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Nintendo makes direct sequel to the all-time Zelda games!

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Do you remember this place?

Same game world

A Link to the Past was namely Zelda game that lifted the series from a curiosity to an innovative genre-defining action. The giant world map as hidden secrets everywhere, shadow world, transporting you to an alternate version of Hyrule, and caves, which were some of the most iconic in the game series. A Link to the Past cast a serious foundation upon which all future Zelda games have been built.

As a rule, allow Nintendo the old Zelda games lie (unless they re-publishes them), so it came as a vaguely shocked that during yesterday's Nintendo Direct announced that they will release a sequel to A Link to the Past on Nintendo 3DS .

The new game takes place in the same game world as the 1991 classic, areas on the video below is easily recognizable to veterans. But the content will be new with new caves, new items and not least a new feature where Link can transform into a two-dimensional drawing and walk along the walls.

Watch the trailer here

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be launched before Christmas.


a sequel? o.O

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OMG :D This is too awesome!!! I also want a Twilight Princess sequel ^.^

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did you know that twilight princess took allot of inspiration from a link to the past. Like how the bad guy in both games looks similar. how theirs a dark and light world. how you turn into a bunny in link to the past but you turn into a wolf in twilight princess.

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Good call :)

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This looks great!

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...I think I died a little inside. Nice idea though.

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This game is going to be great!

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Haha, i remember that!!

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Oh nintendo, ruining old games on new hardware. Remember Donkey Kong Country on the wii? That ******* sucked ***.

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