This group is for people who notice canononical contradictions within popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises and wish to discuss them in a safe, TROLL FREE, environment.

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here are the Poll results for the new name. also the Banner and Header Image Contest has begun.

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  • Anti Contradictions to established canon group: 0 Vote(s)
  • Anti Clonewars Contradictory: 2 Vote(s)
  • Alliance to Restore Cannon: 12 Vote(s)
  • Anti Contradictions Group: 0 Vote(s)

Alliance to Restore Canon wins it! So congrats and thanks to all who voted. RC-100 Nick will soon officially rename the group however, if he is unable to i will perform the ceremony but only if he really is unable to do it himself.

Now, the Banner and Header Image Art Contest has begun.Members who enter this contest will create a possible banner, seal, and group header image for our new groupe name. Depending on the name that is elected, it doesnt nessicarily have to be Star Wars related so be creative. unless of course the name that is elected has an aspect of Star Wars in it. The header image is what will appear on Moddb's Groups list. The Banner, is the image displayed above the group discription and behind the group name. The seal is what will be displayed on the Group Header image and does not nessicarily have to be on the Group Banner. The winner of the contest will have his Hader Image, Seal, and Banner ideas, officially made the group's Header Image, Seal and Banner.

RC-0001-Nick Creator

Hey guys, I have a few requests for the banner and seal.

I wnat the seal and banner to be of the same quality, if not better, than what we have now.

Second I would like the banner to have the blending/fading that the banner has now. If you could get the font of Aubresh that would be greatly appreciated.

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Not it!
I'm too busy, so I won't participate in the banner making, besides, many others could do better. ( I made the current banner and icon.)

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Commissar_Delta Author

awe, too bad, i was looking forward to seeing you compete.

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Nope, I have to model:
1 Huey (check)
1 Jukebox (75%)
1 Springfield rifle (75%)
1 U-2 spyplane
1 Mini Vietnam village
1 Moon with flagpole (est- 10 minutes)
1 Russian spacecraft used by Yuri Bagarin
a torn Sovjet flag
1 Concorde

What the hell is this for you ask?
An 8th grade project about the 60's due April 27th.

I also have to teach myself how to animate, skin and add sounds in blender( If anyone would be so kind...).
I have plenty of Time (Sarcasm).

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mrl515 Creator

Lol, I forgot how to add sounds in blender...sorry

Animating and what not is more of a trial and error thing if you ask me

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I kindof know how to animate, its the textures where I am clueless.

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mrl515 Creator

Ahh, yes, textures...I know how to add them, but I'm horrible at making them... ;) sorry...

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How do I add them?

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mrl515 Creator

erm...good question. I have yet to install blender on my new computer, so I couldn't quite tell you. If I remember, you select your object (likely right click, it's been forever) and then add texture somehow using maybe a dropdown menu or something in the upper toolbars. Again, I forget, if I had it installed, I'd know...sorry, I'm useless...

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