Zafehouse: Diaries is a tactical game of survival, planning, resource management and problem-solving. Stuck in a remote, abandoned town, you must lead five survivors with conflicting motivations, fragile relationships and fiery prejudices to safety from the roving undead. A sophisticated procedural engine generates new survivors, towns and content so every adventure is a different experience, and you can use built-in editors to add real people and locations to the game. Zafehouse: Diaries uses a unique, diary-based interface. It records your actions, reveals the state of the world, provides hints and clues to help you, and can be exported and shared when the game is over.

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This game have a lot of potential, right now I would say that the main problem is the amount of text used to give the user information, I'm definitely fine with the diary, but other things inside the game could be represented with images, icons or bars.

Fantastic game I recommend it to fans of survival games or horror games. I recommend giving the manual a read first since it helps give you a feeling for how to approach the game.

The ability to create professions and custom characters adds a lot to the game as well.

Great concept that's kept me occupied for quite a few hours at a time!

Casual gameplay with surprising depth.


Nice game like it and all (played the demo) but the price.... too much for a game like this

Note:The donts were from my previous review.( ppl butt hurt I didnt like the game)and from being outdated review
Game has come a long way since I last played it. Here are some things that have changed about this game .(lots of reviews on here are oudated)
1. Price has come down. This game is definatly worth the price. Reviews mentioning excessive price were made when the game was like 20 bucks?(roundabout)
2. Game is completly stable now. Ive played hours and havent crashed once.
3.Game has more options. New game mode, better custom content(suvivors and professions)

4. The game has just in general been polished and added too in a great way.
Now some notes.

This games difficulty is brutal. I have 4 custom survivors with max stats. It has allowed me to make it much further into the game but i still havent beat it. Once you survive more than a couple hours of game time there are so many zombies it makes it hard to do anything besides be surrounded and fight every turn.
Bottom line game is great but without custom survivors you are never gonna beat this unless you master all the mechanics, which might just take longer than you keep interest.


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