The game is about the human race in year 3102. You are a scientist and pilot for the ESAD, Earth Space Administration and Defense force. Your life gets turned upside down when you and your entire squadron of M40X A.C.E pilots gets drafted by the military. You are the only capable pilots left in the solar system. It is your mission to attack a massive invasion fleet of the Kohlar, and old enemy who had sworn never to attack again. Fight as Phil Carman or Cailey Setana against the Kohlar. You will be sent on many missions, you have to complete every mission perfectly or the human race will perish...

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Cailey Setana was born on Alexandria year 3079 in a middle class family.
Her parents, Philip and Sarah Setana, were traders on the outer colonies and were almost never home. She was raised by her neighbors, an old lady and her husband. They treated her like she was their own. When her parents came home she was usually ignored by them and she was often on her own.
At the age of 16 she started smuggling a fairly harmless drug called QTA to various parts of her hometown. She made quite some money on her illegal business and for this she went to flight school. Her parents thought this was a good idea since they could use a pilot for their own company.
Caileys relation with her parents improved after she graduated at the age of 20. She worked for her parents company for a while but left because of the gangs her parents were involved with. After this she lost connections with her parents again and she went looking for a job.
At this time the ESAD had just had a huge accident with one of their heavy cargo ships exploded and they had lost many pilots. She applied for the job and got accepted. She did not have the qualifications for being a pilot but she was qualified for copilot if she completed the communications specialists and astrophysicist training for advanced pilots.
After being with the ESAD for a couple of months, she received news that her parents had been killed in a struggle between to gangs. After this she focused harder on her training to ignore the pain. On the fifteenth of august year 3101 she was assigned to the fourth wing.
There she met Phil Carman, her pilot and best friend. They completed many missions together and fought side by side against the Kohlar under the attack in year 3102. She stayed with the ESAD until she retired in year 3131.
She died in year 3180 at the age of 101.

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