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As many of you who have studied even partially the history of Bangladesh, it has suffered multiple widespread epidemics of caused by the 'cholera virus,' otherwise known as Vibrio cholerae.

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Vibrio cholerae is a deadly virus which can thrive without a human host; and thus, unlike a disease such as smallpox, cannot be wiped off the face of the Earth. Even worse, it is possible for it to thrive in most any environment. [As a side note: For smallpox, sadly, it was not wiped off the Earth completely, for it is known with certainty that some countries (namely the USA and Russia; possibly a few more) hold on to some germs for scientific and 'warfare' purposes. However, the process to relieve mankind of it was no small feat. The WHO, a mainly-UN organization, decided, with the aid of many other officials and programs around the world, to globally eradicate smallpox. It was done by choosing a certain time and then vaccinating every patient with variola virus (smallpox). Since the virus lives inside people and people only, treating everyone at the same time would leave it nowhere to run. With no human cell host it can invade it will forever be gone. [There are a few exceptions, of course, esp. when the question arises of how the countries that retain the virus, however confined, keep it alive...] So it was done and it was a success. The last patient of smallpox on the planet was from Bangladesh: Rahima Banu, a 2-year old, was the last one with Variola major and naturally made it on the front cover of Science magazine of 1975. Ironically enough, even with this success for humanity, eradicating a killer that was never alive (Virii are not living things.), another few cases appeared a few years later. Fortunately those were quelled easily. Haha; End super-long side note. Sorry.]

So anyhow, Cholera is spread mainly through human feces. Although now in countries like the USA it is no problem because hygiene standards are very high, in Bangladesh in the older days people did not practice hygiene very well. Thus, after they would relieve themselves in areas near human activity and 'wash' their hands with a mud-sand mixture, they easily spread the virus. [Of course, the government even distributed efficiencies such as toilets and tube-wells (necessary for clean drinking-water; some minerals may seep in, but usually they are no big deal) but they were ignored by the people.] Eventually, CRL (Cholera Research Labratory, I believe) was set up and established to deal with Cholera, doing things such as distributing vaccines and setting up tube-wells. [ALSO, having Bangladesh's population in such a small area doesn't help!] Unfortunately the CIA took over and began developing biological weapons based on cholera (a fascinating virus; a potent and dangerous killer; a quick-spreader; a murderer- but so easy to work with...) within the CRL and its branches. Then, it began testing them on remote villages in Bangladesh and surrounding areas. Of course, every criminal is caught and a journalist who was tipped-off, so to speak, revealed the story stating that the big give-away was a pattern of the cases and different symptoms. [This also means that the weapon development was a success.] Promptly, the Bangladesh government stepped-up its game and took over the CRL completely, banning most foreigners. Soon the cases of cholera began to diminish (but aren't gone; not a chance...) and now the CRL, located in Dhaka, renamed to something I have forgotten the acronym for, mostly has to monitor cholera in Bangladesh and little bits of surroundings.

I just wanted to share this story; no offence meant towards anyone of any nationality. I wanted to let people know how low people can stoop. Don't get me wrong- every country has done it, and then tried to point fingers at others. However, there is no denying it. Nobody is perfect.

Oh yeah, at the 'new CRL,' foreigners continue to work. Maybe not develop experimental biological weapons, but work, regardless. Also, it is worth mentioning that the CRL is no small lab. Many intelligent scientists spend lives researching and working there. In the old days, I remember some of my very 'distant' relatives had gone to Russia for a medical schooling only to come back and work in the CRL. Those were top students, too. With a scholarship chance to have traveled and worked in the USA. [Ok, credit: the USA print the best books. The education program has a unique and successful approach to learning and thus boasts some of the top textbooks, amongst many other books, especially for medical students (and in the science field). This is no small aspect, to be honest. It is a world-reknowned power- the power of books. Some may not understand...] Instead they chose to come back. Real patriots haha.

But let's just hope no more cruel instances come up. And also, most everything I've typed here is from memory, so excuse minor errors. Do keep in mind, however, I have studied these things.

WunderKind Author

Excuse grammatical errors, please. Sorry; I should have checked, but am too tired now.

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rkraptor70 Creator

OK, exactly when this happened? I don't recall hearing about this.

And to clear one thing I know that the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh or ICDDRB(The New name for CRL) is only partially controlled by our government . It is a international organization and one of the most finest medical institute in Bangladesh (Also one of very few that acutally gives you proper medical treatment rather shaking you out).
BTW WunderKind I never really asked do you live in Bangladesh?

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WunderKind Author

I am not so sure, but I believe it was in the late 1960's. The 'smallpox issue' was resolved circa 1975.

Bingo. That's the name I was looking for. Also, what you say is true, and I am reporting from old memory so some information may be out-dated.

Keep in mind this is old news. But it made headlines during its time.

Currently I do not reside in Bangladesh.

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rkraptor70 Creator

just do me a favor by putting in solid link to prove the legitimate of your story. And if you don't have any I recommend that you do not post it(No offense I just don't want any troll to spam in this group. Posts like this is a perfect item to spark a debate). And also exactly where do you reside Currently ? Are you studying in Europe?

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WunderKind Author

As of right now, I cannot find any record of the 'CIA event.' I can't even find a solid history of the ICDDRB. Suspicious, in my opinion. I may post a 'proof' later, and most likely said proof would be a record of the ICDDRB. Or rather, the CRL before it was re-named. If you, or anyone else for that matter, happen to run across a history of the CRL (which I expected to find in a flash; very unusual I can't...), please inform me or post it here.

Also, if truly someone wanted to debate this, he/she would need to find out:
1) If this is a real event.
2) If he/she has proof to back himself/herself up.
3) If he/she can provide a legitimate argument.

Also, if a troll were to spam this group, get rid of him/her. This place is not for trolling, nor spamming. And if they really are a troll, there is no reason to argue against them. Those two actions have nothing to do with this.

As of debate; it is my article, allow me to debate. I have experience.

That aside (for now...?); I reside and study in North America.

I wish I had saved some Bangladeshi newspapers from that time. Surely they would be strong enough proof. But what do you expect? For an event that occurred in 1968 or 1978, is not spoken of at all any more, and is actually taken very insignificantly in terms of worldly matters, why spend too much time over this?

Getting long, I know, but I must say, why was the CRL's name changed? Do you know?

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WunderKind Author

Also, I am sure that right after the CIA were caught, the Bengali govt. took over and restricted others. But knowing Bangladesh it's not hard to believe the doors have been re-opened.

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