With Battlefront 3 (pretty much) "confirmed" here's an Official Fan Group

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I told people this would happen when new Battlefront game was only a speculation, but noooo, they don't listen. I mean come on, what did you expect from EA other then to screw over millions of people and milk as much money as they can with DLC content that should have been in the original game in the first place...

For years i've enjoyed pirating all EA games, just because they do stuff like this every single time, and i won't stop.

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Garyn Dakari

Wow, really people? I hope I don't get called an EA fanboy for this, but lemme just address each one of these from the top...

1. Citation needed, and partially incorrect. There are minimum *5* planets. The Jakku DLC is free for everyone, it may as well be included as part of the main game. Furthermore it hasn't been confirmed that the five planets named are the *only* planets. They might be, might not be. Citation needed on the 8 maps bit, I haven't seen anything official say that.

2. Fair point.

3. True. However for me this is a quality vs. quantity thing. I am perfectly fine with keeping space battles out of the next game. Why? Well for one, it was basically the reason the original Battlefront 3 died. They went too ambitious with the space battles and blew too much time and money and eventually decided t the whole thing was impractical. For another, whether you like it or not, they ARE pressed for time here. And I for one would much rather they devote all their time to one aspect, in this case land battles, rather than they stretch themselves thin trying to remake every aspect of an old game. Space battles will probably be in Battlefront 2 in a few years.

4. Almost definitely true. Not even gonna play devil's advocate here.

5. No arguments here either.

6. This... is really a non-issue... Battlefront 1 didn't have a campaign. Battlefront 2's campaign was... really, did it even count? It was just the multiplayer maps with bots and a voice over at the beginning of each level. Are you really gonna tell me that THAT makes it a superior game?

[continued in next post]

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Garyn Dakari

7 & 8. Citation needed, I haven't seen anything confirming or denying this or suggesting anything related to this.

9. 2 heroes? BS. Fett and Vader were two *examples* it states right on the Origin page, "And more". You can bet on Luke/Han/Chewie and minimum one more imperial.

10. False again. When was this written? In the very earliest gameplay pre-teaser it showed a player riding a speeder bike. It says on the Origin page, "Pilot nimble speeder bikes, massive AT-ATs, the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, TIE fighters, and more."

11. Citation needed.

12. Fair point - however, this is not EA's fault. Disney's entire mantra after acquiring SW has been prequel-distancing. First thing they did was shut down the Clone Wars show and replace it with a more OT-focused Rebels show, and cancel the prequel theatrical re-releases. In all the Ep7 leadup they've constantly referenced the original trilogy and completely disregarded the prequels. Once Ep7 comes out I expect this will begin to reverse, but for now, Disney doesn't want people reminded of the prequels. So in that regard it makes sense, and while it doesn't bug me(Back to that thing about a very focused game rather than a game trying to be everything at once), I won't hold it against the CW lovers. Though I am fairly confident that, like the space battles, we can expect to see it return in a future game.

There, that's my response to this image. I'm not even saying the game is going to be good, mind you. It's just seriously bugging me how much people are letting their hatred of EA blind them and how much they're willing to twist things to fit their "EA IS EVIL!!!111!!!" narrative. We've had one real teaser and only a snippet of information guys, come on, it is waaaay too early to be boarding the hate train...

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EA isn't evil that would require actual intellect on their part which for obvious reasons they don't have ... and by obvious I mean their purely greed oriented stance on everything which is a blatant example of how "BIG" money is corrupting "butchering" the industry / art form.

The same can easily be said about Valve tho to a much lesser extent seeing as they are more practical in their approach to dealing with consumers AND fans in general IE taking their opinions into account instead of disregarding them like EA does.

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Garyn Dakari

Oh, don't get me wrong, I dislike EA quite a lot, same as most gamers. I just don't think we should be putting effort or twisting facts into making them look even worse(Like this image is trying to do). If we can rely on EA to do anything, it's make themselves look bad, they don't need our help to do it :P

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no argument there

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