A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

Religion... business gets even better when you die (view original)

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oh and you can even pre-order your favourite tune, they'll play it at your funeral. Something like that Youtube.com just imagine it... :D

"It's useless to resist." You'll help your local church even if you absolutely don't want to do it... God bless you all.

I honestly think everyone definitely wants to pay a substantial amount of money(2000 or even 10000 euro) for a hole in the ground, it sounds reasonable. So much stuff...

And to be blunt, people used to bury their relatives in their houses under the floor for free. You know... they even placed heads on spikes in front of the house as a reminder... a souvenir. Hey, little head, I remember you. It was a long time ago... true facts.