The arcade-style FPS returns! Wrack is an arcade-style FPS that draws inspiration from classic games across multiple genres -- Doom, Contra, Mega Man, etc. -- that puts its own unique spin on things! Between its fun and unique gameplay, its vibrant cel-shading, and its compelling characters, Wrack strives to be a modern day classic! Play as Kain Sager - the one man prepared for a crisis in a utopian future. Battle your way past hordes of monsters, traps, and bosses as you single-handedly take down an invading alien empire, and save mankind from certain doom!

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nice one.

The mouse controls (camera move) are little too sensitive for me, need little time to getting used. After all, great FPS game! Love the sword!

This game is ******* amazing. Buy it.

Cel-shading makes a big, big impact on how I see games, both visually and in my opinion of them. This game makes it look great, though. What Borderlands helped bring to popularity, this game does it easily on the indie side of things and it really shows. The art style is fantastic. I would definitely rate this game highly for all that is here so far.


I can say as I owned the game before Desura that this is a great game and is made by the same guy who did the Skulltag port for Doom (which is also awesome)

Sure there are only four levels (currently) but if you check the Wrack forums there are usermaps in dev and being released.

Best $10 you can spend really.

This is an honest review of the game, it is generic and not worth the time it took to download it.

I see no reason or potential in this game.

This is a doom clone through and through i see no reason for this kind of game to be released in 2012.

This game is in alpha and unless they start from scratch these reason will maintain their significance all the way through the development and release of the game.

I was going to give the game 3.5 or 4 out of 10 ( which I believe to be generous for this below average game ) but the developer had a problem with me giving it a 7/10 before he was interviewed on a podcast I used to be on and got very angry and offended with the very generous grade.

The podcast host told me to change my rating from 7/10 to 10/10. I refused and quit the podcast with my pride still intact. The lack of backbone in the gaming community disgusts me down to my core.

Let this be a lesson to developers of indie games that clone other blockbuster games, just because the game your cloning was popular does not mean that yours will be.

Develop some creativity, because your not ready to develop a game.


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