Well, this group is for 40k (But NOT at all limited to, this is open to all Science Fiction and Fantasy) writers (And Fans!) to help each other in their writings, story lines, getting publish, editing and whatever! Since the "40k Fan Group" is the most popular group here on Moddb (besides it being far from biggest, Moddb.com), it could be cool to have something like this around for those of us who like to just think up our own stories, hell even if you like to draw awesome sci-fi/fantasy stuff (it doesn't even have to be 40k oriented), YOUR ALL WELCOME!

(CAUTION: I dunno if it would be such a great idea to post work you've done on here for EVERYONE to see, cause obviously... we can't stop anyone from being a plagiarizing SOB, so I'd say find someone/s to help you in editing your raw text)
Recommended Reading, For help with Writing! (Not meaning to be a good/great writer, you need to be taught from others, which i do NOT agree with, but these books can be helpful in their tips, strategies, and even give you the information you need on where and how to submit your work for publication! Should you decide to buy any of these... unfortunately i can't paste a link... otherwise i would... but should you decide to but any, most if not all of these books are used in College classes, and therefore would be found on online College Textbook stores, such as Half.com, which is usually the best to shop at, or websites that sell masses of books. It may NOT be the lowest though (Half.com), so shop around a bit before you purchase. Amazon.com is also good... sometimes... Just a thought!)

"Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft" [ Authors: Janet Burroway, Elizibeth Stuckey-French, and Ned Stuckey-French] (I guess any edition will do... i got the 8th though. A really good little book full of tips n strategies from many well off and accomplished authors.. again... not that thats needed, but can help! It focuses on Fiction in general, and everything it talks about can be easily used in Science Fiction or Fantasy writing, from character makeup, making the world, even sentence structure, all about story writing! Very useful book. I like.)

"How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy" [ Author: Orson Scott Card... the guy who wrote "Enders Game" ] (Well, i wouldn't let the title of this book scare you off, i've heard it is a extreme help and pleasure to read, chalk full of tips and idea's for going around and trying to get published. If you don't know about Mr. Orson Scott Card, he wrote a very well know SF book called "Enders Game", it even talks about how he started. I plan on getting it, and have heard the information applies to other fiction as well. Im sure its useful!)

"2012 Novel and Short Story Writer's Market" [ Editor: Adria Haley ] (All i can completely say for sure about this book, is that its awesome. Obviously you'll want to get the newest one when it comes out, every year. It tells you Publishing Company information for about every outlet of written work possible. From literary magazines, to online whatevers, to even Novels. It lists all the Publishing companies... most of whom are US Based, and what they're looking for in new material. Tells you how and when to submit your work, and what you chances are! I would say its a MUST GET if you plan on someday getting a book/short story published! Its not just for fiction btw... if you like writing essays its got companies for that as well as SF, Fantasy. Just get it, its well worth it.)

Word Counter (Literally counts how many words you got, say if your going to be submitting your work somewhere, sometimes you need to know how many words you have... and this will tell you.)

(It's a program that'll not only fix your grammer, but it'll do all the spelling n chit like that for you as well, and it'll ask you about it before it fixes it! CAUTION: This is just a trial thingamagig, so if you buy the program, BE CAREFUL, they kinda cheated me out of $100 and it was too late for a refund before i found out. Its an awesome program tho.)

Spell Check Test
(It's a super super simple spell checker, doesn't deal with any grammar or nothing like, but it at least does the job that's in its name)


(Well this is LIKE "Grammarly", sept im sure its somehow more restrictive... maybe. It checks your spelling and grammar, then tells you whats wrong, BUT, its up to you to fix it. Btw, when you press "Check Text" a message will pop up, don't freak out, its just some advertising BS for the company, just click "OK" and it'll check the text you entered. Oh ya, and its "free".)

Black Library "Bringing the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 to life."
The new 2011 Black Library (the guys that publish all 40k books and Warhammer fantasy) open submission window has closed unfortunately... I myself (greencrab) submitted a short and we'll see where that goes, the new open submission window will probably stay closed (sometimes they open it for specific type of stories they want) until this time next year (2012), anywho, keep writing, and DON'T STOP!
anywho, if your thinking bout submitting a novel/short story to 'em, here are the guidelines!

For Warhammer Fantasy Writers (Lore/Fluff information)
LEXICANUM "Unofficial Warhammer Encyclopedia"
(Basically the Wikipedia for Warhammer Fantasy, same website as its 40k cousin, only its all on Warhammer Fantasy, will help with Fantasy Lore/Fluff. Unfortunately, the WH Fantasy Lexicanum is NOWHERE NEAR as well stocked with information or as well maintained as the 40K one is, :/ )

For the Warhammer 40,000 writers, here's some help for the lore (or if you wana call it "fluff"... ), so you can make your writing as accurate as POSSIBLE!

LEXICANUM "The unofficial Warhammer 40,000 Encyclopedia"
(Basically the Wikipedia for WH:40K)

Wikia "Timeline of the Warhammer 40,000 universe"
(basically... ya... its exactly what the quote is, from the "Old Ones" way before the Imperium, or Man, to the current 40k Universe)


(Or, for more specialized information... may want to double check with Lexicanum or the previous link.)


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im wrighting a book pm or mail me if you want to read it

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hey guys, umm, i gots some writing that could use a bit of feed back with, PM me if your down to edit/critique some stuff
(if your too harsh ill kill you.... JK)
but really, PM me if your down

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yay for 3 members!!

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would be nice to find more members..

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yay for 2 members

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