A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it.

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Sanguinius Creator
Sanguinius Aug 7 2012 says:

Well said, and it's not only the creatinoists that don't listen it's every religious person. It's either their way (the bible) or no way.

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ElfFriend Aug 7 2012 says:

very good point, however i have a 2 comments about it:
1. maybe the DNA is similar because the same a God made all of the DNA.
2. It works both ways you know, If i were to prove completely that the earth is young, that God created it and that the bible is completely true. how many of you would dismiss the evidence? how many of you would believe in God, but not worship him (satan does that)? and how many of you would become Christians? and how many of you have another option that i havent mentioned? and please voice your opinions:D

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ComradeWinston Author
ComradeWinston Aug 7 2012 replied:

1. God or a god? Capitalization matters my dear boy.
What a deceptive and uncreative deity it must be to design DNA in such a way.

2. If the Bible was completely historically accurate and based on fact then I would have to perceive it as truth. Though Bible be damned, I as a human being would not submit myself to such a disgusting consciousness that would drown a world, specifically the soul world containing all life he himself had created. I would hope the Devil could find enough use for my pitiful little soul so that I may have the honor of being the biggest "**** you" God will ever have received in his ceaseless existence.

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TheTriangulum Aug 7 2012 replied:

Hey, fundamentalist atheists, do not get ignorant and cocky, there are alot of Bible scholars and apologetics out there that would spank you bad in a debate. e.g. www.tektonics.org/ or tektontv
Go debate with him. If you want to be so sure of your atheist views, debate with the Biblical scholars ;) i dare you

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ElfFriend Aug 7 2012 replied:

Okay this is exacly why God destroyed the world! It was full of people that cursed and hated God perfecting thier own evil ways. The world was incredibly violent, and even though God went and looked for righteousness finding Noah. Then God gave all those monsters 120 years(long time) to repent, they did not. Whose to blame here? They probably laughed a Noah when he was discribing the rain, they laughed at him when he build a boat that wasn't even near a pond. So I think they had it coming. God gave them fair warning. Also if you would want to have the bible proved you would do some(lots) of your own research.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Aug 8 2012 replied:

I'm pretty sure people didn't like God because he was a ****, not the other way around.

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Mr.Walrus Aug 9 2012 replied:

What needs to be remembered is that if God is all knowing, all seeing, created us, created the universe, etc., isn't it more like God's fault for creating mankind this way? If he is truly the all-powerful being, wouldn't he know from the very start of man that their very nature (which he would then have made) would lead them to doubt him and become 'wicked'? It's like a clockmaker making a clock which doesn't work, then getting mad at the clock rather than himself for its failure. This flood seems more like the results of a diety with anger issues...

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ElfFriend Aug 10 2012 replied:

Yes God saw the wickedness that he was going to make, but he also saw the good, he saw the people that will thank him daily for making them (I'm an example of that:D) remmeber how Abraham was "bargaining" with God about Sodom and Gomorrah? God reveals that he cares about those that love him. Also God was probably lonely. God saw both the good and the evil, and he also knew that if he made us in his image he had to give us free will which allowed us to either follow God's commandments(before sin, there was only one commandment)or do things our own way. And before you start on free will being an illusion know that I was debating ten about that not long ago, so I'm pretty ready for that:)

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Mr.Walrus Aug 10 2012 replied:

It still seems rather ridiculous to me, whether free will is an illusion or not (I'm not aware of it having been proven/disproven, so I can't really talk on that). I mean, even if God did grant mankind the ability to think for themselves, is it really free will? "So, you humans, you choose to worship me or guess what, I'LL FLOOD YOUR WHOLE DAMNED PLANET AND KILL ALL OF YOU UNGRATEFUL IDIOTS! FREE WILL, BITCHES!!!"

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ElfFriend Aug 11 2012 replied:

Good point, but what would be better? To let the humans destroy themselves and all other life, or destroy the wicked humans while sparing life therefore not everyone/everything is dead. Also God warned them to stop. Additionaly, all choices have consequences (both good and bad consequences) would you say to a mudurer that it's his free will and that he can do what he wants(release him so he can hurt others) or would you say sorry buddy, but the laws the law, and breaking it ends with getting put in a jail.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Aug 13 2012 replied:

But he's contradicting himself is the problem here. He just can't seem to make up his goddamn mind. You guys got free will -> I'm gonna flood you ******* now! People use free will after Jesus dies -> you will go to an eternal hell...but you don't have to if you follow what I say and not use your free will I gave you.

This isn't free will; it's the illusion of free will that is at play. Christianity and other religions seem to me like a free will trap; they say we got free will but then want us to not have it.

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ElfFriend Aug 13 2012 replied:

Your making it sound like all free will is, is the ability to do evil and do good. But it's not. Free will also applies to basic things like what are you going to buy or eat, sort of thing.
Anyways that's one point down. Now into the hard part:) except that would a criminal say, "I have rights, and a free will. I can do what I want!" right infront of the jugde? Of course not. For the good of the rest of the society criminals have to be taken out of the streets. The things people were expirimenting with before the flood was wrong. I'm sure that they knew about genetics, and I'm sure that they were making creatures with their knowledge. God had to destroy them. (He gave them 120 years to change their ways though.) however it didn't help:( God knows when someone is just so wicked that letting such a monster live would be evil. Free will is not exacly an illusion, sure it kind of is from a certain point of view. But we are allowed to do what we want, but we also have to suffer the consequences of our actions. If you got a speeding ticket would you say,"I got free will, I can do what I want."? No, you would have to accept the consequence of your action. (in this case the fine) God wants us to live a good and happy life.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Aug 19 2012 replied:

There still isn't any free will. It's an illusion of it; our lives are limited; heaven is supposed to be infinite. If anything in life mattered, it would be to go to heaven.

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ElfFriend Aug 20 2012 replied:

I mostly agree with you, although God has much more plans for us then just to live, die and get to heaven. Also I would argue that we still have free will, since even though God knows what will happen, doesn't mean that we are in anyway limited by God knowing what will happen. It could be considered an illusion but at the same time we can chose what we want to do, God knows what's going to happen, but we are the ones making the decisions.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Aug 8 2012 replied:

1. Maybe there are a billion answers to that question...and you're just assuming it's one of them?

2. I wouldn't dismiss the evidence, but all we're saying is good luck coming up with the evidence for it.

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Medusa_Zenovka Sep 10 2012 replied:

If the earth would be young, and if certain evidences would point to the bible, than I would start believing ina designer. I wouldnt become a Christian because christianity is retarded like every religion (I would found my own one from the scretch and avoid all the trouble christinity has to worship that god), but I truly would start to believe in a designer.

However, this is not the case so I dont have to think about it.

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