"Z Warrior Chronicles" is an independent project being worked on by Xatoku based off of the popular Dragonball Z franchise by Akira Toriyama. This project has been going since early April 2011, and has gone through many revisions along the way, but the story elements are now being worked on and progress is booming. The aim of this project is to emulate the Dragonball Z world in an Action/RPG type scenario,and tell the story of the Z Fighters as best it can. The gameplay is best described as a combination of Legacy of Goku 2 & Dragonball Z Sagas on the GBA & PS2 respectively, along with a ton of Anime inspired gameplay elements as well. Production is naturally at a slow but steady pace due to the development team being only me, but I've invested all of my free time into this project and have no intention on stopping any time soon.

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ZWC finally has some legitimate object destruction added to it. I'll go over it more in the update, but for now it's really something worth seeing for yourself.

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So things have been going relatively slow lately. I changed the combat somewhat, but my main focus recently has been on destruction. I know what you kiddies want, you want your attacks to create craters and explode mountains off in the distance. To kick Raditz into a flurry of boulders and watch his health chop down with every blow. I'll get to that, but not yet. For now, you'll have to settle for rock explosions.


I don't know why it took me so long to implement them. Before I actually had fucking bones in my rocks and animated the explosions, fading them out later on. With the new "system" though, things look much better. Whenever you blast one of the large rocks, they will explode into little (or big) sub-rocks which will collide with the terrain.

So yeah, that parts cool, but it gets better. To DBZify it slightly more, if you walk over to those little sub-rocks and charge your energy... Just try it. It really adds that DBZ feeling to the gameplay when your surroundings are interacting with you, and I only recently learned how much importance the maps actually hold.

You'll also notice that Landing has somewhat improved models and textures. The main ones being the trees and mountains, which should look much better than that crap billboard I had before. The trees are actually modeled, and they have a smooth little mesh distortion script attached to them so that they "blow" in the wind, more or less.

I'm just trying to get Landing as clean as possible before I move onto the earlier maps, just so Future Xatoku doesn't have too much BS to deal with.

As for the combat, the only think I added (I think) was the ability to initiate and dominate Speed Melee for a few seconds. If you are teleporting/backhandspringing/dashing and press LMB when close enough to Raditz, you will start Speed Melee instead of always having to match his hits. I'm not sure if I'll keep it in or not, but it does feel really great beating on him for that short burst of damage.

I've also made the beam struggles a little more fast paced, and made the heavy hits hit farther. The camera is also now affected by how far you are from your enemy, so that's a nice little addition too.

Honestly, I've been slacking a bit. Mainly because my dog passed away, so I'm a bit depressed, but I'm sure I'll be able to move on within the coming weeks.

But I get it, this isn't really the place to talk about that kind of stuff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little update, and if any ideas -- any at all -- pop into your heads about different ways of adding destructible environments (other than craters and rock explosions) give me a shout below.

Or, you can join the now public ZWC channel here ----> CHAT

That wraps up this update. I'll try to get to work on the earlier episodes as much I can, and hopefully we'll be able to kill Raditz before the Summer!


Sorry bout your doggie - I went through that recently too. You do a lot of work even when things get hard, keep pushing!!

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Impossible to kill Raditz?

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Xatoku Author


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This game is So hard

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Please to be in game three difficulty levels. easy medium hard. Because it is difficult to kill Raditz and Raditz is too strong.

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wel i got an idea in many of those dragon ball z games that there are there is one big thingy missing you cant actualy fall into the ground some dragonball z games you just disapear with just a small fraction of ground dmg but im meaning if your getting kicked down you actualy get a crator if the dmg done on you is high enough like if your enemy is just normal when you get kicked into the ground its a small crator but when your enemy turns ssj the crator turns bigger just each transformation crator bigger that would be awesome and with mountains you actauly go trough them

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nice idea

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Nice :)
I think you should change that thing when you control camera with mouse to more steady one.Maybe just rotation left and right when you move and when you preform some moves camera goes a bit down like you are looking at the enemy,but this part should be without left and right rotation...
Btw how come there is just one map now?
Before there was that map with those flying beasts.That was a good part of the game(problem would be there small map and always same enemy-you could create some pigs and dinosaurs too)...
Anyway,me and my long comments :D
I hope you like reading long ones,cuz you sure write a lot of those :)

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