Xenonauts is a PC strategy game due for release in 2013. It is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games, putting the player in control of an organisation defending the world from an alien invasion. It is a grand strategy game that involves building and managing bases across the entire planet, controlling jet fighters and ground troops in battle against the alien forces, then researching captured extraterrestrial technology to unlock their secrets! Linux version uses WINE.

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4 comments by GoldhawkInteractive on Sep 19th, 2013

It's time for another update from the team busily working on Xenonauts! We have recently released V19 Stable of the game and have finished the process of porting the updates over to Mac and Linux uploading the game to Steam / Desura / Humble Store. These are all uploaded and should be authorised in the next 24 hours if they are not already available for download.

The first thing to mention is that there was previously an error with our Desura version that meant people had to claim a Steam key and enter that before they could play on Desura. This should now be fixed, and we apologise for this.

V19 Stable is basically three months of changes to the game rolled into a single large patch that has had much more testing than our usual updates, and should therefore be fairly stable (though it is still in beta and will not be completely bug-free).This is a brief summary of the improvements made in V19 over V18:

  • Vastly improved game balance
  • Dramatically improved AI
  • Alien Base missions fully functional
  • All research descriptions written and edited
  • Various visual updates like a new world map, many more painted ground tiles, etc
  • Lots and lots of bugfixes

That only covers the changes at a very high level; the full changelog can be found here in a (very long) forum post. Things like balance and the AI are still being worked on, and there are still missing art assets that have not yet been completed. However V19 was the first time someone sat down and worked on balance for several weeks and the result is something that feels much more like a "game" than it has before. It's still a bit rough around the edges, perhaps, but you can see the final shape starting to emerge.

We are presently working on V20. We are planning this to be the last update to the game that will include new features, and will be where we integrate the new interface, add all the maps, finish the AI, fix some problems with the game accuracy model etc. If all goes to plan, anything after V20 will simply be bugfixing and final balancing on the existing systems.

We are hoping to get the game by the end of the year. This is by no means a firm commitment, but it is the internal deadline we're working towards. The game has come together well over the past three months and if progress continues at this pace then completing the game in another three months is feasible provided nothing major goes wrong.

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the game already, as there is no way we would have been able to get the game to the standard that it is currently at without your help!

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Greatdictator Apr 27 2011, 9:48pm says:

Hey if i may ask real quick , ive just been playing terror from the deep and i must ask since im sure that you will resolve the inventory micro managment issue found in the first 2-3 xcom games .

But will it be possible to build robot soilders ? So that you dont loose valuable men in those mandatory and easly won ship raids ?

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Jean=A=Luc Apr 29 2011, 6:26pm replied:

The only "robot soldiers" you'll have access to will be vehicles. Since they don't gain xp they will always be replaceable although the financial cost might be significant.

Losing experienced soldiers is supposed to hurt and add tension. Building up a core of experienced veterans is one of the main challenges of the original X-Com. But you'll still be able to save/load the game if you really don't like loosing men (unless you're playing the ironman mode).

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Greatdictator Apr 30 2011, 9:18pm replied:

Thing is that the save/load feature makes it no matter what difficulty really easy....though if i am to be honest i was alrdy wondering if you guys would implement something that disables that during combat portions XD
To be honest though , its not so much the fear of losing men hell just send in the rookies first but its more how much of a nuisance the enemy is rly , basiclly even terror from the deep gets somewhat easy once you get mind control.
Though since im replying , please tell me that the bases wont have like one hundred curves and twists or simply be huge (cause after terror from the deep now , 2 stage missions are annoying as **** )

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Jean=A=Luc May 2 2011, 5:45pm replied:

1. It is planned for the ironman mode (no saving) to be mandatory on the highest difficulty levels so they will be hard no matter what. It will be optional for other difficulties.

2. There will be mind control in Xenonauts but humans (the player) won't have access to it, only aliens. The devs recognized the op-ness of it in X-Com so now you'll have to deal and cope with it using only your human resourcefulness.

3. Several maps are being worked on right now (urban, desert, farm...) but no information has yet been released about alien bases. The devs have done a very good job recognizing and addressing the original's faults and imbas so I wouldn't be surprised if this was being look at as well. Chris is bound to read you post sooner or later so maybe he'll consider it. :)

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Greatdictator May 3 2011, 6:35am replied:

Yay....while i can understand there being no Psi tech for humans.....will you at least be able to have your guys trained to RESIST said attacks ? Cause one thing is useing psi tech on enemys the other is simply resistining it , simply because if the AI has too many psi troops at once and this is really more because it was simply frustrateing when there was absolutley no clear way for enemys to see your guys....ya know somehow mind control and panic him even though they couldnt and shouldnt be able to see him and then end up freaking him out constantly .

Another question that ive been pondering latley is....will you guys have a larger variety of defensive and offensive gear....cause i believe i at one point saw like a shield or something in which i immediately went ''YAY'' but will you guys have stuff like , night vision , gas masks , deployable cameras and maybe turrets even ?

(btw thanks for replying to these , i am considering getting the game soon but till then i wont be joining yer forums :P)

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Jean=A=Luc May 3 2011, 8:41am replied:

1.Soldiers will have a "bravery" stat that determines their ability to resist psi attacks and also to avoid panicking when fired upon, pretty much like in X-Com.

Not sure if there will be ways to further increase this attribute through training or if there will be special gear that enhances it (psi-resist helmet?). Options for soldier training are being discussed on the forum right now actually.

2. As you saw there will be a "SWAT shield" used for entering buildings and such. It's going to be heavy and take up one hand allowing the soldier carrying it to only use one handed weapons like pistols, grenades, stun batons. You'll also be able to improve it as you unlock alien tech and such.

Aside from this the only equipment that I saw that wasn't in X-Com are the shotgun, precision rifle (sniper), heavy machine gun and flamethrower. We've been told that each weapon category (laser, plasma, etc.) will have its version of these basic starting weapons (which also include pistol, assault rifle and rocket launcher) though I expect there will be some exceptions (laser flamethrower? :P).

Now don't hold me to it as one can never be sure and we have seen only a small portion of available weapons/gear (none of the alien based tech yet) but I'm 99.99% sure there won't be things like turrets or deployable cameras and most likely no night vision either. These things often seem very cool in theory but don't work out that well in execution. X-Com/Xenonauts is quite different from Jagged Alliance 2 for example, it's wider in scope but doesn't go into as much detail when it comes to individual soldiers or specialized equipment.

Provided there are different resistances like chemical, kinetic, heat, etc. I expect they will be handled by (more or less) specialized armours (rather than gas masks for example). There will be anti-air turrets for base defense but I know that's not what you meant.

But like I said not much is known at this stage so we'll see.

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Greatdictator May 3 2011, 9:31am replied:

Ahh i see , well partially why i ask about the equipment for soilder such as night vision and gasmasks is mostly because of....well im a huge fan of customization and since i am most definetly one fo those players that adds personality to their charchters that are named after...game charchters , movie charchters etc you sort of want a guy called Sam Fisher to have night vision or a guy called The Pyro to have a gas mask to mount on them .

However i am happy bout inclusion of flamethrower....now i can burn out a house and not need to go into it at all .
Though i must ask...and this is a contiuation of the above , just for the lulz you think you guys could maybe have a cheat or something that will allow the player to dress his soilders in say....fancy black suits , moncoles and top hats ?
Cause personally i think that games are sorta lacking these days in the silly but fun cheats department

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Jean=A=Luc May 3 2011, 10:36am replied:

You've been playing too much TF2 I think. :P

Afaik almost all of the game's 2D visuals are in png format with some jpegs thrown in as well. This means it's going to be very moddable which in turn means that a competent artist could easily create armour that looks like an evening suit with a top hat. However this would only be for the soldier equip screen that you can see in the shots released above.

When it comes to soldier models on the battlescape things are very different. Since the soldiers are 2D sprites (like all other battlescape visuals) that means that their animations consist of hundreds and even thousands of images that make up the animations' frames. This means that for every visual element added to a soldier (like a weapon, armour or top hat) a new set image frames needs to be generated. I don't know the exact number but with every possible weapon/armour combination we are dealing with an enormous number of images. Doing this is very costly and it's the reason why there won't be female soldiers in Xenonauts. So you can see how silly hats would be out of the question as well.

As for customization you'll still be able to do quite a bit. One of those things is changing the soldiers' names. When it comes to equipment there will be an AP (action point) penalty based on encumberence so guys using heavy machine guns or rocket launchers will need to be very strong while snipers who stay back but need a lot of AP to fire will tend to use lighter armours and what with shotguns, flamers and other weapons you'll be able to have quite a variety of soldiers to go with names like Snake Plissken, Bruce Campbell or Vasily Zaitsev. :) We were told that instead of flying suits that allowed for too many exploits in X-Com there will be jet pack-like mechanics allowing soldiers to "jump" across the battlefield. So I can totally see a jump pack equipped guy armed with a laser or plasma rifle called Buzz Lightyear. *To Cydonia and beyond!* :P

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Greatdictator May 3 2011, 11:16am replied:

Okey i can respect it if its lots of additional work.
But that brings up abit of a additional question you plan on supporting game post relase ? (aka new areas for geospace and new stuff and features that you couldnt implement the first time round )
Besides the of course modding aspect that is .Also the jetpack idea does sound pretty awesome though when i think jetpack i do think of flying :P

Yeah i do play TF2 occasionally but no thats not the case i just really like it when a game gives you lots of room for experimentation and customization be it gameplay or visually

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Jean=A=Luc May 3 2011, 11:43am replied:

I really don't know if there are plans for post release additions. The game will be supported in terms of bug/balance fixes (naturally) but I've no idea if any additional game content of the kind you mentioned is planned.

I do expect the modding community to add quite a bit of stuff but we'll see.

When I said "jetpack" I didn't necessarily mean tanks of rocket fuel worn on the back. It could be based on anti-grav technology for all I know. Jetpack is just a convenient word to explain it with.

Just so it's clear I'm not a developer, just a forum member. I got the impression you thought I was actually working on the game.

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Greatdictator May 3 2011, 2:28pm replied:

Well i can buy that , but well you did give some rather nice info to me sooo it was good to assume it at least a lil bit rly .

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linfosoma Apr 6 2011, 6:19pm says:

From what Im reading on your site, if I pre-order now I get early access to the game, Overgrowth style? Im tempted..

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GoldhawkInteractive Creator
GoldhawkInteractive Apr 7 2011, 4:23pm replied:

Yup, it works the same as for Overgrowth in that respect - preorder and get to play a build of the game, and give us your feedback as we go about finalising the game.

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Expack Dec 4 2010, 1:46pm says:

Love how this game looks so far! Keep it up!

Oh, and I don't know if this question's been answered already, but how much of the game will be in full 3D (I'm not referring to 3D as in 3DTVs.)

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GoldhawkInteractive Creator
GoldhawkInteractive Apr 7 2011, 4:22pm replied:

The game is fully in 2d. The 2d sprites are generated from 3D animated models, but they're then post-processed in Photoshop etc. It's intended to be a modern take on the retro 2D isometric genre.

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Jean=A=Luc Dec 28 2010, 6:36am replied:

I'm not one of the developers so there's a margin of error here but from what I understood the game will be fully 2D. 3D models are made for almost everything but they are then converted into 2D sprites. While this might seem like a step back to some the graphics will actually be very detailed and "crisp" so to speak with that old school feeling that also ages well. 3D gfx tend to become outdated pretty quickly.

This is how I understand it anyway.

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Jean=A=Luc Dec 28 2010, 6:49am replied:

Oh and if you guys are interested in a lil' game update (more like a status report) see here: Xenonauts.com

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***Geroj*** Jan 6 2011, 5:36am replied:

I like isometric games in 2d, i dont know why but 3d games lack cover system -hired guns or brigade e6 they just shoot on each other but cant cover behind some obstacles

btw Jean=A=Luc are you on total war center forums?

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Jean=A=Luc Jan 6 2011, 7:24pm replied:

"btw Jean=A=Luc are you on total war center forums?"

Maybe. :P

I'm pretty sure there's nothing inherent to 3D that would prevent it from having a cover system, the devs of those games probably simply chose not to include it for some reason.

In any case Xenonauts will have both cover and destructible environments which means cover will be destructible as well.

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***Geroj*** Jan 7 2011, 4:22pm replied:

Like good old XCOM :D

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Jean=A=Luc Jan 7 2011, 5:13pm replied:

Indeed. This game will be very much like X-Com but with a few features added and some of the original's gameplay issues resolved/fixed. The devs have been very wise in not trying to arrogantly "reinvent" the game.

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***Geroj*** Dec 22 2010, 2:18pm replied:

Iam interested in hisquestion too... no reply from 4 dec?

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Only in early alpha many, many bugs. You won't get to play long before you experience a crash or freeze.
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