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After a couple of days without internet, I could think and find a solution for gathering your feedback without chaining the votation poll to a specific forum/site(usually requiring sign up), so, release the krake...I mean, the votation polls!

Posted by Tsukiyoarts on Sep 23rd, 2012

This is a minor news article, but important. Feel free to opine if you desire, the 'why' part of the text below each question explains what triggered the poll question.

Would you play Questverse with a female or male protagonist?
Why: Questverse was originally designed for a female protagonist

Would you play with the nightkin race(dark race, vampire/demon like) or the solarian race(looks like LOTR elfs/angels)?
Why: Questverse was originally designed for nightkins characters, solarians would come later only.

About the Graphics, do you have a preference?
Why: I kept thinking in the last days about it, for characters 3d has seamless camera angles and depth of animation, requiring thought uv unwrapping, more complex armature rigging and complex shader code for a more artistic looks; it only requires you work once on each character.

2d does not require uv unwrap, complex armature rigging an shader code; but lacks many camera angles or motion depth, you will need to make one art for each new camera angle/pose. It may be faster to do thought.

2.5d may require one art for each camera angle(as 2d, it could be faster to do, giving more time to produce other things maybe), 2.5d combines part of the strengths and weakness of both 3d and 2d; it may be a possibility for characters, it would be an unusual graphic style for them, and unusual is usually good for a game.

For everything else, it is very probable 3D would still remain.

Which of the following features would interest you?
Why: I was really thinking on taking the game also to the life simulation side(work/grow/etc), is that what the followers wanted?

What combat style would you want?
Why: I would go for a real time combat, anything against it I wonder?

What still holds you back in helping to fund the game?
Why: The game campaign has many followers and recurrent visits, yet, no money is being contributed to the game funds

Some Data you may want to read:

Questverse Graphics study

Now I know how to do such polls, not chained to a specific forum/site(so no signup required), expect to see more of them in the future =)

That is all Space Traveler.

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b5cully Sep 23 2012 says:

I think it doesn't matter if you use 3D or 2D as long as the game has a consistent game/interface/icon design. The best example here is what EA did with numerous of its games like Spore, Sims or SimCity though that is a more modern example. Galactic Civilizations is another game of which interface design makes up for the lack of ability to freely travel through 3D space. My point being: If the user encounters an interface or HUD which is self-explainable and easy to handle, then the graphics itself are not as important. Users will usually memorize the overall gaming experience with your game rather than graphics itself. The gaming experience is greatly influenced by interface and gameplay. Imagine the user wants to access his inventory but cannot find a button for it, or needs to press an infinitely long shortcut to access it, or imagine the user just accomplished a task but will get no reward for it. That would suck, wouldn't it?

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b5cully Sep 23 2012 says:

Oh and customizable game content. VERY important. it doesn't matter what you customize, whether it be the color of the HUD/interface or the color of your spacecraft, it always leaves a good impression. It's giving the user the experience like, "hey look, I managed to get this look the way I wanted!" Also flying. Creating a space simulation can be very very very very very painful (I've tried already lol) however, knowing that you are actually floating around in space commanding your own ship has a certain feel to it so it might pay off if a game has that feature. If you want to implement that, depends on what exactly you want to do with your game. No matter what your decision will be, you must clearly make it visible what features your game has and what it has not. Otherwise people will buy/donate to your game expecting a space simulation and eventually they just get a point and click adventure (to put it bluntly)

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b5cully Sep 23 2012 says:

I'm not done commenting yet! More food for thought: if you consider focusing on gameplay (like special game mechanics as in leveling up, damage models, turn based combat and all the strategy aspects that goes with it) you technically COULD neglect graphics a tiny bit.

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Tsukiyoarts Author
Tsukiyoarts Sep 23 2012 replied:

Hey, that was what I needed! You and Crawling_Chaos are quite helpfull to the project with your valid arguments; are you sure you didn't got any more there?

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b5cully Sep 23 2012 replied:

not sure :> I'm always open for discussion, but I'm not sure if I can be a reliable source for assets or the like, seeing how I have my own project going on Lol.

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booman Sep 25 2012 says:

Good constructive comments b5cully!
I'm not too particular about game concept needs, but several items I do not like are:
1. Turn-Based combat
2. repetative or goose-chase quests
3. strategy where the player spends hours building & micro-managing.

I don't mind a little simulation and a learning curve, but I love getting right into the action. Building up my character as I go and being immersed into an epic story.
Graphics are important but I know how much work it takes to create thousands of assets in 3D. No one can do it on their own.
I've played some pretty fun games with 3D and 2D mixed but have a lot of interactivity and action.

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Tsukiyoarts Author
Tsukiyoarts Sep 25 2012 replied:

Well, actually I could manage creating good 3D characters by using more time per day and avoiding to use too much of them; but changing the characters graphics to 2.5d under the same conditions would still be more productive I guess; and I cannot deny my addiction to playing games(the origins of my game dev side), so I think it would be good idea, it would also give me time to other non game related things(family?). I'm starting to feel the burden right now(after 1,3 year), I produced all of that 3d things by using plenty of time per day, probably in the future it would be worst, one cannot give full effort for long, I must decide that very soon, one of many things to think about.

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booman Sep 26 2012 replied:

I totally agree. Family is more important that hobbies.
I usually play games casually to get away and get my mind off the stress of this world.
The cool thing about being an indie game is that you can take your time. Don't stress yourself out! Enjoy the development, be creative and sometimes its therapeutic too.

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Tsukiyoarts Author
Tsukiyoarts Sep 26 2012 replied:

I think after you start earning money for your hobby, and also want to(and can) earn more, then it ceases to be just a hobby; but even so, with it turning into something else, you cannot deny other things. But I wonder, an indie dev can only take his time when he has money to do so, otherwise he may be being wise doing some extra effort and not wanting to take too long(ex: more than 2 years) on his endeavor.

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booman Sep 28 2012 replied:

specially if you are working by yourself. I can easily wait 2 years for a game release. Hell, I'm waiting for Skyrim to drop in price. Its better than releasing an unfinished game. Some games (facebook) stay beta forever and its kinda sad.

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Tsukiyoarts Author
Tsukiyoarts Sep 29 2012 replied:

To me, a game which does not fullfill his destiny is like an entire new universe/dream which dies, be it half of its way, earlier or later. The only person to blame is the dream carrier thought, its maker; when he has true passion, and also is a good and inteligent person, I find it hard for his creations to truly die, they will just take a nap sometimes; he will make the best decisions, it is his nature.

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Crawling_Chaos Sep 30 2012 says:

Well I just threw my own two cents in through through the surveys. Hope you find it useful.

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Tsukiyoarts Author
Tsukiyoarts Sep 30 2012 replied:

Sure they are. I still have your previous description of what you expected and do not wanted about the project.

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