The game is about the human race in year 3102. You are a scientist and pilot for the ESAD, Earth Space Administration and Defense force. Your life gets turned upside down when you and your entire squadron of M40X A.C.E pilots gets drafted by the military. You are the only capable pilots left in the solar system. It is your mission to attack a massive invasion fleet of the Kohlar, and old enemy who had sworn never to attack again. Fight as Phil Carman or Cailey Setana against the Kohlar. You will be sent on many missions, you have to complete every mission perfectly or the human race will perish...

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SPACE 3102 Timeline

Year 1969, July 20
The world watched in amazement as the first human set foot on the face of the moon.

Year 1998
USA and Russia started building on the first international spacestation, ISS.

Year 2018
The enviormental issue causes the governments of Earth to take action, petrol driven cars are forbidden and it causes great unrest among the people of the world.

Year 2030
Carbon monoxide levels suddenly reach sky high, humanity had ignored the new laws to protect the enviorment.

Year 2051
As the oil is depleted and there is too little electricity to power the homes of thousands.

Year 2070, March 27
Sixtyfour percent of the human race has died from starvation.

Year 2070, August 4
A group of scientists who called themselves The scientists of faith (TSF), took control of the worlds larges country America and turned it into a scientific dictatorship. This was a long and painfull process but the world had lost hope and since there was no military to stop them, all they had to do was too start building their research facility. They used what little electric driven machines left too make the most technologicly advanced facility on the planet. It was completely selfsustaining. Many of the worlds companies started working for the TSF in return for power. Among these companies was NASA.

Year 2078
As the world was starving the TSF began to study space and all of the new materials out there that might be used as an energy source.

Year 2079
Most of the habited parts of the world regained power, the TSF had managed to create an network of solar power and wind power that reached all over the world.

Year 2080
The TSF started building the AP 1 (atmospheric purifier 1).

Year 2095
The AP 1 was finished and it managed to remove 70% of the amount of carbon monoxide in the air.

Year 2101
NASA, who had been working for the TSF, made a discovery that would change the future of mankind forever. An asteroid filled with a special form of metal called Orinium would pass by the Milky way.

Year 2102
The Earth Science and Asteroid department (ESAD) was created, they would be in charge of creating the first intergalactic spaceship for an expedition to the asteroid.

Year 2160
The spaceship was finished. They named it project Aloadae. It was launched on December 14. Unfortunately the speed of the ship was very slow and no one was sure if they would reach the asteroid in time.

Year 2162, December 3
The Aloadae had made it to the asteroid and spent months harvesting the Orinium.

Year 2162, August 15
The Aloadae began it's journey home.

Year 2163
Humanity had their first moment of joy in a long time, this would not last. Upon reentry of the atmosphere, the Aloadae started burning and exploded.
The TSF managed to find some of the Orinium but most had perished in the sea along with the parts of the Aloadae and it's crew. With the Orinium they found, the TSF managed to build multiple engines that were strong enough to handle the power required to travel to other habitable planets in the universe.

Year 2211
Three other Aloadae-Class ships were constructed, the Otos, the Ephialtes and the Hormes.

Year 2212
All three spaceships were launched towards different locations in the universe. Because the the range of the ships was limited, the TSF created sectors out of each acecible place in the universe.

Year 2215
It took three years but finally Earth got their first message from one of the ships, the Hormes had made it to their assigned planet. Four weeks later they received word from the Ephialtes who also made it. No one ever heard from the Otos again.

Year 2391
Trade and an intergalactic highway was established between the planets Terra (Earth), Alexandria (Ephialtes) and Theogonia (Hormes).

Year 2432
Once again humanity began to ignore their history. There was a civil war, humanity did not accept the TSF anymore, two years later the TSF finally surrendered.

Year 2434
The TSF had surrendered their power over the world and the winning side who consisted mainly of civilians. They declared Earth "one planet one nation", this still stands on the goverment building's door on the main plaza of New London.

Year 2478
A large starship called the Histotia encountered the Kohlar. The Kohlar, being just as startled as the crew of the Histotia, opened fire first. The Histotia was severely damaged but managed to escape the Kohlar and made it back to a human outpost.

Year 2479
As humanity started to build warships the Kohlar attacked minor outposts all over the H-07 and H-08 sector.

Year 2500
It's is still unclear but either the Kohlar or the humans declared war on eachother, what is clear is who won the war.

Year 2501
Because the humans had much more advanced weapons, the Kohlar were defeated in two single battles. They established a treaty with the humans, if humanity left them in peace they would never attack again. We accepted.

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