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Scumbag Kirk
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i got to admit i put a lot of my arguments that way, i explain why i keep saying what i say, but untimely my points COULD be interpreted like these quotes:(

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Most of us read the bible before, I guess. I once had a catholic one when I was young. I gave it to my brother, 'cause I didnt want to believe in this. And I think the bible is horribly outdated which is the reason why we have this creationists problem or issues with religion at all. Most christians (in Germany at least) turned away from the biblical god, for a good reason.

So, if you quote something from the Bible, you deserve a facepalm! It will not change our mind, it will reinforce our believes that religion has no place in the modern world.

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Cervi_Messias Creator

yes we all have read the bible (in my case almost a dozon freakin times)

bible quotes wont help you, because we know them- know th actual meaning of them and know that they are supersious crap.

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Velancious Creator

Not all, but most. I've been read the entire Bible before (no joke) by my insane family but that was a long time ago and I vaguely remembered the stories.

I went on to research it about a year ago to find it's disgusting passages and meanings. The Bible is VERY sincere about it and should, in my opinion, be taken as literally as it says it should.

But that's not what destroyed my belief in it, no. It's the contradicting passages that lead to the many divisions of Christianity. No one's willing to admit the Bible is wrong here in the U.S., they just cherry pick the parts they like and ignore the rest.

People that are smart enough to realize this quickly realize it's the Bible's fault, not the 'false Christians'. The fact that any part of the Bible can be lied about or interpreted to suit one's own beliefs is absurd.

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Admittedly, I think the bible could be viewed as a "stepping stone" to reinforce human morality in more brutal and primitive times, and thus modern Christians could discard it and become "New Christians".

However, taking it literally and only picking what you like to hear is indeed absurd, Christians need to decide to believe all of it (and be insane) or none of it (and form a new, better Christianity. Or, best case scenario, become irreligious)

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Velancious Creator

That's the absurdity behind it. Many Christians, especially in Europe, have 'cherry-picked' only the good passages out of the Bible and take that in as what they want to believe.

If you believe that, why don't you believe all of it? It is the perfect word of God and morality, right? This is just something they're too afraid to admit.

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