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We launch today the first public beta of A Dark Place with the Source Code + Extras! All the reviews and opinions are welcome because if the game had some good feedback it might had a chance to be finished.

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Hey Guys! Today is a special day to us, we launch the first public beta of A Dark Place with the Source Code + Extras of the game development. Depsite of being cancelled, all the reviews and opinions are welcome because if the game had some good feedback it might had a chance to be finished.

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It contains a Beta Build + Source Code+Extras in a .rar format (you need WinRAR to unconmpress) that contains the follow things:

engine 2017 03 10 14 42 08 33

  • Launcher with graphics options.
  • New Manin Menu with advance options.

engine 2017 03 10 14 43 14 84

  • 4 dificulty levels.
  • First two levels totally playable.

engine 2017 03 10 14 45 03 11

  • Save/Load game for the most scarry people.
  • New post process effect.
  • Optional download: Source Code of the game with some extras for the followers of the game.

engine 2017 03 10 14 40 51 79

Beta Build:

A Dark Place (Beta Build)

engine 2017 03 10 14 44 43 96

Source Code + Extras:

A Dark Place (Source Code + Extras)

engine 2017 03 10 14 38 30 31

engine 2017 03 10 14 40 46 21

Thanks to all and enjoy!


Sad this add to end and thank you for releasing the source, cheers.

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After playing the beta i do have some critics, first the good:

Nice graphics, reminded me of games like Cry of fear, and Paranoia 2, the atmosphere was very heavy and full of potencial, the lighting system was very nice as well.

Now the bad:

First character scale or objects around him are off, some times i felt like i was the size of a child, second performance was very bad, specially with the flashlight out, my PC i7 860 2.8ghz, 8GB DDR3 RAM dual channel, AMD R9 270X 2GB DRAM, third problems with collisions, sometimes i would collide against invisible objects, one of them was in front of the door in the factory with the green exit sign, another seamed to be the light cone of one of the lights, also in the factory, four the inability to recharge the flashlight before it went out meant we add to navigate with a useless flashlight for a large amount of time, don't know if that was intencional but imo it was frustrating instead of scary, five i didn't saw any enemies or ghosts or something, just some scary sounds, imo that was a lost opportunity, what mean is no need to have full enemies, just some poltergeist like stuff, objects moving, lights going out, boxes falling, strange shadows moving, etc, btw some sounds looped very obviously for example the rain hitting the ceiling tiles, but was a nice touch tho, some AAA games don't have that, six and last the run head bob felt and looked strange.

Again petty this stooped development because if those critics where solved the potencial for a Cry of fear like game is there.

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Hi Argoon. Thanks for the feedback. In the time between that release and the Gamexel site release, the game suffer some changes called "fixes" (that´s not sarcasm) but add some more bugs like invisible objets and "anybody follow me, i just see screamers" and maybe some problems with performance (for that reason, that´s BETA version). If you want, try the "Gamexel" build.

About the rest... You´re right but... It´s sadly, that project is cancelled.

We really appreciate your feedback. Maybe the project sees the light re-incarnated in something else.

Thank you!

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The original idea was that the game has many features of psychological horror that you describe, but we have not come to implement almost anything. Because we did not have a stable working team. So this release of adp is a prototype-alpha-tech demo to show some things that are possible to do in darkplaces engine.
Without further ado, thank you very much for playing adp!

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No problem guys hope all the best for future projects.

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Thanks, if you want see more follow NahuelScorza and us.

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Just played it, very well done! :)
A bummer that it was just given up on, in my opinion there wouldnt miss much for a short but complete game.

I would gladly join in, if you decide picking it up again.
As Nahuel might know i would bring some nice textures with me.
And i am currently experimenting with Photogrammetry, which could enrich the environments even more.

I would just love to join a team that is used too and loves the same engine as i do (DarkPlaces of course <3).

Would i still be allowed to do a texture mod for this beta?

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Found two points of critique though:

Running seems to not work consistensly, is there something like stamina involved?
That headbobbing when you run drives me nuts.

Plus that Filmgrain effect works also inconsistent. Sometimes it's gone altogether (which i personaly like very much), other times it gets so grainy you can barely see something else, and other times its just ok.
There should be an option to turn it off altogether though.

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