A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

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We understand more than you think. We see evolution as a load of malarkey.

(Yes, I know you deleted this the last time I posted it. It shows your immaturity.)

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Than let me ask again: who is "we"? Also it doesnt change the truth in Dawkins statement. Anyway, you see evolution as "a load of malarkey", but creationism on the other side is a pure fraud. So I rather stick to the "malarkey" than to a mind-****** fraud.

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Admiral-165 Creator

Atheist = immature for deleting a comment completely vapid of any intelligent content or argument

Christian = completely justified in locking down an entire group when the imaginary internet number beside their comments are negative.

Yeah i'd say we're the ones being completely immature about this.

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No, yuri, you don't understand jack ****.

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Velancious Creator

That's funny, because when I see creationists announcing that evolution isn't real, they reveal to me in their arguments that they never even knew what it was or how it works to begin with. They were either:

A. Denying it's scientific basis because it conflicts with the Bible
B. Sheep

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Cervi_Messias Author

Here everybody its time for Deerhunter"s creationist definitions.

Warning may cause uncontrollable beating head against desk, view at own risk.

today my fine atheist friends i will teach you the creationist definition of evolution, prepare to be amazed by the intelligence...

Evolution is a atheist satanist theory that claims the universe magically came from nothing and became everything. and then life magically appeared from nothing then apes became man.
Evolution also states that life has no meaning and worth and that there is no god.
all the "evidence" for evolution is either
A. a lie
B. altered by evil satan worshipping atheists
C. planted by satan to turn people to worshipping atheists evolution.
evolution was created by Hitler because he was evil and was never a christain (satan created all the evidence to the contrary to decieve christains) we really have no idea why he would do this, but he was evils so we blame him anyways.
Evolution is completely false animals are Exactly the same as when god created them 6000yrs ago I have never seen a duck become a cat, thats proof enough for me (even if thats not how it actually works) - I mean if evolution were true we would continously have to make new medications to fight the ever changing viruses and bacteria...
O and evolution claims that gays don't cause hurricanes which as we know is just crazy.

Thats it for this episode of Deerhunter"s creationist definitions
tune in next time for the definition of abiogenesis.

The End

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Pretty much defines creationists arguments.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

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