure we could find at least a few people that might be interested in joining up with us, if we wanted to swell our ranks.


Oct 15 2012 Anchor

I kinda suspected it might be 2, that seems to be the standard, still, just thought I'd check.
It's nice that you can switch crafts, even if there is a fee, hopefully the fee isn't too crazy high.
Still as long as you aren't swapping them out every day it probably isn't a big issue.

I'm really starting to feel like someone on the dev team played FFXI (not a bad thing).
I keep seeing features pop up that remind me of it, first the cooking, now the guild system.
FFXI had a similar system, the guilds were called link shells and you could belong to as many as you wanted.
Each LS had its own link pearl that was distributed by officers, you just had to equip the link pearl for the LS you wanted to chat in.
It was a good system other than having to carry around a bunch of pearls that ate up inventory space and it sounds like GW2 eliminated that issue.

I looked at the wiki page for guilds, it says players can be part of multiple guilds on each account but each character can only represent 1 at a time.
Representing means the character gets guild benefits from and contributes influence to that guild from their actions.
It also appears to include the ability to chat with members of the guild, so anyone that switches their representation I guess won't be able to even talk with people from their other guilds.
It sounds like switching representation is fairly simple and as long as it is then I guess it's not too big an issue, though it is a bit disappointing that you can't at least listen in on and contribute to more than one guilds chat without needing to switch.
It pretty much is the LS system without the pearls from what I can tell, with its benefits and shortcomings mostly intact.

The having to change representation thing isn't really an issue in and of itself but it's something worth being aware of since it affects communication.
I hope at some point in the future the devs allow people to chat in multiple guild channels at a time.
I don't mind the switching aspect for benefits, etc. but losing easy communication with whatever guilds you aren't currently representing sucks a little bit.

Oct 15 2012 Anchor

well in the guild window, at the bottom, they have two buttons, 1 that says Represent and 1 that says Stand Down. basically you just click the Represent button and the guild tag will show next to your name in the game world i guess. but you can't even look at your guild stuff if you're not representing, like how many points your guild has. the points are to buy stuff for the guild i guess.
you can put points into all kinds of stuff like politics. you can make these banners to stick in the ground that give buffs to anyone the interacts with them. i found one yesterday that gave me +5 XP for, i think, like 30 mins. you can buy weapons that have your guild emblem on them. or you can use the point to have a 10% extra chance of finding rare loot for 3 days. also you can buy a big stash, workshop treasure cove and a big cave for the guild.

dude you have got to get this game lol. its so amazing. never thought i would find an mmo that i actually like but i am loving this game and i've mainly played it by myself. can't wait to start playing with friends.


Oct 15 2012 Anchor

Sorry I didn't join your conversation earlier but I'm not a fan of MMO even if I played several hours to guild wars (the original). I don't like the fact to pay by month and I don't really like the free to play games ( there's some exeptions). But that game is amazing. You play alone or with friend and it's amazing. I like the general story too, I started a Charr (engineer). Just the exploration is amazing, I mean you want to discover all the point of interest, vista and skill point places. Profession are so great, I'm still below level 20 and I changed several time to see the profession (tailoring, cooking and ''jeweller'') I didn't see fees for changing but I heard too that there's a fee when you change but maybe it is later for me. The best improvement since GW1, imo, is the cooperation, near events droping on the open world, everyone has benefits to help, and team-up for a event. I mean: If you die, stay on the ground, someone will see it on the map and will revive you because you earn XP this way too. Everything you do will help you earn xp. Seriously it's very good.

Oct 15 2012 Anchor

It sounds good.
I definitely like what I've been hearing about the state of cooperation in GW2.
Player cooperation has always been handled poorly in other mmos, they pit you against each other for objectives
and it ends up creating a lot of bad blood over little things.
After all the time I've spent in conventional mmos I can hardly imagine not wanting to bludgeon someones skull in for getting to a resource node before me.
It's such a foreign concept but a great one.

As for the craft switching fee, I think I may know why you didn't notice it.
Roxo was saying that the first switch is free but I suspect it's a bit better than that even.
From what I have read you get charged 10 copper for each skill level you have in the craft you are switching to.
So at a maximum skill of 400 you would get charged 40 silver to switch to that maxed craft.
I would also assume that if you are switching to a 0 skill craft then it would cost 0 copper to do it.
Since you I would guess were switching from crafts you had tried to crafts you had not used before, that's probably why you didn't get charged a fee.
Every switch to a 0 skill craft probably is free just based on how the switching is charged normally rather than there being a first switch exemption.

Oct 15 2012 Anchor

i was wondering when you'd show up to this conversation Gardakan :P

you made a lot of good points about the game. the professions are great. i haven't seen any fees for changing, although i haven't changed yet, but someone told me there were. so i'm not certain about that.

and yes the events are so much better than the regular questing of other mmo's. and i really like how you can get skill points from certain places on the map. and its usually something really easy you have to do to get it, or at least it is so far.

i also heard that when you're doing a quest and others are doing it too, you get extra XP for having others there. the more people, the more XP. that's a good way to get people to play together and be more social.


Oct 20 2012 Anchor

Ok roxo, I went ahead and picked up GW2, it's all registered and is in the process of downloading and installing.
I will probably get around to actually playing it tomorrow, is there any change to the server arrangements?

Last i checked roxo, you were on "northern shiverpeaks" and gardakan was on borlis pass.
Is that still the case?
If I don't hear back from you by the time I'm ready to log in and choose my server I will probably go with northern shiverpeaks.
Since there will be a guesting feature at some point I figure we can work something out where either you and I go to gardakans server as guests or vice versa.
In the mean time shiverpeaks seems like a safe bet in terms of having plenty of things going on even when we aren't playing together since angry joes guild is there.
That's my reasoning anyway.

Also, I found this:
We were discussing the storage limits in GW2 and this thread has some fairly detailed info on that.
The crafting slots do have a limit, 250 of each item.

Oct 23 2012 Anchor

where you been grump? thought you were gonna be playing during the day. i just made a ranger and he is the baddest character i've played in any mmo. he's very mobile with a sword/hatchet combo, jumping around like a damn ninja lol. i can tame animals to make them my pets. so far i have a fern hound(which i started the game with), a bear, snow leopard and a raven. you just have to find a juvenile animal of any particular breed and charm him, easy peezy. the pets can basically tank for you which is great if you're tearing enemies up with a bow. they can't use guns which is kinda disappointing but i can use greatswords, boooonus!!!
little dead riding hood asked if we wanted to join her guild but shes on the maguuma server(not sure about the spelling). the angry army is a bit dead and i've only grouped up with one guy from new zealand the whole time i've been with them. did you even apply yet?

and gardakan, i know you're in a guild with your friends but do you want to be in one with me and grump? we could get the whole server thing worked out if you do want to. and if we joined your server, do you think your guild would mind us joining? the angry army is okay and all but i don't feel like i'm a part of it at all, i can't use the guild bank, there's tons of stuff just sitting there not even being used, going to waste. all i can do is put stuff in, and i'm not doing that if i can't even use any of the stuff.


Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Sorry about not being on roxo, my schedule kinda flipped on me.
I had intended to be available during the day but it didn't go that way, I've been playing toward the evening the past couple of days.
I should be back to playing during the day within a couple days I think, I apologize for the mix up.
There are reasons behind the flip and I'll explain them whenever we talk on mumble/ skype/ vent/ etc.
Also could you give me an idea what times you usually play and what time zone you are in?

I started a norn engineer and I'm liking him so far.
He has all kinds of neat gadgets, like flamethrowers, bouncing electric shots, poison darts, & even healing kits.
The best part is the turrets though, so far I have a standard bullet turret and a healing turret that burst heals me when deployed and then regens all friendly players within a fairly large radius.
I can send the turrets into overdrive once per minute as well, causing significantly higher damage and healing output.
There's no weapon switching option on the engineer but that's because it is replaced with weapon kits that come from skill points.
So far I have a healing kit that gives me multiple droppable items for myself and allies for healing, poison removal, and a speed buff.
I also have a grenade kit, with 5 different grenade varieties, haven't done much with that yet as I like the turrets better.
The turrets and grenade kit take the same action bar slots.

For reference, my engineer is between lvl10-11 at the moment, I'm not sure what lvl your hunter or warrior are at.
What is the best way to add you to my friends list in game so I can see when you are on?

As for guilds, I haven't applied for the AA as yet, mainly because I am just still figuring the game out and didn't want to jump into a big guild yet.
I'm surprised to hear that it's fairly dead, your in the secondary guild right, not the main one?

As for the limited bank access, that's pretty normal when you join another person's guild.
They do that to prevent newer untrusted members from stealing things from the vault, this has unfortunately been a large enough problem in every other mmo that it is standard practice these days.
I f we started a guild outside of the 3 of us, we would need to do that too just to be safe.
If you want access to the AA vault then I would reccomend trying to participate in the guild chat (if there is any) or in any activities they do to show that you are not a (shall we say) "flight risk" to them.

From what I read about the AA's secondary guild it serves mainly as a waiting/proving area for the main guild.
The people that stand out as interesting/worthwhile players in the second guild periodically get drafted into the primary guild so that's probably why there isn't as much activity going on as you'd like, the best people are getting pulled into the better guild as slots are available.

Oct 24 2012 Anchor

well i'm actually in the main guild. Angry Army. the secondary guild is called Angry Militia but it uses the same AA tag. not sure how they decide who goes where, but i imagine its random since i'm in the main one.

And every time i play i join the chat thing on mumble, never seen more than 10 people on there at once, but i don't play late at nite so maybe that has something to do with it. and i've only talked and played with one person.

If i had known i was gonna get this game, i would have set up something for a guild before the game came out, as i'm sure theres not many people that aren't in a guild now. not many people are responding to the thread i started today.

i'm on central standard time. i get on every morning, on average, at 7am. every now and then i'll wake up at like 2 or 3 in the morning, like now, and start playing but thats just not normal for me. lately i've been playing till at least noon usually, sometimes later than that.


Oct 24 2012 Anchor

The time of day could definitely have something to do with it.
I don't have any proof obviously but I suspect that a lot of the people in that guild go to work during the day and play in the evening so the morning would end up being a slower time if that's the case.
A lot of guilds end up being like that really, the only way to insure your in a guild that works with your scheduale is to find one on the server you're on that primarily opperates during the hours you intend to play or to go to a server from a different part of the world where their evening lines up with the time you want to play.
I've done that a couple times myself, I played on an AU WoW server for a few months since their active time matched up with the time of day I wanted to play at the time.

Anyway, how do I go about friending you in-game?
What info do I need?
Also, how long are you planning to play this morning?
I may be on within a couple hours, after a take care of something, so we might be able to get together if you're still available when I'm done.
I can't remember if I've said before or not but I'm in the PST and it's currently 2:12 am right now where I am.

Oct 24 2012 Anchor

Hi _roxo and Grump, I still need to check how to move between servers. I still want to play for my guild and with my friends but I would like to join the one you will create and with you when we'll be online.We can still represent the guild while not playing at the same time... Since the game is more than a month old. We're a little bit late to try to get a lot of people on a new guild. But keep the thread open and people will maybe join as they get the game. Halloween event is on going so I might play much more. Borderlands 2 stole me some time those days... Grump I would like to add you to my friendlist.

Oct 24 2012 Anchor

well i guy i met and his girlfriend want to join when we start it and 1 person from indiebt might join too. once we get it started im sure we can find others. theres so much cool stuff you can buy for the guild and i want to start working towards that.

now for the hard part. who's gonna lead the guild and what are we gonna call it? and what would our guild tag be?


Zombette Dead Girl Superstar
Nov 16 2012 Anchor

I wound up joining this server Sanctum of Rall in this guild called Pansies Voicelessly Exploring [PVE].
I enjoy PvE if you couldn't tell hehe, so it was nice to find a guild dedicated to it.

But anyone's welcome to add me, my ID is Plum.3584

I also have a spare invite for this weekend if anyone wants it.


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