Build your world in the far reaches of space with XenoMiner, the new voxel-building hit from Gristmill Studios. Features an intense lunar survival theme, fully scriptable autonomous bots, futuristic tools and tech, a growing community and more to come!

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I found Xenominer on Xbox Live a few months ago and fell immediately in love. The sci-fi setting is quite ingenious and worrying about air and radiation (and now alien critters) as death-dealing antagonists add to the fun of building and discovery. As soon as the early adopter packages were available for PC, I signed up.

If you appreciate Voxel builders, this one is a must (and it works great with the Xbox Wireless controller under Windows 7 and 8).

Xenominer is way better than Minecraft, and I'm a hardcore Minecraft player too.

I found this game via facebook. It's an AMAZING voxel style/shooter game. I've never played anything quite like it. the staff are very helpful and friendly and are always available to answer questions on their forum and seem to be very passionate about their game as well as keeping in touch with the community. One of the better indie titles I've played in a long time.

this game though its in beta alpha testing is still 1,000 time more replayable than many other games in its genre totally worth the money you pay and the help you get from the devs makes it that much better

Incredible up and coming game... They are doing some really cool things with this one.. I can't wait for the finished product..

Fantastic Game. I too am a minecraft player. But the things I like about Xenominer are:

1. Its SCi FI
2. It uses very little resources compared to Minecraft
3. It is very stable
4. It loads fast
5. An it is down right FUN!
6. Love the advancement through AI Cores, Research...etc
7. Looking forward to more Content.
8. It has Peaceful Mode!!!

Started playing this on XBLIG thinking "Whatever even if it is terrible only a dollar..." Enjoyed it so much I also bought the PC version. The Dev team actively works on the game and responds to issues immediately, which even if the game wasnt one that I was thoroughly enjoying and playing constantly would be a huge plus! All in all a solid game that is still being improved upon and a great way to kill a few hundred hours making your own planet.

This game is a very fun survival game where you must use your wits to survive a crash landing on an unknown world. Do what you can to survive, make sure you don't starve yourself of oxygen or run out of power in order to defend yourself.
This game has everything you need in a game, it's incredibly fun and even better, it runs perfectly. The performance of this game on all of my systems is amazing, really impressed.
The funny thing is, the game isn't finished yet and it's already this fun to play.
Looking forward to seeing more updates!

This game is a spark of genious that will not be forgotten in the hearts of any gamer lucky enough to play this. With the complexities of the gameplay alongside the inventive new take on a voxel game I will say this game is and always will be a solid 10 out of 10. I will not ruin any of the game by revealing details, but you can find out for yourself why I say this game will someday soon overcome the fanaticism that Minecraft has had in the voxel game market.

For any sandbox and survival game to push so much effort into making a stable well thought out game deserves a 10. I am not one to rate on such a high level. However ever since first setting foot on the terrain of this game i have been instantly entangled in its worldly mystery. Constant new additions and community voices being heard allow this game to be delivered to the public worry free. As in all my favorite indie games the ever expanding development of this game rates high in my opinion.

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