Zafehouse: Diaries is a tactical game of survival, planning, resource management and problem-solving. Stuck in a remote, abandoned town, you must lead five survivors with conflicting motivations, fragile relationships and fiery prejudices to safety from the roving undead. A sophisticated procedural engine generates new survivors, towns and content so every adventure is a different experience, and you can use built-in editors to add real people and locations to the game. Zafehouse: Diaries uses a unique, diary-based interface. It records your actions, reveals the state of the world, provides hints and clues to help you, and can be exported and shared when the game is over.

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GOTY 2013. This game revitialized text based games. Also high customization. Absolutly loved it. 10/10

Just hear me out before you mindlessly call me a Call of Duty kid or that I expect to shoot stuff.
I really like this kind of idea, having a old school text based game but freshen it up to have a more modern look and feel to it.
Ok why give it a 2 then?
This game is boring. Its as simple as that. Yeah, Indie develoeprs need a the funding and therefore alo jave 10ยง price tags on their games a lot of times, but seriously, this game is just not 10$ worth.
The game drags out too much way unneccessary. The pace is slow the text rwading puts me to sleep.....its not even that exciting of a story. The characters are flat and unimagitive. You never actually feel like caring for them when you start already with 5 people in the group.
I think an event where you would have rescued or just met these strangers, would have connected the characters even more, then just meeting all together on a pale screen reading out their names....
I got more attached to an FTL chrewmember then to one character in this theatrical screen play you read.
If you really want a good survival game that is text based and has good resource management, go check out NEO Scavenger.

Great game, while the game is a bit over priced it makes up for it in replay value and depth with characters and items.

Fantastic game! Several things make this game very unique, like the relationships between the characters. And I love the mechanic of clicking a button to see the results of all the actions you just set up.

Amazing game with so much potetial. Great work Screwfly Studios!

Fantastic game I recommend it to fans of survival games or horror games. I recommend giving the manual a read first since it helps give you a feeling for how to approach the game.

The ability to create professions and custom characters adds a lot to the game as well.

One of my favs! Very well thought out, highly replayable (which is good since I seem to die a lot in it..hehe)...Of course some of the characters end up being so annoying I hope they die (in a good way!).

A solid adventure game with some really interesting game mechanics. It has tons of replay value, as each game is randomized, though I will say this: don't trust your Investigations implicitly. Just because someone says they only saw 1 zombie in the Hotel, doesn't mean there aren't 30 more. Most times if you use common sense and lots of caution, you'll have a mild chance at surviving ;)

Inspiring. Engaging, absorbing and immersing.
I cannot give a round 10 for some lack of polish (for example, there is no proper music). It's under development, so it can still improve.
Edit: as I expected, there has been some improvements in the interface. Giving it a round 10.

Although it is hidden behind a basic set-up and menu, this game is quite expansive and is still being updated to further its potential. Very impressive.

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