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don't bother clicking any links on the description. FURRY ALERT!
and it's not anime at all (except if you think Avatar is an anime).

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Templarfreak Author

Dude, you can dislike it all you want but it's Anime. It has tons of cultural Japanese references, there's mechs here and there, it uses anime tones, designs, and concepts.

And the most Furry-wise you'll see in THIS comic is Tails and Ears. Now, OTHER comics at Katbox I will not speak for because I haven't read them. Just YOSH.

Honestly, what makes Avatar not Anime? Just because it was made by Nickolodeon and not made in Japan? I'm so ******* sick of that definition, because that definition is not Anime, and that's also one thing that ****** me off about this group. No one has any ******* tolerance what so ever and everyone thinks that Anime is required to be by a Japanese person or from Japan, which is ******** because countries like Germany and France have produced pretty successful Animes as well.

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Ok, to clear this up. Anime is from Japan. Cartoons are from elsewhere. Avatar is a cartoon because it is not made in Japan. Artstyle does not matter; Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is about as un-anime as style can get but it's an Anime nontheless because it's made by Gainax in Japan.

And I know what you are refering to with Germany and France (I can think of examples like Heidi or Wakfu). Heidi is an anime? Yeah, and guess why - right, because it's made by the JAPANESE, with support from Germany. Wakfu meanwhile is purely French.

ON THE OTHER HAND however, there is a word that describes stuff that is not from Japan but may as well be, and that word is "Animesque".

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Okay, sigh... I know it will end up in this debate again.
I state this once again: Anime IS japanese animation, and always refer to it.
Anime is NOT an art style as there's no set-in-stone style in anime (there is a LOT of styles in anime). Big-round annoying eyes? Even Disney have them since the old days. Mechas? A lot of old cartoons also have them.

Also there's a term "animesque" for those that have "anime style" influence. if this webcomic and Avatar is an anime, then we also could say things like Thundercats, My Little Pony, and League of Legends are also anime. but they are not!
Although it have become a full-cycle development as numbers of anime got slight western cartoon influences (such as PantyStocking), even the retro Astro Boy is very cartoon. thus, we refer anime as japanese animation instead the art style.

Also, maybe I little overboard with the furry issue, because I (and most people) hate them. But you can clearly see that artist IS a furry artist, and even in the first pages of that comic THERE ARE FURRIES!

(edit: ninja'd by SorataZ)

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@Templarfreak As if anyone cares that you are desperate to make it be what it is not.

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what if I care? I agree with him

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Artwork by: - To start reading!

This is the Most-Tame image of this comic/manga I could find, which is odd because Blue is the least-tame character in the comic.

YOSH! Saga is a really funny, and kind of actiony, comic that's been going since like...2005? 2006? Not sure exactly when it started.

It has a VERY stylized Anime look to it, so I think this fits in this group pretty well.

Just FYI, this image does not ENTIRELY show what the comic has to offer. As it gets later and later into the comics, you will see more "Fan Service" and erotic themes, but at the start it's actually very tame and funny. I don't think it's due to the writer becoming perverted, I just think he's trying to show off how good of an artist he's become over the years.

The plot is...Well...Everywhere. At the beginning, it's very hard to determine just what's going on, but later on some very interesting things happen.

Happy reading!

EDIT: BTW, Blue is a lesbian. ;)

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