The game is about the human race in year 3102. You are a scientist and pilot for the ESAD, Earth Space Administration and Defense force. Your life gets turned upside down when you and your entire squadron of M40X A.C.E pilots gets drafted by the military. You are the only capable pilots left in the solar system. It is your mission to attack a massive invasion fleet of the Kohlar, and old enemy who had sworn never to attack again. Fight as Phil Carman or Cailey Setana against the Kohlar. You will be sent on many missions, you have to complete every mission perfectly or the human race will perish...

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The Kohlar
First encountered year 2478 by the starship Histotia.
The Kohlar have limited technology but their culture is very rich. Upon the first encounter, humans noticed that they had weapons on their spaceships even though they seemed unaware of the other species in the universe, humans did not. However it soon became apparent that human weapons were more advanced than the Kohlars energy cannons.

Kohlar Society

The Kohlar are predators, a race where their place in society is based upon social acquaintances and friends, the more powerful their friends are the more powerfull they are and this works it's way down to the most poor individual in society. If they, as a civilian of low status, were to save the life of a very high ranked individual, then they gain his or her status.
Unlike human society, females have always had the same benefits as the males, however the status system still applies.

Kohlar Law
As an individual of low status they can't be charged for more than they posses.
With greater status comes greater responsibility.
When they as a high ranked individual commit a crime like murder on a low, or high ranked person, then they will be sentenced to death. However as a low ranked individual
they can only be confined in a prisoner camp for a certain period of time, thus losing most connections and falling in rank.

Kohlar Military

All Kohlar can join the military, it doesn't matter what status they have.
If they choose to join, their status will be enhanced in society but not in the military. In the military they have to prove their skills. Like this they can improve their status in the military and also in society.

Kohlar Religion

The Kohlar have always believed that you live the same life twice. That each lifetime is just a flashback from a life you have already lived. As you are lying on your deathbed you relive the life you already lived all over again before you die. This determines whether you have learned anything during your first lifetime.
As an old Kohlar individual is dying, many rituals are prepared to lead the dying soul into Mahvors Kingdom of Death where they will have eternal rest and all their knowledge is passed on to their children.

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