Mattias Nilsson

Pandemic Studios was shut down almost five years ago, after EA found their studio was 'wasting resources' -
We want to bring this amazing games company back to light and keep the steady stream, of excellent games coming. From the amazing environments to perfectly fitting sound track and design, we must attempt to protect those who deserve it. Pandemic Studios being worthy of the community's might!


If you didn't know; Pandemic is a game studio that started in 1998, and released very popular titles, including Army Men, Mercenaries, Destroy All Humans and The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest - and so many more.

The studio was shut-down in 2009 by their heads; EA after they claimed the company/ studio was a 'waste of resources'. This shook the heart of all fans of the above games. the studio released their final game two months after they were shut-down. This barley gained attention and dulled in sales, as they could not promote the release due to the lack of permission and license of EA.

We want to bring Pandemic Studios back so they can continue to make great, amazing games that'll fuel the love of all us fans.


    We understand the studio was completely trashed by their host, but we could possibly rise enough funds or fuss to force the re-introduction of PS!
    If we fail to have the studio brought-back'; we hope to have another team, group or even some old employees group together and continue their design under a different license, title and host.

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