In this turn based 3D shooter, you control your group of worms and shoot down the enemy team. You can customize a lot in this game. Don't like your worm's voice? Think it's stupid that they're naked? You can dress up your team and give them a voice. Don't like the default weapons? You can make your own weapons too! Don't like the default rules? Make your own game style!

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One of my very starting childhood. What could i really say? The graphics are alright and they are pretty much fitting in. As i didn't like Worms 3 much Worms 4 is much better! The gameplay is fun but the story mode is well done. You kill types of worms like cowboys or others which makes it really look like a cartoon. The voice sounds are kind of funny! What's bad is that some missions are hard and the multiplayer has problems and while that when connecting it keeps retrying sometimes to GameSpy but multiplayer now makes no sense since it's dying soon with GameSpy shutting down but the multiplayer was fun!

9/10 - Well Done

Worms ! <3

pretty good i enjoy this game a lot


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