A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it.

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RighteousFighter Feb 1 2013, 3:53pm says:

What if you're raised as an atheist and then later on your life convert to a religion?

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λpone Author
λpone Feb 1 2013, 3:57pm replied:

Then disregard this picture.

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Headhunter128 Feb 1 2013, 4:06pm replied:

I don't think a lot of people are raised as Atheist, I would like to think that Atheist parents would appreciate more than anyone the right to decide for yourself.

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CommanderDef Feb 2 2013, 7:25am replied:

When your parents don't have any religion and don't tell you about it when you are young...

On the other hand, I have no faith in anything. Sometimes it doesn't feel completely good - forever pessimist...

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Sanguinius Creator
Sanguinius Feb 3 2013, 8:24am replied:

My father was extremely religious, while my mother was atheist. So yeah in the end i became an atheist too :P

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Feb 1 2013, 5:21pm replied:

I can't see why any rational thinking human being would unless they wanted to exploit others through it.

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Medusa_Zenovka Feb 2 2013, 3:13am replied:

Stalin exploited the Russian church to establish his personal cult. Another reason where a religous doctrine can be a dangerous tool.

Millions of individuals are not that easy to fool as one collective.

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RighteousFighter Feb 3 2013, 9:13am replied:

And here's another comment, claiming it a fact that religions are wrong about everything in every possible way.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Feb 4 2013, 4:39am replied:

It's just that religions do nothing except make empty promises and make their followers rely on faith *cough* circumstance *cough*. They don't do enough good in the world for the bad they have caused or threaten to cause. For instance, their emphasis on asking God for help when they get injured can lead to their death. Ever hear about the pastor and the rattlesnake? That **** happens. All the time. People pray to God to not die, and when they do, it's because God wanted them in heaven. There's ALWAYS an excuse they pull.

Also, it's not because I think it's wrong; my opinion has nothing to do with it. Religions should be able to take criticism and change; since they cannot do that then it would be best if they were removed from our society. If not removed, changed greatly to reflect the times we are in.

It doesn't make me feel proud of the human race if 80% of them still cling on to Bronze Age mythology.

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RighteousFighter Feb 4 2013, 8:48am replied:

Can you mention some of these false claims made by religion? I know those charisma guys who shout and push ill people to "heal" them make empty promises, but the promise of afterlife and that can't be claimed false. There's as much proof for that claim, as there is for the claim that its true. There's no "Against-team wins in a case of draw." rule here.
And religion doesn't make people dumb or violent or anything, people are dumb by themselves. I have a friend who converted to Islam a few years ago, and frankly he isn't screaming and making threats at me for not converting to Islam as well.

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CommanderDef Feb 4 2013, 11:25am replied:

Yes, nobody can prove God and the things around don't exists, that's the idea. The backdoor.

You say religion is non-violent? Well, basics are almighty loving God, perfect being. But then there are books which text can be interpreted in many ways. That's why I see priests as lawyers getting paragraphs to their use by carefully chosen language. And even if religion was just excuse or pretext for historical bloodsheds, it is connected with it. They used faith as passion and passion for killing. Does that seem right?

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CommanderDef Feb 4 2013, 11:32am replied:

What I said here does not mean I consider Islam as violent religion. I believe your friend is pretty normal. I have some muslim friends here, and no problem with them. What is dangerous are fanatics, no matter what religion or doctrine they believe. Christian fanatic, Islam fanatic, or original SS fanatic - all the same story. Same idiot, only in different colors with different symbols. These are dangerous.

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RighteousFighter Feb 4 2013, 12:13pm replied:

Yes, but neither can anyone prove the lack of God. To prove either one, we need complete understanding, awareness and consciousness of everything. But that's why science is there, right? Fortunately many religions do not see science as dangerous. (Christianity seems to be the only one I know to think so)

Religion isn't violent, people are violent, as you pointed out when talking about fanatics. It is true that men of power exploit religion to extert control even to this day. Modern Christianity isn't at the top of the food chain anymore though.

By the way, I do not see the idea of a giant invisible omnipotent man as credible either. But that isn't how all religions see God as. The God in Islam, for example, has no shape, form, person or being. Making an image out of God in this case is like drawing a guy and calling it "Radioactivity".

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CommanderDef Feb 4 2013, 2:21pm replied:

Now I am getting to the thing why I even bother to write something here. Science is not a doctrine, there are people dedicated to it, but nobody would kill in science name, unlike religion.

It would be nice to get rid of these religious doctrines. I know there are many others people will follow, but religious are near perfection, because their symbol has no visible weakness.

Hitler gone mad, Stalin too, they were just mortal people. Their cult didn't last long, it couldn't. But God(s)? Immortal perfect beings, and look, their cults last thousands of years...

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RighteousFighter Feb 5 2013, 3:57am replied:

I never said science is supposed to be a doctrine. I meant that science is used to discover the known universe, existence and, according to (at least some) religions, the works of God.

(But wait, isn't the development of military science and its use in warfare the same as killing in the name of science? And many scientific inventions in civil developed from military ones, which means science has often progressed through killing.)

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CommanderDef Feb 5 2013, 4:48am replied:

Military science is misusing. Unfortunately humans will always make weapons first. But would you blame science for that?

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RighteousFighter Feb 5 2013, 6:54am replied:

Since military science is the most prominent field of science for humans, yes I blame science for that.

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CommanderDef Feb 5 2013, 3:37pm replied:

I would blame humans...

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RighteousFighter Feb 6 2013, 4:16am replied:


When science is doing evil, blame humans
When religion is doing evil, blame religion

That's how it works?

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Medusa_Zenovka Feb 6 2013, 11:34am replied:

The thing is we need science to progress, but we dont need religion for that. So yeah, it is how it works out.

Religions were and are used for brainwashing, are mostly preset with evil action and allow the creation of a hierarchy with a structure of uncontested leading figures to guide the broud mass to anything, mostly hate and war. I know my reason why Im a misanthroph.

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Cyborg_Putin Feb 5 2013, 8:46pm replied:

I wouldn't blame science, it's up to us to decide in which way use the things we have discovered.

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Cyborg_Putin Feb 1 2013, 5:37pm says:

And the same will happen with their children, and the cicle goes on... and on...

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Feb 3 2013, 12:51am replied:

I think that's what made me scared of religion. The fact that it is so engraved into our society that it will be hard to remove.

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Rrtaya_Tsamsiyu Feb 5 2013, 8:45pm replied:

Many people choose their religion when they are older

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plyuto518 Feb 4 2013, 10:57pm says:

I agree with this picture. :D!

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