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Need your opinion 3
C&C3: Kane’s Wrath

Need your opinion 3

Sep 13, 2014 Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 News 4 comments

Need your opinion 3 about two things this time and one of them is the Black Hand Purifier

Need Your opinion 2  Finish
C&C3: Kane’s Wrath

Need Your opinion 2 Finish

Sep 13, 2014 Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 News 1 comment

Thanks for everyone's help with the Cyborgs balances

Pumpkin Online Livestream this Friday
Pumpkin Online

Pumpkin Online Livestream this Friday

Sep 10, 2014 Pumpkin Online News 0 comments

We're doing a Livestream on Twitch of our game progress so far. Ask questions and just hang out with us.

Need Your opinion 2
C&C3: Kane’s Wrath

Need Your opinion 2

Sep 6, 2014 Kane's Wrath Unofficial Patch 1.04 News 12 comments

The Cyborgs in KW made a return but many felt that they didn't quite unique as they recall they were in TS, The reason mostly was because of the balance...

Eternal Sunshine is now on Desura!
Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine is now on Desura!

Sep 4, 2014 Eternal Sunshine News 0 comments

Eternal Sunshine: the Hack 'n Slash indie RPG adventure is now on Desura! Buy it Now!

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Templarfreak Jul 29 2014, 10:39am says:

Okay, anyone who wants to continue this please take it to PM. I've made my points and everyone else has made theirs.

The main reason I started this discussion is because I think that definition of Anime that you all use is far too narrow. But to be honest it will probably change within the next generation or two anyway due to Anime itself becoming exponentially more mainstream as time goes on.

I am willing to make a compromise:

Everything that I don't think is a Cartoon, but everyone else won't consider "Anime" I will call Animation instead of a Cartoon.

What will fall under this category,

Code Lyoko.

Somethings I already considered "Animation" instead of "Cartoon" is things like Justice League and Batman: Beyond. (Did not really consider these Anime in the first place though, as they do things differently then Anime does)

Things like that.

The reason I don't consider them a cartoon is because they take themselves a bit too seriously then an average cartoon. They borrow an Anime-style, with more realism and not as vibrant colors as cartoons.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Karuto Jul 29 2014, 10:35am says:

What is even going on with this group...

+2 votes     reply to comment
n5p29 Jul 29 2014, 6:32am says:

(part 1/2)


Can't you read that my first long post that already buried few pages below? Maybe I should summarize it in points to make it easier to read to both of you?
1. In japan, Anime means all animation. IN JAPAN.
2. Japanese animations went global. Term "Japanimation" was used back then, now were replaced by the word Anime. Thus, OUTSIDE JAPAN, Anime refers to the japanese animation.
3. Anime (japanese animation) had notoriously similar drawing style. People started confusing anime as an art style. In result, today people thought something is anime just because it is kawaii or have gundam in it. Sorry if I ended up kinda satiric here, but my point is their definition of anime is incorrect.
4. What supposed to be uploaded here is a separate matter with this "what is anime" discussion.

So why "anime is only japanese" is not about japanese being elitist, or we're being weeaboo jerks that asskissing them thinking only japan can make tr00 anime. It's just because Anime by definition is japanese animation, consisted of two words: "japanese" and "animation". Which means it is animation that came from japan.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jason_Zombolt Jul 29 2014, 3:39pm replied:

I will also elaborate to my concurring comments. You sir, got really salty, as in the FTG Term for Blood boiling mad. And I was waiting for you to have time to respond, not forcing you to appear. I'm trying to give you and Kamui the benefit, because I still think we are friends.

I did not jump into this maelstrom because of the "Is anime etc" No I don't mind that. I though SoraZ and I were having a spirited Discussion before that last round.

No, What got me into this is How fanatical you and Sorata were being, and how you decided to break into a messed up hyperbole. To say that someone who disagrees with you is on the level of Terrorist is unnerving. It seems that the closed minded nature of your statements also spans to other thing as Suicide Bombing is a real threat, almost like you were trying to loophole out of a Godwin's insult. The fact that you two made no attempt to enlighten someone you claim is wrong, in a stark manor make you both seem like the Fanatics.

The Things I don't like is closed mindedness, And that is why I tried to show that this question is not all black and white. But it seems that you will not budge. So I Am trying to take my enlightenment to the other side to quell this!

And BTW Anime is the term for Any Animation in Japan. To them MLP and Family Guy are anime.


+1 vote     reply to comment
n5p29 Jul 29 2014, 6:34am replied:

(part 2/2)

@Jason: I'm not sure if you're following this from the start. You seems make things more confusing. NKWehrmacht first asked if all asian (that not from japan) animation are also anime (of course they are not). I quoted to my old post from that out-of-topic image deep in this group gallery. Then TemplarFreak disagree with it and state his version of what should considered as anime, so I gave more explanation to him. Elaborate why you said "The faqs man?" to my post please? Why am I the one who's being salty?

@TemplarFreak: You've said it. You're describing what YOU THINK it SHOULD mean. In other words, your subjective view. I've given the explanation why that is incorrect. Which point makes you think those not making any sense? The "no set-in-stone" thing? Because the art styles used in anime are very diverse, so there is no set-in-stone style in anime, and you cannot say something this broad as an art style. It's like treating kindergarten kids drawing and Picasso paintings as a same style. Anime is not an art style, so does cartoon. Also, credits? What kind of credits? Sure, Avatar might be a credit to the anime culture, but that still not make Avatar an anime.


PS: I'm not a person who standby here 24/7 that can immediately reply to keep the discussion on line. Even if I left for just few hours somebody else might already make new reply and make things going haywire. I had no idea where to response first, so I just make them into a tl;dr post instead replying individually. And I'm also tired getting into this mess. ModDB comment system also makes it worse.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jason_Zombolt Jul 29 2014, 12:43pm replied:

What I mean by the faqs is Comparing someone to a Suicide bomber!

And I was waiting for you to show up to get all sides of the discussion.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SoraZ Jul 28 2014, 7:44pm replied:

No, I'm willing to take anime status away from cartoons because they were not created/thought up/directed by JAPANESE PEOPLE working IN JAPAN for JAPANESE FIRMS under JAPANESE LAW, unless they are created by firms by virtue of oursourcing who are working under contract with JAPANESE FIRMS who are contracted to create something. This is not the case for Boondocks because neither was Madhouse credited nor were they even contracted. They went straight for the SK subsidiary.

Or the TL;DR version, Japanese-made cartoons are called Anime.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jason_Zombolt Jul 28 2014, 7:53pm replied:

So what I said Was correct, Spawn and the Boondocks are anime by your definition, along with any Show made by a subsidiary of A Japanese company. Including Korean Studios like DR Movie and Moi Animation(Owned by Studio Madhouse), Who both did the animation for the Avatar series. This is how Acura, an American company still counts as foreign, due to being and using part of Honda, a Japanese Company.

Country Execution, Never that truthful huh? Especially in a Globalized world. Though I'm waiting for your Associate, n5p29, as He seemed to get even saltier than you.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SoraZ Jul 28 2014, 11:16pm replied:

If you want salt, I can provide. And since you failed to read my post, no good sir, you are still incompetent: was Avatar created by a Japanese person? Was the cartoon directed by a Japanese person? What? Did you just say no to both? Hm, sounds like an American production to me, not a Japanese one.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jason_Zombolt Jul 29 2014, 12:08am replied:

I'm asking why do you think you can draw the line? If thei was ten years ago You'd be in the clear. But this is the Age of multiculturalism. Everything is being inspired or stolen from everything else. Why is there a need for a distinction. They don't even have this distinction in Japan, where ALL ANIMATION IS ANIME. So Anime being related to Japan only is a estern concept, like Canon.

Also You guys are acting like real jerks. Not even trying to make a point without Getting twelve different kinds of mad.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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