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MQ-9 Reaper
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SunnyBittern Jul 10 2013 says:

Honestly, I don't think they are cool. Drones don't have a personality, they are cowardly and they have an overall boring design.

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CommanderDef Jul 10 2013 replied:

It's not the drones I fear. The operators sitting in nice air-conditioned bunker "playing their PC game" is worse than the actual machine with it's missiles. People are not in touch with reality and war makes fun for them. During and after every war there were books and films to make younger people see the war was a bloody mistake and they don't want to make it again...

Now killing becomes completely impersonal...

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The_Integral Jul 10 2013 replied:

As odd as it might seem, the exact opposite is true. Speed is one of the primary defenses of conventional aircraft, so they tend to drop in, attack their target, and leave so quickly that the pilot doesn't see the effects of the bombing.

Drone operators on the other hand often will watch a target for hours prior to bombing it, and will stay to confirm that the missile hits. The result is that not only do they see the people they're killing, given the current use of drones, they often see them acting like normal people rather than acting as soldiers. In fact, the US military has had a significant problem with drone operators suffering psychological problems (PTSD, ect.) due the high stress nature of their work.

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CommanderDef Jul 10 2013 replied:

Sorry, but even on airbase in normal war you'd be under pressure and can't be sure that you won't get bombed. Even in these modern conflicts, personal on base can be under attack. Drone operator's chair is not hot...

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The_Integral Jul 10 2013 replied:

Just because they're not at any physical risk does not mean that drone operators don't face a great deal of stress. For reference:

It is maybe understandable to worry about leadership (which itself has never been at risk) being more ready to use airstrikes against targets when there is no risk to any allied soldiers, as with the extensive drone operations in areas such as Pakistan. However, those operations have resulted in extremely few civilian deaths relative to conventional military operations, and I'm happy for any development in war that reduces death toll.

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OminousSpudd Jul 10 2013 replied:

There's certainly been the odd drone strike that has ended in tears(civilians killed etc.).
Truth is, drones are a cowardly weapon. As CommanderDef said, they can sit back and play their little computer game, with virtually zero threat to their own lives, press their little buttons and watch things go boom boom. Its like some sort of sick wargame.

Don't say that your average jet pilot does the same thing. They fly into the situation and have to get themselves out again as well. The risks are ten times higher and the consequences are pretty much death if anything goes wrong.

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VWV Jul 10 2013 replied:

While it's true that risk factor is almost zero when using drones, pilots are almost totally safe during their bombing runs and patrols.
That because of the asymetric nature of nowadays conflicts.
Who takes less **** in war are the guys who fly.
It's ground forces that risk their life on a daily basis, just to patrol.
Drones are much better for patrol missions because the operator can take pauses, can be switched...

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Comanche_Prime Jul 10 2013 replied:

As for me, this drones allows their operators dont get killed during their missions, even if aircraft destroyed...
Is it really bad?

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Phenixtri Jul 10 2013 replied:

yea since they are primarily being used against defenseless civilians ... basically they treat any military aged male as an insurgent and literally drop a hellfire missile on them that easily annihilates a whole city block. Precision strikes my ***.

There is also the notorious issue of double taps EG US drone pilots wait for anyone to come to the previous strike zone and kill them as well regardless if they are civilians trying to bury the dead which more often than not are the family members of those who died.

Its a good idea fore conventional warfare but not for fighting an insurgency ... The poor tactics used with these drones have if fact also bolstered the ranks of Al Qaeda & the Taliban and those who lose innocent family members often join these groups looking for revenge.

Its utterly counter productive and as CommanderDef correctly stated it cheapens human life to the point of turning war into war games for profit and believe me war is NOT a game nor a business opportunity.

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Comanche_Prime Jul 11 2013 replied:

It doesnt make any difference, what aircraft it is - manned or unmanned...
In these "insurgency wars" both of them can deliver bombs on civilians, by design or not...
So we can say, that all of attack aircraft types are not suitable for missions like that, 'cause they can hurt innocent civilians...

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Phenixtri Jul 20 2013 replied:

yea but UAVs are worse seeing as they make bombing civilians or any other target for that matter cheaper both morally and more importantly cost wise.

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The_Freedom_Fighter Jul 10 2013 says:

Drones are good as they can carry out strike missions without risking pilots but as most already said it makes flying a killer RC plane look like a day job you can't care less. You just don't get a clear first-hand view of what happens to the things that gets bombed and how it affects the populace. Look at the guys who personally flew over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The events that unfold after the bombs fell gave them goosebumps. Their reaction was undoubtedly, "My god, what have I done?!"

On a denser and wackier side, robots like this are heartless emotionless killing machines who want to kill all things living. Cue Terminator theme.

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OminousSpudd Jul 11 2013 says:

@FEDE_snma (Because ModDB's dodgy reply mechanic is dodgy)

Nowadays "conflicts" yes, but if you think a global scale war, (say US vs RU, 'cos I can't be bothered being original) fighter/ground attack pilots are far more likely to be engaging in frontline air warfare, fighting advanced AA systems and even more advanced jets. It'd be like the Battle of Britain, just super fast, super long range and super deadly. Putting pilot's lives at a far greater risk, as it should be when a humans try to kill other humans. In this situation the use of drones would be cowardly to the extreme.

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DEathgod65 Author
DEathgod65 Jul 11 2013 replied:

Current Drones are still probably not ready to take over air superioriority fighters in Battle of Britain style of battles though. I'd be much happier to see a drone get shot down rather than an A-10 in any large scale war anyday, it isn't nessarily cowardly, it will be a better alternative to sending pilots to their deaths through S-300s or S-400s

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OminousSpudd Jul 11 2013 replied:

"I'd be much happier to see a drone get shot down rather than an A-10 in any large scale war anyday... etc."

Heh, it depends who's side you're on.

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Whatever your opinion on the drone strikes may be, the drones themselves are pretty cool war-machines.

Jul 10th, 2013
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