This is a group for those who have broken their mental chains of religion, as well as those who have never been bound by them in the first place. As there being no way to prove the existence of deities, nor anything of superstition. Anything anyone says about any such superstitious notion is a guess and your guess is as good as mine.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

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Apr 6, 2014 News 3 comments

Adjective hijackers, professional victims, and a sexist's idea of an 'equality' movement. As the saying goes in the Imperium, "Heresy grows from idleness...

False Christain Moral Superiority

False Christain Moral Superiority

Aug 14, 2013 News 8 comments

Hey here is a reference for you guys to use when a Christian claims that Christians have a moral high ground or that atheists are responsible for all...

Partial list of Transistion fossils

Partial list of Transistion fossils

Apr 10, 2013 News 0 comments

Hello members of the Science group, Some people awhile back asked for a list of transistion fossils.

Becoming the Enemy

Becoming the Enemy

Apr 9, 2013 News 0 comments

Society is changing, conservatism is dying and lunatics are emerging claiming to be on 'your side.'

50 reasons creationists reject evolution

50 reasons creationists reject evolution

Aug 20, 2012 News 111 comments

50 completely "logical" reasons why creationists reject evolution...

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Ten10dix Aug 30 2012, 8:11pm says:

Damnit Admiral, and you call yourself a Fredian! Natas didn't beat Fred. He cheated! Chapter nine, verse 15 of "Heaven and Hell":

"And the Frangel Natas madeth appeareth a young female, who had livethed on the Holy Grounds of Earth for 18 short years. The Lord, distracted, payeth not attention to Natas, who waved his red right hand and changed Freds "X" from the right upper corner to the center left."

Then, in the same chapter:

"And the Lord finnaly seeth what the Frangel Natas had done and said "Thee are a bloody cheater, and thou shalt roam Netherlands until thou has learnt that no one can outcheat he who invented the concept of cheating." And with those words, Natas vanished screaming and became the first of the Fallen Frangels."

I'm pretty sure the Netherlands refers to what some call Hell, and that in this section Natas becomes what others may call the Devil. However, us Fredians name fallen frangels as "Derf", and Natas is known as "King Derf", "Derf the First", "The First Derf", or simply "The Derf".

There are currently thousands of Derfs roaming the Netherlands, most of them did something Fred didn't like (mainly either cheating at a game or dating some hot chick Fred wanted for himself). However Natas is considered the most powerful, and also equal to Fred himself, though that is of course utter nonsense as Fred is the Creator and is perfection and kindness incarnate.

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Admiral-165 Aug 31 2012, 1:28am replied:

Of course my Arch-Fredshop i misremembered the text. I was thinking of the time Natas and Fred were playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would take out the trash... That was when Natas won, forcing our beloved Fred to take out the rubbish :(

Chapter 5, verse 14 of "11 things not to do":

"And lo Natas did beat Fred at Rock, Paper, Scissors. And lo did Fred have to take out the rubbish, lo did it smell of moldy pancakes and rotten cabbage."

That is why one of the 11 things thou shalt not do is play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Especially when moldy pancakes are involved... Another reason why pancakes are disgusting.

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Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 10:42pm replied:

hey your forgeting Natas immigrated to detroit acouple years ago, though he still has a house in amsterdam.

he also runs a house of pancakes in New Jersey
which is Fredians dont eat pancakes

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Admiral-165 Aug 29 2012, 11:14pm says:

The problem with Christianity to be honest, is that it is incredibly narrow minded in its view of their God. Fredianity on the other hand, covers all of the bases. Fred consists of the cool pentinity, made up of the Holy Cow, the Woman, the Backwards goD, the Light, and the Creepy guy.

The Holy Cow represents food. Milk and Steak are staples to the devout Fredians diet and are eaten almost every day (except on the sabbath where they eat bats)

The Woman represents fertility and life. Ironic since Fredians are forced to use birth control at all times, making all of its followers 'mistakes' (except for those who convert to the faith)

The Backwards goD represents loyalty and obedience to the master. Every Devout Fredian has a pet dog, and eating dog is forbidden.

The Light represents warmth and love. All Fredians are encouraged to get good tans, the holy men of the Fredian order all have really wicked tans. George Hamilton is considered to be a prophet to Fredians.

The Creepy Guy represents the ever watchful presence of the master. Akin to a stalker who peeps in your window at night, or Santa Claus, except the master Fred is nice and only wishes to protect you (or so the scripture says).

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Admiral-165 Aug 29 2012, 11:18pm replied:

I know my brethren here are afraid to reveal themselves. I encourage them to not fear, for that is what the evil Natas wants. Natas was cast out of paradise after beating Fred in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Ever since then he has been the enemy of our order and has been corrupting the human race ever since we were created 1000 years ago.

Again I urge my fellow Fredians to follow our master's word laid out in his holy book "Fred's way on how to live your life!"

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Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 1:41am replied:

yep I never were pants on mondays!!! just as fred says!!!

or mabye thats just me...

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Sly442 Aug 29 2012, 5:42am says:

Is a christian still a christian if he doesn't believe in the divine creation theory?

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Yuribeard7 Aug 30 2012, 9:42am replied:


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Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 9:59am replied:

Fred loves you yuri, open your heart and see.
Praise him! Praise him! Everbody Praise him! Fred is love, Freedddd is Lovvveee!!!
Fred created you with a porpose yuri, he gave you the greastest gift he can give anyone, a closed mind, but i need you to open it for just a few seconds to see the light of fred, so you can be saved at live in the eternal bliss that is fred.
Fred bless you

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Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 1:34am replied:

If you dont like the christain creation story try the Fredian one!!!
Fred created the universe 1000 years ago! we know this because fred loves us and wouldnt lie to us because fred is our friend.
fred created earth at the center of everything because he wanted a special place for his followers, because they (we) are the most important beings in the universe, as the fred said "I maketh the Universeth foreth my followerseth who is loveth most of alleth" -third book of fred chaper 42 versus 19.

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InsanityPays Aug 30 2012, 12:37pm replied:


+3 votes     reply to comment
Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 6:33pm replied:

Fred could kick the flying spagettii monsters *** (if the monster were real that is, unlike fred who is the one true god)

but fred doesnt have to because fred is love.
and because fred is pure love, if your freds enemy you are PURE EVIL. so love fred because otherwise yourr a bd person

+3 votes     reply to comment
InsanityPays Aug 30 2012, 9:09pm replied:

but spaghetti is real and tight underwear is fake, therefore I am right because italy

+2 votes     reply to comment
Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 11:28pm replied:

I have seen many of freds miricales in this world like cheese, and well...
lots of other stuff.
but cheese is all the proof i need.

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TheTriangulum Aug 30 2012, 6:40pm replied:

Do you guys even understand the term "love" in that context
That "Love" which you guys are trying to refer to as your agument here, and is very much expressed in the Bible --- Greek is "AGAPE" which have nothing to do with love you guys talk about. or it would be "eros" or "phileo"
agape has to do with what is best for the people (doing the best possible good) If that is what you are implying in your attempt at mocking.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Cervi_Messias Aug 30 2012, 11:30pm replied:

well Fred does love everybody (especially if you 18 and easy)
but fred created us and is good.
I think YOUR mocking US.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Seeme Aug 30 2012, 8:23pm replied:

Who cares. We don't care what it says in the Bible, the one thing we don't believe in in this group.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ComradeWinston Creator
ComradeWinston Aug 29 2012, 10:36pm replied:

A christian can claim to hold thousands of different beliefs. As a Mormon you can believe you get your own planet after death, as a Jehovah's Witness you can spend your free time pinpointing the date the world gets blown up by Jesus, and as a member of the Westboro Baptist Church you can protest random funerals because you hate gay people or love it when soldiers die.

There are plenty of others, take your pick, they're all loony.

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Cervi_Messias Aug 29 2012, 4:23pm replied:

well depends on which divine creation theory your talking about . I mean there are Hindu, Egyptian, Norse, and Aztec just to name a few. divine creation is a pretty broad term.

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Admiral-165 Aug 29 2012, 2:54pm replied:

The world isn't black and white, it's shades of grey. There is no evidence for Creationism (besides what every Christian 'scholar' tells you the bible says). However there is a lot of evidence for the Big Bang theory. If you want to believe there is a god, but still believe in reason and logic, i consider that a good thing...

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TheTriangulum Aug 29 2012, 6:17am replied:

well... it would mean you do not believe God is the creator of the universe thus denying his significance and saying he is not God. So no. That is like saying I am a Pacifist but I do not like peace.

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Cervi_Messias Aug 29 2012, 1:19pm replied:

so if i am a pacifist have have to LIKE peace???
damn guess that means i am a war monger now.

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May 29, 2011
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