The game is about the human race in year 3102. You are a scientist and pilot for the ESAD, Earth Space Administration and Defense force. Your life gets turned upside down when you and your entire squadron of M40X A.C.E pilots gets drafted by the military. You are the only capable pilots left in the solar system. It is your mission to attack a massive invasion fleet of the Kohlar, and old enemy who had sworn never to attack again. Fight as Phil Carman or Cailey Setana against the Kohlar. You will be sent on many missions, you have to complete every mission perfectly or the human race will perish...

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Phil Carman was born on Earth year 3078 in New London. His parents were from an upper class family who specialized in the building of spaceships. Their company was the competing with the largest company on Earth the GUIS Collective.
Since Phil was a child, he had always been spaceships. At the age of 7 he and his parents went on holiday to Alexandria and he saw space for the first time. From that moment he wanted to be a pilot.
His parents paid for flight school and he graduated at the age of 19. He joined the ESAD science program and trained for Specialist-Pilot. In march year 3099 he was assigned to the fourth wing and flew for the first time the M40 X pro Asteroid Class Explorer.
Later he met Cailey his copilot. It was thanks to him and his wing that Earth was saved from the Kohlar in year 3102.
He died year 3130.

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