Xenonauts is a PC strategy game due for release in 2013. It is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games, putting the player in control of an organisation defending the world from an alien invasion. It is a grand strategy game that involves building and managing bases across the entire planet, controlling jet fighters and ground troops in battle against the alien forces, then researching captured extraterrestrial technology to unlock their secrets! Linux version uses WINE.

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I love the idea of this game, and I hope the team will overcome the difficulties. This seems unlikely however, to say the least.

I have played 17.52, 17.6 and 17.9 before giving this review. All three of these versions have major gamebreaking bugs. Many of these bugs were not fixed between the versions, and 17.9 introduced a new bug which causes a crash during loading the game.

The desura site says the game will be release in 2012. Until now (march 2013) it did not even reach Beta.

Gameplay changes:
Goldhawk tries to differentiate the game from the original UFO from the nineties. This changes make the combat more difficult, but dumb down the strategic part. If this direction is continued during beta and release, we will see a game which is impossible in the tactical combat and boring in the strategic. (Details to the ideas the team is pursuing can be read on the goldhawk forums.)

The three points, taken together, have sapped any confidence I had when buying... I cannot recommend putting money into this game for anyone.

Hopefully the game improves after alpha and beta. As it stands, it is a poor clone of Jagged Alliance 2. It has potential though.

It's not X-Com
The developper removed many aspect of the original game and it's approach if frustrating at best.

I'm shelving the game for a while in the hopes that it get better but I doubt it.

Only in early alpha many, many bugs. You won't get to play long before you experience a crash or freeze.
Give it a year or two, then take another look.

Some Major Bugs to work out Still the game crashes Alot


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