Zero-K is a FREE, multi-platform, open source Real Time Strategy game, which aims to be a dynamic, action-packed, hassle-free experience, full of clever strategies and constantly moving combat. Includes an epic scale, realistic projectile and unit physics, terraforming terrain and hundreds of unique and interesting units.

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Several fixes for important bugs in this quick post-Christmas update. Changelog includes v0.9.5.1 changes.

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Several fixes for important bugs in this quick post-Christmas update. Changelog includes v0.9.5.1 changes.

* Fixed bombers trying to attack with no ammo
* Fixed "Hadron collider" unit launching exploit. Buildings can no longer be placed in open factories.
* Fixed Strike Commanders always having cloak
* Jumping resets a unit's velocity again
* Chicken: Fixed resetting of tech timer to its lowest possible value each time a burrow was killed
* Slowing weapons now affect construction speed
* Fixed Storage description
* Healthbars cannot show negative health values.

* Fixed Ctrl+C selection of commanders with more than one commander
* Commanders can now have their initial fire and move state set through the menu. Game -> Unit AI -> Initial States -> Misc
* Command menu tabs can be scrolled with [,] and [.]

* Flamethrower weapons now lead their targets more reliably (as a side effect, they may look odd with LuaShaders off)
* Catapult: cost 4000 -> 3500; AoE 96 -> 128; HP 4500 -> 4000
* Thug beefier: HP 800 -> 850; Shield 1000 -> 1100; Shield regen 14 -> 15
* Tick: Param time 30s -> 25s; Damage 4k -> 3.5k
* Behemoth: cost 3000 -> 2500
* Firewalker is more accurate
* Bandit turret turns 55% faster

* Pyro has a new model/texture
* VR Grid no longer obscures weapon effects and the like
* Behemoth has a flashier weapon effect

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