This is a group for those who have broken their mental chains of religion, as well as those who have never been bound by them in the first place. As there being no way to prove the existence of deities, nor anything of superstition. Anything anyone says about any such superstitious notion is a guess and your guess is as good as mine.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

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Apr 6, 2014 Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB News 3 comments

Adjective hijackers, professional victims, and a sexist's idea 'equality' movement. As the saying goes in the Imperium, "Heresy grows from idleness."

False Christain Moral Superiority

False Christain Moral Superiority

Aug 14, 2013 Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB News 8 comments

Hey here is a reference for you guys to use when a Christian claims that Christians have a moral high ground or that atheists are responsible for all...

Partial list of Transistion fossils

Partial list of Transistion fossils

Apr 10, 2013 News 0 comments

Hello members of the Science group, Some people awhile back asked for a list of transistion fossils.

Becoming the Enemy

Becoming the Enemy

Apr 9, 2013 News 0 comments

Society is changing, conservatism is dying and lunatics are emerging claiming to be on 'your side.'

50 reasons creationists reject evolution

50 reasons creationists reject evolution

Aug 20, 2012 Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB News 117 comments

50 completely "logical" reasons why creationists reject evolution...

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ComradeWinston Creator
ComradeWinston Dec 16 2011, 12:33am says:

Christopher Hitchens
1949 - 2011

What a great loss for all of mankind.

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Tycholarfero Dec 27 2011, 1:38am replied:

Wait, Hitchens died? Why did no one tell me?
Also, if this posts as a new comment, I am sorry, but for some odd reason, my "Reply to Comment" button stopped working for me. Maybe it's time to switch browsers...
Oh **** it worked :O

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flippedoutkyrii Dec 17 2011, 4:20pm replied:

Sad news indeed. While I didn't agree with everything he said, the man was a genius.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Drag0 Dec 16 2011, 5:23am replied:

He will always be remembered.

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MrTambourineMan Dec 16 2011, 5:21am replied:

RIP Hitchens, a great thinker and humanist!

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MrTambourineMan Dec 14 2011, 6:21pm says:

I don't really expose myself as an atheist (though I most certainly am) and I won't join that group for that matter because absence of any religious belief is simply who I am but I'd like to post an awesome series that you can watch on googlevideo called "Atheism tapes". These are interviews with "famous" atheist like Arthur Miller, R. Dawkins, Steven Weinberg etc. My favorite interview is with English philosopher Colin McGinn - it's a must see, enjoy.

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Ten10dix Dec 12 2011, 5:30pm says:


That was to relieve the tension btw xD.


Merry near trollmas! :P

+3 votes     reply to comment
KnightofEquulei Dec 12 2011, 11:02am says:

Damn Qunari and their Qun...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Velancious Dec 11 2011, 8:52pm says:


"Arrogant, close-minded"...hmm sounded like me back then so your half-right there.

I think the problem is you refuse to subject yourself to reality. I can bet that ever since that incident your scared of death. Now, the voices you said can never be proven true as there is no evidence of them, but I'll assume your telling me the truth.

In that case, how do you know this Biblical God was the one who saved you? I'm pretty sure the Biblical God wouldn't have saved you even if he did exist. People die across the world with worse fates who are good, innocent people. There have been hundreds of thousands of Gods in existence since the beginning of time as we know it. And guess what? I'm betting you all of them have been made up; humanity seems to have this 'flaw' in their brain that makes them WANT a master.

The main problem I find though with it is the negativity about life. How we are born 'sinners' and are subject to life's cruelties just for being here! Isn't that just an exaggerated way to explain life's randomness?

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feillyne Staff
feillyne Dec 13 2011, 11:57pm replied:
ZombineVelancious wrote:Do you really think I should be responsible (from birth) for what two stupid humans did thousands of years ago?

Yes, you should.
You have the same personality as these people. All Yahwians (Yahweh's creations) share the same Personality and the same spiritual/mental lineage.

Yahwians, Terrans are all part of the one family, one "memory complex". Eve and Adam are just a microcosm of our current macrocosm. You would do the same in those times - you would be tempted by Knowledge and what would you do? Same.


@Zombine, and you seem so happy to use your free will to complain. :-)

Reincarnation exists, and it coexists with two versions of Heaven & Heavens and two versions of Hell and Hells (lower realms). You can figure out yourself what that means if you wish so.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Velancious Dec 15 2011, 12:00am replied:

So, your basically saying me and Hitler are the same thing?

Now I actually have a belief similar to yours in terms of that everybody is born as the same person. But here is where it splits: Personality and upbringing.

I think the major factors in human development and why people act so differently is from those two. No one in my mind is necessarily born 'evil' or truly 'good'.

Oh, and the Adam and Eve story is probably one of the most controversial in the Bible. I had a discussion with my Dad somewhere about this one... Basically, Eve takes the apple and succumbs to the seduction by a talking snake who was Satan, gets cursed with child birth pain, and is also forced to be the kitchen worker and cleaner of the household... Likely story.

My Dad argued that animals don't get pained from giving birth; I retorted back laughing, "I'm pretty sure if you had a head coming out of your vagina, you'd be in pain no matter what you are".

He's basically saying animals don't feel pain, yet if I hit an animal right next to me, it would yelp or squeal.

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feillyne Staff
feillyne Dec 15 2011, 6:41pm replied:

No! Eve got seduced by BEAUTY of it! Not the "apple" (it was fruit). The fruit of it. To her it seemed BEAUTIFUL!

To take out the factor of beauty is to take it all out. That's how and what our civilisations got founded on. On the feelings of beauty, pleasantness and pleasures.

Woman was first to notice & appreciate the beauty, and because of beauty, she ignored warnings and got seduced.

By the way:
Fruit is something different than an "apple".
Fruit means Result.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Velancious Dec 16 2011, 12:43am replied:

So, we women are punished for child birth because they saw the fruit as beautiful? Should also explain how women value beauty so much... Seems legit to me!

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Staff
feillyne Dec 16 2011, 11:47am replied:

Hahaha. Go on, twist my words, but I see that you twist even your father's words.

He said that animals don't feel pain when giving birth, not that animals don't feel pain at all.

There's huge difference between pleasure of doing pleasant things to the body and senses, and pleasure of doing right things, pleasure of desiring justice and mercy.

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Velancious Dec 17 2011, 4:36am replied:


So, your saying an animal doesn't feel pain when an entire baby is coming out of its vagina?

What you said:

Animals can't feel pain when giving birth, but they do feel pain.

So, your saying that animals feel pain just proved my point and your still denying the Bible is wrong. Common sense is at work here...

Now I can't argue with your morals, but I find it good to pleasure yourself. As long as no one is hurt there should not be a problem. Of course, helping others can make you feel better though.

**facepalm at myself

LOL, at my last post "we women" was an unintentional mistake. I meant to say just "women".

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Velancious Dec 17 2011, 4:58am replied:

Let me clarify something real quick that ModDb wouldn't let me edit in.

I used to be a strong Christian who was born and raised under the Bible and it's teachings. I had a mild hatred for gays, lesbians, Muslims, and pretty much everything else that wasn't a Christian or didn't follow the Bible's teachings.

The problem was I was equally miserable. Life didn't seem fair and I realized that. Eventually I doubted my beliefs over a long period of time which eventually led to me throwing them all down the trash.

I found out something in the meantime: Humanity is flawed, big time. We are also pretty stupid too, to think the world is all one way when it really isn't. The boundaries of morality are too far apart and grey.

I accept it too. Why? I'm happier knowing reality is just asking questions, getting answers, and checking those answers to make sure we aren't fed ********. Religion outright destroys the last step of this crucial process. It is what caused us to enter the Dark Ages and it continues to halt every bit of progress to better ourselves.

My question to you is:

If the Bible was truly fake, how would you know?

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Ambient_Malice Dec 19 2011, 12:12am replied:

Teensy weency flaw. The dark ages occured when the Roman Catholics declared that human traditions were equally as important as the Bible. They prohibited people from reading the Bible.

+3 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Staff
feillyne Dec 18 2011, 1:16am replied:
ZombineVelancious wrote:If the Bible was truly fake, how would you know?

The Bible is like a huge poem, and just like a poem, only its Author knows the meaning and meanings hidden in it.
Poems can be read and understood only by other poets. For it to be fake, the author would have to intend it to be a fake. But if it intended it to be true, but was mistranslated and misinterpreted... then what?

B/c all these debates and misconceptions about "the Earth" being created in 6 days or 6 thousand years come from trying to be right about the right meanings of the Bible - or from mistranslations or rather, possible translations that can have NOTHING to do with original meaning. (A very close, but distorting one.)

So do anybody knows what's really written in the Bible? Those who claim so maybe didn't hear all the interpretations.

There are claims that unidentified "God" (Yahweh, a planetary god, or highly advanced extraterrestrials) not created, but RE-created the planet Earth that was not "void" but "desolate" (deserted, and climatically unstable) after ancient devastating high-tech wars rumoured to had taken place on the planet.

That's what is said to actually increase iridium levels around the world. In fact, one mega-bomb is said to be dropped somewhere in the Middle America, some tens (or even a few) of thousands years ago.

Have you ever tried to read non-religious, scientific, "non-scientific", "pseudo-scientific", alternative interpretations of the Bible? There's much more to say about this subject...

+1 vote   reply to comment
Velancious Dec 18 2011, 3:22am replied:

If the Bible can only be translated by it's 'creator' then what's the point in even messing with it, or even trying to translate it. Who can find the truth in something that is meant to just distort everyone's perception of reality in so many different ways? I mean, the Bible says it rather bluntly about the whole 6 days thing. If God was all-powerful, wouldn't he have made it instantly?

But here's where I draw the biggest flag on religion: the entire general idea of it. The idea that you have to worship this entity who is invisible because this book says so, or you'll go to this horrible place when you die. To me, that sounds like something people would do to pick up on a person's fear of the unknown.

It's all too often I get into a argument with a religious person and I get to see what it does to people's minds. I almost feel sorry for people but the truth is, once you let something twist the perception of your mind to believe that and that only, you have lost practically every way to reason with others of another belief. That's dangerous, because now the only way to settle a conflict is to fight over the issue.

To make it worse, Christianity (at least) tends to implicate a backup feature to make leaving it nearly impossible for the average church-goer. If you voice a rather serious question, you tend to be silenced, or the actual question is dodged. Fear is what motivates people to either stay in service or join.

It's that same fear that motivates me to think religion could be a true evil that preys on the weak-minded (children, etc). If there ever was an evil, it would be one that is extremely deceptive and cunning; disguising itself as an answer to an age-long question:

What happens after we die?

+2 votes     reply to comment
feillyne Staff
feillyne Dec 19 2011, 3:20am replied:

Most of the Bible was written in Hebrew.

There were many mainstream mistranslations, such as horned Moses - Moses didn't have any horns! (Rather not.) It was translators that translated the Bible into Latin so.

Dunno. It's not meant to distort anybody's perception, it's rather meant to be secret - until given time comes - and then made revealed.

It's like somebody put a cake in a safe and told you that you'll get something (& didn't say it's a cake) after you've been a good boy.

IMHO. That's why the Bible is yet to be revealed. Those "6 days" can be a metaphor for 6 levels or layers of living or something similar.

Somewhere in the Bible it's said that for God one day is like human 1000 years. It doesn't say IT IS, but it says "it's like". So in fact it may be for Him like 10000 years or 100 years - simply a very long time. Numbers in the Bible seem to be used not literally, but metaphorically.

Unless you speak excellent Hebrew and read the original Bible, it's very hard to say.

All left for us are translations, mistranslations, interpretations, point of views of scholars, or hardest yet most accurate learning Hebrew and reading ourselves. "Christian" studies seem to have mistranslated or mis-transferred many concepts.

+2 votes   reply to comment
feillyne Staff
feillyne Dec 13 2011, 11:57pm replied:
CommanderDG wrote:That is very true feillyne however, what you are referring to is a god of order. Not of mystical nature and that perform feats which came from a fantasy book. It has a close resemblance to Asimov's short story "The Last Question".

Yes, but the God of order should have made:
1) superadministrators (those highest before the true God)
2) administrators (galactic gods/Logos)
3) moderators (planetary gods/Logos)
4) users (incarnations of planetary gods)
5) subusers/guests (animals etc.)
6) & 7) basic materials that planets are composed of

Yahweh, our planetary God and Personality, the "God from the Bible" is just a MODERATOR of the Earth. It is our one "true" God, but there are many "gods" and Entities out there that have nothing to do with Greek/Roman gods whatsoever.

For example, Entity of Ra, that teaches the Law of One God (everybody else in the universe knows One God of Unity):

Quote:I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.

That's how the 8th density Presence (God, Infinity) created the whole universe. Admins, mods, and users.

Our conflict is just a planetary one, a game between Terrans and Venusians (Illuminati) for over 5 thousand years. And Lucifer & Luciferians make sure you're enslaved by your sheer ignorance of what is really going on.

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