A group dedicated to Arma II series, the group is also part of the 'Arma II - Mapping Center' on Mod DB.

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The latest installment in the successful tactical mil-sim series, Arma, combines the strength of its predecessors with radical engine improvements. Arma 3 will provide players with a unique experience of sandbox-oriented combat gameplay set in the most detailed and vast environment of the series. Players will fight through a story-oriented campaign by taking control of a multitude of aircraft, vehicles and ships; shooting anything from pistols to sophisticated weaponry.

Arma 3 key features:
• Single-Player Campaign - Evolve from lone prey into a military commander in the open-ended & story-driven campaign.
• Vehicles & Weapons -- Control a multitude of aircraft, vehicles and ships with accurate simulation; shoot anything from pistols to sophisticated weapon platforms.
• Customizable Soldier Load - Choose your uniform; assemble your weapon kit; change your load-out; get loaded up.
• Physical Simulation & Improved Animations -- Take advantage of PhysX™ supported vehicle simulation, in-game interactions and the revamped animation system.
• Rich & Authentic Environment -- Explore an unsurpassed military combat experience set on an authentic Mediterranean island modelled from real geographic data.
• Multiplayer Gameplay -- Experience both cooperative & competitive scenarios with the full support of dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux.
• Completely Extensible & Moddable - Design & create countless customizable scenarios using the intuitive & easy-to-use mission editor.

Learn more on Arma3.com

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