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This Is how I think TCW should had been done. Please no arguments in the comments section. Just your opinion

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Now I know there has been certain debates on how TCW has ruined star wars cannon, well here’s what I would have done If I was in charge of TCW so let’s start off with the big issues.

Ahsoka, a good female voice that Star wars lacks in a galaxy populated with mostly males with the rarity of central female characters. I would keep on the condition that she was some other Jedi’s apprentice like Plo Koon (since he found her in the first place) or even fellow Togrute Jedi Shaak
Ti, someone who is not a major player in both the Films and the expanded universe so we could expand on their story. But she often finds herself serving with Anakin or Obi once in awhile and have develop a sort of sister like friendship with the Chosen One and have her copy some of his bad habits.

Talking about Anakin, I would have him still be Obi’s Padawan for at least the first 2 seasons and see the transition from overconfident, moody, emotional and whiny padawan to well you get the idea. And have him team up with Ahsoka from time to time as an informal master once he knighted (or maybe temporary like he was with Ki-Adi-Mundi). Next off Rex, replace him with Alpha (Although he was originally going to in the series but kicked out due to some stupid alliteration) Alpha is an ARC trooper and bound to be a better commander. Next up Durge, I bet the reason they didn’t include
him was due the fact he was invincible which was a shame, so add him back as a CIS commander.

Now to controversial subject, the Mandalorians. I would have them a neutral system in the war, but I reintroduce the character of Spar to stir things up and reform the Protectors and ally with the CIS early on. The Death Watch would a side faction wanting to take Mandalore for themselves but
don't trust the CIS or the Republic. Have Clone commanders such Bacara, Appo (and have him as a commander of the 501st NOT A SARGENT) Keller have at least a cameo like Neyo did. While we are on the subject of ARC troopers, they should be born ARC’s not promoted, the shortage of ARC’s were the reason Shadow Clone Troopers were developed, and at least mention the Null’s.

These should not be the droids you are looking for, that’s right r2 and 3po involvement in the series. They should be with Anakin or Padme, they are side characters. If you want to see them on their own saving people go watch Droids on YouTube. While we are the subject of side Characters, Jar Jar
should only there to help and not to defeat an entire droid garrison by accident (you would think Lucas would have realised by now that nobody likes him and was one of the reasons Phantom Menace was crap). Bounty hunters next up or should I Hunter, as much as I liked Simon Pegg’s performance as Dengar, he should not be there.

Next on the list is the main battles, All Pre-established battles and missions exist and some of them should be acknowledged (which means mr chee will working over time making sure everything fits) as well as not contradicting with new battles. Deaths of important people like Onaconda Farr should not happen until they have played their part (See Battle of Duro and look at the year of the battle then compare it to the year he died in TCW). This is all I can think of so far add your comments below :)


Simon Pegg played Dengar? in what? link me! or is it not the Simon Pegg i'm thinking of?

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Svenwalker94 Author
just show how awesome pegg is

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what about commander cody? would you still keep him for the earlier seasons? or introduce him later? or perhaps have Fordo for the earlier season and the go his own way after Anakin is knighted.

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Svenwalker94 Author

you know, I think I would have had Fordo work with Alpha, Obi and Anakin for the 2 seasons. Have Alpha go away for most of season 3 to train cody and co (perhaps have a episode detailing the training) and come back at the end of the season and Cody will replace fordo but perhaps have the odd episode dedicated to Fordo and his team

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sounds good, i'd enjoy that.

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Good ideas too bad lucas wrote and directed star wars:( we need fans to step up and fix everything:D

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something i hope to see is rahm kota and his militia, they where a major influence in the rebelion

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I like the idea. Also, the new Clone Wars series changed the look of Phase I armor, and it painted Acclamators with that red scheme that I can't stand. That shouldn't have been done. Also, have you seen the way the series made Delta Squad look? Their armor is practically shiny and new, with no scratches, and somewhat out of proportion (just like all other clones). And it should have had different actors, ones that at least sounded like the ones from the movies, if not them themselves. (Take Anakin, Clone Troopers, etc.)

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